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How to carry pets in motor transport? Reefs of

Existence of pets does not exclude existence of the car and vice versa. At some point these two subjects meet: for a trip on the dacha or to the veterinarian. The surprises waiting us at this time can be fine and not really... Here to take

cats. If you did not thrust them into carrying - to be to trouble. Similar weak character is explained by desire to show to the pet the world. Is not necessary, watch with it TV better. There is nothing to release this monster in inside of the car.

Once we decided to take on Pierre Bezoukhov`s dacha, a white cat of seven years old and the same number of kilograms is powerful. Bezoukhov it was because of lack of an ear. We found it at winter night in an entrance, then the ear still was at it. It fell off, freezed, in two days. In a week the tail (a kind quarter) fell off, and the husband introduced the idea that the cat runs from us in parts. Fortunately, the cat on it stopped, got accustomed and Pierre Bezoukhov received a name.

Pierre showed all set of options of behavior of cats in the car. In - the first, for fear the animal began to shout loudly. For the same reason from it white weightless wool so there was a feeling as if in salon snow went got with shreds. From a mouth at Pyotr saliva, and, loudly crying poured down, it got on the head to the husband who at this moment was driving. The husband courageously suffered, blinking eyelashes with the flakes of white wool which stuck to them.

From the husband`s head Petya, postanyvy for horror, adhering to claws for all available soft places, failed to it on knees. The husband it is squeezed growled and rolled eyes. He could not speak, in a mouth there was a wool too. Having looked round on the place, the cat thrust the head into a hole in the top part of a wheel. All composition did not provide turn of a wheel to the right or to the left without untwisting of the cat`s head. On a face at the husband I saw fight between need of presence at a cat of the head and existence of a new dent on a svezheokrashenny wing of BMW. Without waiting in whose advantage fight will end, I grabbed a fat carcass of a cat by hind legs and with a force pulled on myself. Cotton was distributed, the cat was released, we passed turn.

Then Pierre made a knight`s move rather three courses finally to convince us not to carry it on the dacha. Having got over on forward sitting, it it is noisy peed the pants. Got back, and pulled out it. Returned forward and descended on - big. Without waiting until the cycle is repeated, I suggested to bring it home. The husband suggested to carry out disembarkation of the pighead immediately, through a window.

Well, we gave up and returned an animal. And Petya did not even pass to heavy artillery - to climb under a pedal of a brake and to look that he will be. What the salon after a similar trip turned into, it is terrible to tell...

As for other pets, with turtles of problems does not arise, and dogs have talent to be smelled a dog all salon, plus is not worse to soil wool a cat. My dog Alice adored going on the dacha, having put out the head in a window. Process captured her so that at Alice saliva and, borne wind began to flow plentifully, to fly in inside of the car. As the car by the end of a trip looked - I will not tell.

All - not the place own car for transportation of animals. You carry them by a taxi. The salon with success will be littered by own children.