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How to make sushi and beaters in house conditions?

of Sushi (sushi) - the Japanese national dish on the basis of sticky boiled rice with fish and seafood, similar to tiny buterbrodik or peculiar tartlets, rolls, a canape.

They are called still spicy rice cakes. And though say that the presents of sushi only the Japanese cook on Japanese cuisine for Japanese is capable to create, nevertheless, this tasty, useful and elegant food popularly now around the world.

The simplified option of sushi can quite be prepared also the hands in house conditions. As a matter of fact, as also Japanese recognize, all the rest is about a piece of fish on a rice lump, - a fruit of the culinary imagination and skill.

Here it is pertinent to tell a couple of words about rice. About its culinary properties it is possible with sufficient degree of accuracy to judge even by the sizes and a form of grain. It is accepted to distinguish long-grain rice - at it length exceeds width at least three times (more than 3:1), srednezerny (about 2:1) and round.

As a rule, the grain is shorter and is more white, the it is softer, absorbs waters more, inflates stronger and becomes sticky. Just such rice is used for sushi and some traditional sweets.

It is possible to call Srednezerny rice universal, it suits for very many dishes.

From long-grain grades it turns out so favourite at us friable, magnificent, soft and, at the same time as if a little elastic rice which is good in snack, and in main courses, in garnishes and stuffings. And on what color only rice does not happen - from snowy - white to ugolno - black.

How it is correct to make sushi in house conditions that they did not differ from the presents Japanese? At first it is required correctly to to weld rice . From many options of preparation of rice for sushi we will bring quite simple and not demanding attraction of ingredients, inaccessible at us.

Carefully wash out rice in several waters, slightly fraying it in palms until the last water becomes almost transparent. Cast away rice on a colander and leave approximately to hour

Shift rice in a spacious pan, fill in with cold water slightly above it level (water has to be 1/5 more, than rice: let`s tell, on a glass of grain - about a glass with a quarter of water). Cover a pan, put on average fire and when begins to boil, reduce heating to weak and you cook rice in the mode of “silent“ boiling of 10 - 13 min. (by this time all water has to be absorbed in grains).

Switch off heating and let`s stand to rice 10 - 15 minutes under a cover. It is important that the sticky weight consisting of the whole, soft, but not collapsing grains as a result turned out.

Now prepare obligatory gas station for sushi. Mix vinegar (better rice, it is possible fruit), sugar and salt (preferably sea) proceeding from such ratio: on 1 kg of boiled rice - 5 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt (proportions can be a bit differents).

Shift ready rice in a big bowl and pour this acetic dressing, accurately overturning weight a wooden rake, but not mixing, as usual, and gently splitting with a shovel edge. Let`s rice cool down a little and start preparation of sushi.

of Sushi classical

wet hands create

From the turned-out sticky rice weight small (the size approximately in a finger), slightly flat cutlets, tiny flat cakes, superficial small baskets, etc. On this basis put herring pieces, salty, smoked, tinned fish or a liver, sprats, caviar, shrimps, herring paste and so forth

of Sushi can be created and in a different way. Distribute rice on a chopping board an even layer about 2 cm thick, press through on it at identical distances of a cavity, drip in them a little sauce and put a stuffing. Send preparation for a while to the refrigerator, and then wet knife on pieces in which center there have to be nests with a stuffing. (But in Japan such type of preparation is not used.)

of Sushi - beaters

These do

to sushi approximately the same as usual rolls, and then cut. However, Japanese as a basis use to a hole - the pressed plates from seaweed. But it is possible to do in general without “wrapper“, having laid out a thin layer of rice and having rolled up in it the crushed stuffing. Or to replace to a hole with sheet salad, beet, marinated grape or fermented cabbage leaves that is also not the Japanese option of preparation.

Process of preparation of sushi - business creative, it is possible to experiment, bring these or those changes in classical recipes here. Let`s tell, to try to add separate spices when cooking rice, to impregnate it with various structures on the basis of soy sauce, horse-radish, grated beet, lemon juice, spicy herbs, marinades from - under canned food.

The imagination at house preparation of sushi the hands is only welcomed!