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How to deceive death?

Astrology is almost powerless in establishment of date of death. Death - only a dream. And nobody will undertake to predict precisely - in how many you will fall asleep tomorrow evening. Also there will be it a usual dream or death. But there are opportunities to find a fatal illness and against the general resilience of an organism and the relation of the person to own condition of an organism with some share of confidence to claim about a possibility of death. Besides health, there are also signs of tragic events.

Though in the European astrological literature there are no data on ways of their detection and elimination, but history shows that English the astrologer in due time it was known. In due time Edward VIII made grandiose trips only with the purpose to displace a horoscope. For this purpose it is necessary to hit that nail of Europe or the planet where the New Year`s arrangement of stars would change initial prerequisites in the birthplace.

The reverse situation developed in Blavatskaya`s destiny. On a natal chart in Russia it was threatened by small frustration of health. But the sky of London where it a vein several last years gave it a tragic surprise. If she would move about new year to Russia the century it lasted.

In general the European school of astrology is very big simplification from Asian. And therefore is not able to consider and count sets of positions. Simplification happened from - for the fact that the European psychology according to astrological cards looks as the lowest, petty, grounded. Arrangements of planets and stars at the time of the birth look simply and artlessly. Besides the European has always only one purpose in life: either glory, or money. With several intermediate finishes, but it does not speak about a versatility of interests and complexity of vital constructions. Narrow European outlook also allowed astrology to reject a set of difficult formulas without which it is impossible to learn destiny of the Asian. But in then time faced a problem - to make one more audit on reduction of volumes. The European consumer demanded new service - hourly predicting. Horarny astrology was widely used in Europe to the middle of the 19th century when in a mass order predictions on the first and second part of day, week, month were stamped. But in a separation from a natal horoscope on birthday it has no good force. More likely, on the contrary, - does the person by the blind fatalist. Besides the vast majority have even no idea under what sign they were born.

The opinion is incredibly widespread that the one who was born with 22 on 22 number of the next month - treats this sign. This statement truly only for those who was born at midday. Because the Sun is attributed to some sign conditionally, on the zenith moment. Now in apogee, for example, it passes the Taurus, but at midnight it in the Scorpion, and passes days through all constellations of the Zodiac. Besides not the fact that the constellation which appeared over the head and is defining. That constellation and the planet which ascended in the east at the time of the birth can receive the big force and influence and then the person is attributed to this zodiac sign.

In Asia there is no practice - to stick blindly on date of birth into a horoscope and to appoint to itself the operating constellation. There very broad astrological tradition from several schools. And each of them is much more difficult European. It is considered the most difficult Indian. Full interpretation of a horoscope consists in drawing up nearly twenty celestial maps there. The Asian psychology is much more difficult European. If the grounded purpose and passing self-damage is important for the European, then for the Asian there are no petty purposes, there are a sacral creation and self-improvement. And here set of ways, interests, questions.

One of cards of the Indian horoscope is called Marakami Kundali on it and the death or length of life is calculated, - II and VII houses, that is constellations of the Taurus and Scales - houses of death of vindiysky astrology are key there. If it is short, then the prediction for death in the Indian astrology looks so: if the planet which is responsible for death while the planet which is responsible for force of an organism is suppressed comes to the house of death, and the others which make indirect positive impact cannot help sufficiently, - that is considered that “death gate“ open. Also they act ten days. Yet not the fact that life to stop during this period, is tens of ways to deceive destiny. And this time to pass by death gate, - not without serious consequences, but it is possible. Strong indications of the fact that the person missed and did not get to “death gate“ are considered - a lethargical sleep, a coma of any degree, a stroke. There are less obvious - some temporary jet mental states, but not diseases.

Indefinitely it is impossible to play about a cat and mouse with Marakami - the planet of death. Every time to beat off its influence it is necessary to leave part of health. And it is impossible to fill up it with the same speed with what it is spent. Therefore it is better for

to know when “a death gate“ once again opens and to prepare for it. And during the periods between them it is possible to run on any minefield.

Any can become the planet of death. Usually it clearly proves on the birth chart. One of planets takes very unsuccessful position. Almost without having good relationship, she clashes with many. That constellation at the time of the birth which it occupies and it is considered the conductor in life of misfortunes and diseases: if the Aries - it is difficult to think of that, and the death will come through the head; if the Taurus - the person possesses a narrow outlook and in danger of death respiratory organs … The planet concretizes a type of death a little: Mercury - accident; The Neptune - suicide; Venus - a fast fatal illness …

Is several events specifying to death, for example, “revolution“ - return of heavy planets on the places, as well as in the birth chart. Considering, the slow speed of their rotation it occurs in 50 - 55 years after the birth. And there is improbable: or fast start (“the second youth“, second wind“) or fast finish. Such cardinal opposite distinction is treated in performance of the mission. If the person did not carry out the mission or managed to reach the top by this time - probability of death very high. As though the decision somewhere is made that it is not necessary any more - excess ballast, - forces and health of it leave promptly. If the person did not manage to execute that it was necessary to him, then he is allocated with the big force and opportunities to finish begun.

Revolutions this year waited Arieses of 1956 of year of birth. Their most part should make improbable efforts to live up to the following birthday. Besides, in May Saturn and in September Jupiter will “move back“ in the orbits - as if confirming the “evil“ or “kind“ intentions. Therefore in May it is impossible to accept cardinal actions - destructive Saturn will turn everything on the contrary: car repairs - to accident, surgical intervention - to sharp deterioration in health … More loyal Jupiter in September can interrupt a prolonged illness to death unexpectedly for example, in a dream.