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Why self-education is necessary?

Everyone who wants to reach the best in the life has to spend some time personally for himself that “not to lag behind life“. Comparing process of self-improvement to business, say that it is necessary to invest in himself. Mean by it that in the Internet - business, as well as in usual life, the main property of the person is not his income or the saved-up property, and he. This most effective investment of efforts and means as only it can provide the best understanding of life that as a result will help to find a way of self-realization and to reach the desirable.

As one of my favourite proverbs says: “Give to the person fish - and he will be full one day. Teach the person to catch fish - and he will be full all life“. In my opinion, it is impossible to speak about self-improvement, self-training and self-education, without having stopped in detail on what is it. If we say that the person needs to be trained, so let`s look what is meant this process.

We will begin with the simplest - we will consider that such “self-improvement“ . In explanatory dictionaries this word was given rather simple definition: improvement of the moral, intellectual or physical qualities. Usually mean conscious development by it in themselves some merits or abilities. The school student training the memory; the teenager running in a rocking chair to pump up more muscles; the young mother and the father trying to become attentive and careful parents - all this examples of self-improvement.

The concepts “self-training“ and “self-education“ are a little more confused . Unfortunately, usual explanatory dictionaries do not do any difference between these words. And most of people considers that it words - synonyms, that is at them are identical sense. Earlier I too so considered. But recently with surprise learned that between these concepts there is a distinction which some teachers very accurately understand.

You look. “The big explanatory dictionary“ defines “self-training“ as independent training in something, for example - to drawing. And “self-education“ is defined as acquisition of knowledge by independent occupations without the assistance of the teacher. Self-education, for example, can be political, economic. As you can see, definitions of these words are very similar.

Even if to look in “The dictionary of methodical terms“, we will nearby leave. Here “self-training“ is defined as process of independent education without direct participation of the teacher. To the purposes of self-training serve special manuals - self-instruction manuals, phrasebooks, phono - both video - soundtracks and computer programs.

“Self-education“ is defined as mastering knowledge, skills, abilities at the initiative of the most trained concerning a subject of knowledge (what to be engaged), volume and a source of knowledge, establishment of duration and time of carrying out occupations, and also the choice of forms of satisfaction of cognitive interests and requirements.

You see that in both concepts emphasis is placed on receiving additional knowledge, independent mastering skills and abilities, be - that a foreign language, playing a guitar or typing without continuous watching on the keyboard, not to mention various technical to no - Hau.

But if we go deep into an origin of words, then these concepts will appear before us in various light. With the prefix “-“, I believe, everything is clear: the person does personally, t. e. ““.

The word “training“ can be understood thanks to the word “learn“ which happened from uk “doctrine“, the same root that litas. jauk ì nti “accustom“, automated workplace. usanim “I study, accustomed“. That is is what gives skill, accustoming; science.

The word “education“ can be understood through the word “image“ derivative of an obrazita “to represent, draw“ which was in turn formed from you strike “to cut“. In the next languages the word “image“ also has similar value: bolg. image “face, cheek“, polsk. obraz “image, picture; image; icon“. For example, in the ancient time cut out a figure which was allocated with the defined well recognizable lines from a tree. We can see it and in a sculpture - the image which can transfer any semantic or emotional message is formed.

It turns out that at self-education of people not just seizes new knowledge and abilities as it occurs at self-training, but also creates from himself “a new image“, i.e. the person changes internally.

Very few people know that nearly hundred years ago Nikolay Aleksandrovich Rubakin (the Russian bibliologist, the bibliographer, the popular writer of science and the writer) in the scientific composition wrote “Letters to readers about self-education“:

“… It is known that on a share it is not enough - malsk of the cultural person, in particular Russian, infinitely large number of the most various misfortunes drops out. But there is no misfortune, is thought to us, more awful, more harmful on the consequences, on that mass of suffering which are inflicted by it on the person, besides it is long, during all human life as following: having eyes - not to see, having ears - not to hear, having the normal brain arranged not worse than at others, not to understand what is created around,…. To live, without seeing, without hearing and without understanding, - unless this life?“ it worked as

at the beginning of the twentieth century with readers of libraries, received and responded to more than 1200 letters, helping everyone to construct its own program of self-education. It described an image of the real education which and in hundred years is actual for those who use the Internet:

“It is possible to tell unmistakably that now the aspiration to education is shown in masses to such an extent tensely as it was not shown still in any times, and every year tension it increases. Life induces each person to arm in an inevitable, fatal way itself with knowledge and understanding. To live not to starve to death not to die in the general whirlpool to adapt to this turmoil going everywhere around it is necessary not only to know any craft or an art (i.e. to have vocational education), but still it is necessary to have the general education, it is necessary to be able to understand in all that it is made around, and, if I may say so, ability for this purpose is necessary to think and understand the known breadth of vision, the known height of development is necessary“. Nikolay Aleksandrovich Rubakin very simply and clear explained

who such educated person:

“… Really educated person not the one who ended any at least even the highest, educational institution, - you never know ignoramuses, narrow experts or dexterous careerists leaves them! Not the one who re-read much on the century is even a lot of, at least the best books. Not the one who saved up in himself in these or those ways some stock, at least and very big, different knowledge. At all not in it an education essence“.

In his opinion: “To understand surrounding life - here the first task of the educated person“ .

For myself I defined that self-education is necessary to learn “correctly“ to think, get a broad outlook and to rise in the development really to understand what occurs around, and adequately to react to it.

But whether it also changes the person internally, prepares it for action, does it more successful in life? In my opinion, if the person understands surrounding life, then he will be able to make with it something, but “will not indulge in vain hopes“.