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Dead blogs or How I will last long?

induced to Write this article me reflections about the future of my blog. As the beginner in blogging me is overcome by doubts, but not from - for uncertainty in themselves, and from ignorance of various technical moments. Though I am sure that it is actually reparable.

So, having come across in a network idea about opening of own blog, I strongly cheered up. I just looked for a way of self-realization and new options of creation of own business. And though which - what hints on the future at me already were the idea to create the blog me strongly intrigued - it well fitted into my intentions. But, as well as in everything, here regularity - what is on a popularity wave was shown too, means that some for a long time “saddled this wave“, and the majority just follows in their tracks.

There was time when it was popular to earn from cliques, surfing on the websites and reading letters appeared then. All this was offered as a way of receiving good additional money in a network. In my opinion, it is impossible to call it business on the Internet as over time to try to earn from it it became just ridiculous. Perhaps on cigarettes and beer it will be suitable for the teenager, but not for this purpose who wanted to create the real business in the Network. In my opinion, the same treats also blogs.

Those who the first began to untwist an earnings subject on blogs could earn from it and create to themselves a name. And then, when the huge number of people joined this kind of activity, the sense from the direct income from the blog decreased. If it was possible to earn from advertizing and exiles of the advertiser earlier, then now big benefit cannot be expected from it. What worked few years or even months back, already does not bring in the expected income. In the come Information Century various methods of business appear and disappear literally in the eyes. So far I see only one exit from this - to be aware of the events and to react in due time to changes of the market of blogs, remaining at top of technical and marketing skill.

For myself I defined that there are blogs as a hobby or hobbies, for communication with friends - their authors are not so dependent on economic disorders. Owners of such blogs put the heart and soul in creation of the blog and its maintenance. Even after the real death of the author their blogs continue to exist and live life. They become a peculiar interactive memorial board - even if only several friends and relatives know about it.

Other type of blogs - the profits created specially for the purpose of receiving, the last I also call “the market of blogs“. For me in this market, as well as in usual business, there is both a competition, and monopolists, both successful businessmen, and losers. Recently I was impressed by statistics that in usual business of 9 of 10 new companies within 5 years stop the existence, t. e only 10% survive. In the next 5 years there is the same. As a result we receive the following: in 10 years remains only to of 1% the survived companies. The reasons for that are different, but the essence one - in the long term survives only the small number of the new companies.

In my opinion, blogging of the second type is the same business therefore also the survival will be similar. The bloggers absorbed by idea of fast earnings on the blog, beginning give short weight the newly made creation various banners, add a lot of references, and then wait that money to them will begin to flow a stream if not the river. However after several months of expectations they are disappointed and give up the business. Their business “was covered“, i.e. the blog dies. It is possible that such blog will exist some time, but if not to prolong a hosting, then it will be erased from modern history of a blogovedeniye sooner or later.

Whether authors of the dead of blogs will continue to try to build business on the Internet or will consider that “all this continuous deception and a cheating“, will depend on their personality and character. I knew people who rushed every time with enthusiasm on the new favorable offer, but so nothing was received in exchange. They are similar to children from a legend of the Gamelnsky rat catcher, or a dudochnik (the character of a medieval German legend in which the musician deceived by the magistrate of the city of Gamelna which refused to pay remuneration for disposal of the city of rats by means of sorcery took away for himself the city children who disappeared then irrevocably). Resignedly following the idea of fast enrichment caressing ears, such people will pass into nothingness in dark back streets of the RuNet over time.

By the way, the legend of the Gamelnsky rat catcher appeared on the basis of not clear, but real events. Therefore I am sure that the idea (in a different way “myth“ or “legend“) about fast earnings in the Network also has under itself real events which induced others to take it very much to heart. However I consider that each person has to pass the way of a blogovedeniye, constantly being engaged in self-education and putting a lot of work in the business.

I like a proverb: “The persistence and work will grind everything“. It is sure that cheapskates or fans of an easy money just will not be able long to have the blog and will grow cold to this idea soon - to earn quickly from the blog. At the same time other people, studying on personal and others` mistakes, will be able really to create the real business in the Network, gaining income after an investment of the efforts and means.

I hope that blogs of such authors will long live and give not only pleasure from their reading, but also will begin to impart real knowledge and experience.