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Again to study? How many it is possible?!

Very interesting, in my opinion, are a question of self-education. Since the childhood we got used that self-training and self-improvement are necessary that it supplements an official education system. Parents constantly go on to us that we were engaged in self-training. But as far as it is carried out in life actually? Why it “works“ for many only in the childhood?

I quite often observed that someone needs to finish the official training (whether it be higher education institution, technical school, school or usual school), i.e. “to get out from - for school desks“ as the person had an opinion that on it its “torments“ ended. After that it diligently avoided any offers to learn something new, he already “endured the most terrible in life“.

Others considered that they already learned necessary and other knowledge is not necessary to them. It is rather simple to apply what you were taught to in life - and you will be provided with stable work and nourishing life. Such person “stiffens“ in an own world, it comes off the life which is cheerfully running in the future.

As sometimes it is difficult to communicate with the person who decided for himself that he does not need additional training! Such person seems so recorded and narrowly conceiving that it becomes difficult to deal with him. Inability to understand the new, beyond official education thought puts an insuperable barrier in the interpersonal relations, can destroy a family and various groups.

Contrary to it, the looking for people with reason, open for new ideas, capable to create and dream, capable to observe and to independently draw conclusions - such people are the engine of progress of mankind. It is not necessary to be the genius at all “to give rise“ to idea which can capture many people, carry away them itself. And a main issue at all such people is, in my opinion, the aspiration to self-education that includes self-training and self-improvement.

Studying the books of successful people describing them “a way to success“ I over and over again faced the fact that change of itself, the way of thinking, the education level was a main issue in their success. Not important, the head of large campaign or the leader in network business, all of them spent a lot of time for receiving additional knowledge, the new points of view that inevitably changed them, their inner world. And they constantly emphasized it - self-improvement is necessary!

I am a supporter of the fact that the person needs to improve constantly himself, the understanding of surrounding people and the phenomena. It is impossible to remain stable while other world flies to the future at the amazing speed. The same occurred and after emergence of desire at me to be engaged in business in a network and to create the blog. I knew nothing about it. And it should be changed!

The first that at me arose, it was desire to develop the sphere of human knowledge, new to me, to pass various the Internet - training, to communicate to the knowing people. It is natural that after realization of this desire, my view of the Internet and a possibility of obtaining the income in a network became wider and intelligent. Studied by me also confirmed that I stand on the right track.

As the old proverb says, the more you know, the more questions appear. And the answer to it only one - permanent job over itself, continuous improvement of the knowledge and skills, continuous expansion of the outlook is necessary. And most of people will tell you that in it and their secret of prosperity in life consists.