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Who left the autographs on walls of the Reichstag? That who can learn names of the family

As often happens in life that you do not know something, you do not notice something, you do not attach something significance, and suddenly there comes the moment when you as if begin to see clearly.

A few years ago my good familiar German Ruth Walther told me what indelible impression was made on her by excursion on the Reichstag building in Berlin. No, it was shaken by not the building with its unusual architectural constructions, not its scales, and only several walls and niches of corridors with numerous inscriptions of the Soviet soldiers left by them there at the end of war in May, 1945. When it showed me photos of walls of the Reichstag with inscriptions in Russian, in her eyes there were tears: “They battled not only for the Homeland, but also for us too. Risking the lives, they presented us the world“. And I was shaken in turn not so much by the fact of the left inscriptions as how the German who endured war spoke about it.

Of course, then I forgot about it, there were affairs, work and it is a lot more what that it seemed at that time more important. But in several years the series of events returned me to this subject again, and I got acquainted with Karin Felix - the employee of the Reichstag.

Karin surprising person. She knows by heart nearly everything that is written on walls of the Reichstag. With an accuracy can tell where there is this or that surname. For it it is not just inscriptions. Behind each surname, behind each phrase she sees the soldier, the person to whom God was necessary knows that to endure those terrible years of war. She told me about several veterans who after war visited Berlin, visited the building of the Reichstag and found the surnames there.

In December, 2008 when I visited the Bundestag and saw these inscriptions, they made great impression on me. But even more I impressed Karin Felix`s relation to these inscriptions and to our veterans which happen there. With tenderness and words of gratitude she shakes hands with each of them.

“Thank you, for what you made for us. Thank you that we can peacefully live“ , she says to them in Russian.

Communication with Ruth Walther and Karin Felix, their relation to autographs on walls of the Reichstag could not leave me indifferent.

It is historically unique memory of soldiers and officers of the Soviet army who reached Berlin. Unfortunately, many of these soldiers, perhaps, so never also learned that their names on the Reichstag are kept, and 65 years later are still readable. Others do not know about it just from - for lack of information. It is possible to see these autographs (they are more than 300), having only visited the building of the Reichstag.

From edition:

Unfortunately, Karin Felix who is engaged 22 years in writing of the book about the Reichstag and about soldiers, considers that this material (names of soldiers and the photo) is property of the Bundestag (the government of Germany). As the book is not published yet, it demands that this material was removed from our website so we cleaned the list of surnames...