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What can be the Third world war?

Since ancient times people all means fought for the best place in the sun and under the moon too. There was a conflict for possession of the fertile valley, the best pastures and so on. Victories gave self-affirmation among other tribes, production and slaves...

Unifying wars when some prince submitted neighbors and near and far had a little positive character (on conclusions of historians), and finally created quite strong state. A distinctive feature of those far “childlike“ wars was the fact that they did not spoil the nature in any way and did not threaten to exterminate all human race. The whole tribes and the people were exterminated, however, (and with huge cruelty), but in general nothing threatened mankind.

Time went. Fight for a survival and the statement forced to look for all new and new weapon. Duels before fight and other knightly manners went to legends. Generals preferred to destroy the opponent in large quantities and at once. To the middle of the twentieth century still there was an opportunity to use any new weapon without damage to the planet. But then the mankind ripened to the invention of unprecedented so nuclear, chemical and bacteriological potential. To them all globe is chock-full saturated. It was necessary only to someone to the first to press the button.

So, the mankind ripened, but sduret not enough to apply this potential. Let politicians shout and quarrel, generals express readiness, but all perfectly understand that winners in new war will not be that even the meek blow a ricochet will get the instigator, and in what a way will get! And who, actually, need the enemy territory destroyed, for many years infected? It is desirable that it was the manned and filled cheap labor. But how to achieve it? Meanwhile, certain forces prepare for new repartition of the world. Dream of it. Sometimes there are local wars, but the planet in general keeps.

Now we will talk about computers. In the world there is a general computerization now. Irrespective of, whether the backward country as at it with economy whether there is a crisis of the power, computers gradually get into all spheres. Even world crisis cannot stop this process.

I remember how bought train tickets earlier. There are places - issue the ticket, is not present - do not give out. Picture today. The train came, empty seats are, and all know about it, and the Network hanged. There is no access to the server, and the girl in a blue form can make nothing. Without computer she will not sell the ticket. There is no way back. There was an electronic equipment and in shops and even in drugstores. There is no communication, and to you will not call the price of seldom bought medicine. In the ATM you will not receive money if in bank of a problem with the server. However, such failures happen not often. Work on the Network, it constantly improve quality, look after systems. But here if the severe virus got into your office … Well I remember

how it happened in my bureau. The network virus was started in Germany, overcame a floor - Europe and reached our plant. Very much helped that between departments outdated communication - slow ten-megabit was laid. Therefore when at us computers began to refuse, we managed to warn a number of departments. Nevertheless, a half of engineers could not work three days until a virus pacified. Also several shops which through a network were loaded with programs on machines with NPC (numerical program control) stopped. And it only one virus written by the gallant hacker did!

And if carefully to prepare a package or there are a lot of packages of similar viruses and to let out them in a computer network of not really friendly power? Same global force weapon! You represent consequences? Plants will stop, power plants will not be able as it is necessary, to function, will paralyze transport, banks will not be able to make any operation. Full destabilization of economy and life! It is a high time to stir up the people some cultural revolution and to palm off the necessary government. And troops should not be entered.

But on the Internet there are no borders. How viruses will be distinguished whom to attack? Elementary! On a territorial sign or on language which is used. In addition to everything it is possible to supply the necessary regions with a vaccine in advance. It is better to invent poison together with antidote.

The farther in the future, the such attack … or war will be more destructive … Here we also come back to the name of article. Computers every year, even month get into all niches of our activity more and stronger, and their slightest failures are noticeable at once.

And purposeful influence will bring the real chaos. The third world will be war computer. It is quite possible that now in the secret laboratories there is an intense training. Hackers create viruses mainly for the sake of an udalstvo to ego-trip, prove to be and admire the “brilliant“ results.

And experts in military departments work constantly and for good money. I do not claim that all and is. Very much can be, I am mistaken. But the idea of a massive virus raid is quite feasible.

I was convinced more than once that the reality is much more fantastic than the most courageous fantasy. If some thought came to someone to mind, is not excluded that similar will come to someone else, absolutely independent of the first head tomorrow. And it is quite possible, the thought already somewhere is carried out.

So, let`s think of nonsenses less! However, why to us the Third world, even if computer?