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Whether it is necessary to go to psychics when everything badly and seems as if maleficiated who? We patch holes in aura of

If to you, the reader, thoroughly to get accustomed, and it is even better - to pick in your aura, then the normal psychic will surely find in it a certain problem. Hole. Dyrishchu. Puncture. The aura represents the sphere. A soccerball - too the sphere. Sooner or later gets any ball a puncture, a hole.

And with aura of the person. When adversities suddenly at once a heavy asfaltoukladochny skating rink move a course of life of an individual, his aura bursts. The foes having the gift of contact with the thin worlds are capable “to puncture“ your aura with a poisonous needle - a malefice . The exacerbation of chronic diseases, perhaps, is a consequence of targeting of damage. The death of the loved one, work loss, divorce - similar intensive strokes of bad luck are capable to increase, deepen, expand a hole in your aura.

Heels of years back and in life of the author the gloomy strip - lots and the small cart of a negative, and in the squeezed time span happened. In search of the answer to a question: “Why everything so suddenly badly infections?“ , I went to psychics. They settled down in the medical center, exactly opposite to usual policlinic. I wanted to receive the answer to a question whether it is worth addressing psychics at the heavy moments, and than they can help.

In registry of the medical center I asked whether it is possible to receive to me according to the state policy of compulsory health insurance the help of the psychic here (nevertheless meters through 30 - usual policlinic). The registrar grinned and told that according to the policy treat in the next state policlinic, and the medical center - on self-financing. Therefore, I anyway should pay 1500 rubles for reception. Important the fact that, according to her, in the medical center “souls treat“. I asked and whether it is impossible “to treat soul“ in the medical center free of charge, according to the policy of compulsory health insurance. The answer was short: “At us treat to a shower for a payment“. Thus, services of the psychic always commercial and need to be remembered it, asking him for the help.

Having paid the required payment for treatment of soul , I arrived on reception to the psychic - the grandfather of years 55 - ti, gray-haired, in round points. Lenses were inserted into it strongly increasing. Exactly thanks to this fact of an eye of the magician of souls seemed to visitors huge, pervasive. One word - the psychic, the person - a X-ray! It is obvious for this reason it after short conversation diagnosed for me thorough breakdown in aura. Black dyrishcha.

Frightened, I with grief reported that I feel as though a hole in a skull recently , and through it everything flows away: memory, thoughts, emotions. As a result there was a feeling of emptiness of life. The little man began to nod with understanding. I thought that he many times and in turtles observed similar holes in aura, and right there with anxiety took an interest: “And whether it is impossible as - nibud a hole in aura to dolly up this ? Well, how leaky roof, for example?“. The psychic burst out laughing: “At you, the young man, obviously “roof“ went. It aura, but not slate! “. But it turned out that it is possible to patch holes, but not less than seven sessions for this purpose will be required.

We started the first. The psychic (we will name him Ignat Ignatyevich), took in hand a certain stick with the handle which on the hinge is capable to turn extensively, catching “holes“ in a biofield. The device turned, I shot a view of the device, of the smiling Ignat Ignatovich and, eventually, the stick tip at first stiffened in one place, and then began to tremble. I so understood that the magician of souls, thus, also exposed breakdown in my aura. The main thing in treatment - is correct to make the diagnosis. Further Ignat postponed the stick of Harry Potter and began to do the smoothing-down, obtekatelny movements, moves over my head. And at the same time from lips of the psychic phrases and spells flew unclear to me.

After a while Ignat Ignatyevich declared to me that the hole in aura “is temporarily closed“. But it is necessary to visit it that “patch“ was not worn out regularly. So happens when the roof was, it seems, patched, hot filled in with bitumen, and the patch all the same cracked, and it is necessary once again it properly bitumen to spill. At parting the psychic gave me still the valuable instruction: to smile to people! He told that recently it had a patient who too all toiled, and then began to smile to colleagues, the husband and all around, and at her everything was adjusted. I immediately followed the instruction and crookedly smiled to Ignat Ignatyevich. “Already best of all!“, - the healer of souls praised me.

I left doors of the medical center and involuntarily felt a skull. Did not feel “patch“, the skull was same, as well as to a session. And here thoughts in it were changed! I wanted “to put for a collar“. I reached to the house, parked the car and immediately drank. And why is also not present? The hole - that in aura was “dollied up“.

Not so long ago one person told me that he really felt worse and affairs swept under a slope, the heavy disease suddenly developed in his life. He did not poor-mouth, did not writhe in hysterics, and admitted that he feels, “as if who jinxed“. And here the aunt native advised it to go far to the country, where the grandma is a witch doctor accepts . Three hundred versts from the capital. This granny had an aunt herself once. Also there went a man for hundreds of kilometers, has a talk with the granny. That yes prisheptyvaniye and drink special treated him to plots. The miracle not a miracle, but soon became clear after a session that the diagnosis is wrong, and affairs “uphill“ at the man went. I will not go into details of the session, but, seemingly, the granny that with might and main uses elements of eriksonovsky hypnosis. A money from the man took absolutely symbolical. But helped on in one hundred times more.

And one woman, slightly feels trouble - goes to the father to church . She sincerely believes that it will be helped by God from any evil, a malefice, damage. And the father the word will strengthen spirit it and will inhale firmness in soul. Very also father`s blessing, different prayers help. It is represented to me, as the father uses certain elements of hypnosis, but for the good.

Thus when to us badly also you feel as if who maleficiated, there are such ways. To go to the state policlinic to the neuropathologist. Or to Ignat Ignatyevich in the medical center opposite. Or to the grandmother to go. Well, and at last, to the father to handle also the God`s help and with the God`s word to overcome hard times in the life.

To Ignat Ignatyevich to patch “hole“ in aura further I did not go any more - time yes work was corrected by my affairs. To psychics like Ignat Ignatyevich, is given to me, it is senseless to go. And here options with the granny, with the priest are perspective as it seems to me. And, eventually, nobody cancelled effectiveness of tablets and psychotherapy. Then why not to come into district clinic?

It is possible, the combination of different methods of treatment will be the strongest blow on sent to a damage / malefice. And I do not regret that I glanced “on a spark“ to Ignat Ignatyevich. Each person has to visit at least once reception at the psychic to have an idea that this it. But be sure: the commercial psychic will find a hole in your aura surely! And if she is absent, then will pick open, and will patch then. Well, the roof on the house too will be worn out sooner or later. And as to repair it - to solve to you.