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How Ayanami saves our world?

of Ayanami are eaten by garlic.

Actually, not very well why she eats garlic. Perhaps it for health is useful for it, or perhaps she wants to take away annoying Alukard. And can it taste is pleasant. The main thing, she eats it. I am every time when I come in our grocery at the corner, I see how it stacks in a string-bag a half yesterday`s shaped, a bottle of 1% of milk, but by all means - a linking of garlick heads. I just do not represent Ayanami without garlic. And it is more, than a detail from its life or its culinary addictions. It is the defining factor of its essence.

Ayanami eats garlic. It tells about it much more, than data that she is the First Child, a fruit of the NERV technologies and scientific researches of Gendo Ikari, Eve`s pilot - 00, and also (about what there is no telling how things will turn out) the being created on the basis of genetic material Yu Ikari and Lilith. you at least thousand books before me put

, and I on the spot will kill all of you with words about a garlic smell from Ayanami`s mouth. And any ancient cults here at anything. It is just impossible to find other girl for whom the use of garlic would be so peculiar. Usually simply it is unpleasant to us to communicate with the girl who eats garlic, or to us all the same as we guzzle it in tons and got used. And here when garlic eats with Ayanami - it bewitches. The head of a chenosk on a table before Ayanami does us it by slaves for ever.

Anyone can eat garlic. The star of soccer or basketball can have such whim. Or at a star of the big screen. Or at the writer famous for the whole world or the politician. They can have different reasons to treskat garlic and not to hesitate of it on public. Only it absolutely line does not mean. You never know who eats garlic there. Matters, only if garlic is eaten by our Ayanami.

Ayanami eats garlic. Ayanami and garlic. Garlic is inseparably linked in our consciousness with a name of Ayanami. Due to any other subject garlic does not cause in us any emotions. And near Ayanami we can represent her worn school uniform, her bathing suit which is becoming wet after classes in the school pool, its small littered apartment or its eternally empty school desk. The only catch doing its image live and real is a garlic, cleanings of garlic and the smell soaring in air - yes, it just was here...

Just I saw how Ayanami ate garlic. And it installs tranquility in my soul. If Ayanami did not forget to lay up a chesnochka by a lunch - this world will not fail today yet.