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How to buy the car and not to be deceived?

the Famous phrase “the car not the luxury, but a vehicle“ in the recent past was perceived by most of the Soviet citizens with a certain share of humour and scepticism. At those salaries, the prices and market sizes “the iron horse“ was on a pocket not to everyone.

But times change, and quickly enough. At first the car stopped being inaccessible deficiency, and today its functionality considerably exceeds outdated representation. What roles are played by a car in life of the modern person?

It is difficult not to miss something. Contemporaries quickly forgot that once four wheels were just a relocator in space. Today the car is both the instrument of labor, and the tool for rest, a hobby and entertainment, a measure of prestige and the indicator of prosperity, a way of self-expression and implementation of plans, achievements of the objectives, and in some situations and the purpose.

Yes, quite so! The car - the purpose of life of the modern person who was temporarily left without iron friend. How many efforts, time and means we spend for achievement of this purpose! How many dangers and reefs wait for us on the way to treasured acquisition!

It would seem - there is nothing more simply. There is money - go to car showroom and choose what is pleasant. There are not enough funds for the new car - in the market fully second-hand in an excellent state at the most different prices. Automotive industry of the whole world offers the buyer of brand and model narrow-purpose and broad specialization, various forms and the sizes, all flowers of a rainbow, for every taste, capable to satisfy the broadest requirements.

The market of a car is insatiable as needs of the person are unlimited. In the sphere of car sale huge money supply at the heart of which the cost of the unique purchase - yours “turn“.

Unfortunately, money always involved swindlers. Car market - not an exception of the general rule, but rather favourite place of a party of fans of a fast profit. People buy cars infrequently, so and it is a little experience of purchases from them. The inexperienced buyer - favourite object of schemers. From their point of view there is nothing more simply, than “to push to a teapot“ a rusty can at the Formula 1 race car price.

Does not interest the swindler as his victim got money. Does not interest the swindler that will be with the deceived person, his family, work, mentality and health. The swindler is interested only money. Your money allocated for realization of the treasured purpose - purchase of the car.

In an arsenal of swindlers there are a lot of intricate combinations. They are constructed on two moments - a carelessness of the buyer and his lack of information. It is possible to wave away council - look better. But not everything is so simple.

In the market of second-hand cars it is important not just to look, it is necessary to know where to look and what there can be seen. Each latent defect has the visible manifestation, to know only what to pay attention to. Not so there is a lot of shortcomings hidden really.

The statement it is right not only concerning equipment. Human soul - darkness, but the identity of the seller for the skilled buyer - the open book. If only you know in what language this book is written by what font it is typed and on what page the necessary data.

The unsophisticated buyer can have an impression that “part“ only upon purchase of second-hand cars from hands. Purchase according to the announcement or on the city car market teeming with spiteful “kidala“ with unshaven physiognomies is Like, dangerous.

In practice deception in car showrooms where the buyer is met not by the casual seller in the rumpled jeans jacket, and the smiling manager in perfectly white shirt is not rare at all. Remember, really you never heard how you palmed off on someone the beaten car under the guise of new, or sold to two buyers the same copy, detained delivery of a car from salon after payment, submitted documents, with which do not register …, of

Shoulder to shoulder with saloon swindlers bank employees and insurance agents trade. For example, offering a “scanty“ interest on credit, but causing its insurance of purchase at the “symbolical“ price from damage in view of a flood to the Sahara.

And how many nerves can frazzle routine procedures of registration of purchase! Wait - and we wait, sign in the next office - and we go, again we wait and we sign, pay - and we pay … For what? Yes just like that, because you have money which swindlers very much want to take away.

What niche would not be chosen for the trade by automobile swindlers - all of them are united by one, ardent desire to profit at the expense of the buyer. As if a pack of wolves, they, having for the time being put the tail between the legs, wander around the planned victims, choosing an opportunity to snatch a piece more fatly.

Acquire once and for all: going behind purchase of the car, it is unimportant where, on the city market or in prestigious salon, you go into battle. You are waited by the real fight for your dream and your money even if externally there is the kindest situation.

The success of any fight depends on ability to fight, readiness to stand for itself and the purposes, equipment, presence of allies. The simplest option - to employ to itself allies for the period of fight, to address experts who will help to choose the car, to examine it, to find the latent defects, will prompt where and how to obtain the credit and to issue purchase.

Address the conscientious professionals who chose as a subsistence rendering services in the choice of the car. Working constantly in the sphere of sale of a car, they save up extensive and invaluable experience over time. To them no swindlers are terrible, the last just do not contact those to whom all hidden methods of deception are familiar.

However, an easy way - not the cheapest. Work of the qualified professional, undoubtedly, is effective, but good work also costs much. Present that having listened to councils, you refused the first option, the second, third … But it is necessary to pay anyway.

The second reliable option - to be ready to fight most. It is possible to interrogate the friends and acquaintances as there took place purchase of a car from them, to analyse a situation, to draw conclusions and forecasts. But on the one hand, people can forget whether they will be able to remember necessary details? With another - whether there is a lot of at you such acquaintances? And if there is a lot of, then how many it is required to time to have a talk with everyone? And not the fact that from all stories in practice you will be able to use at least one. Obviously difficult occupation.

Use services of a gossip hotline, perhaps, you had phone number of the autoinstructor who helped you to master elements of driver`s skill or the neighbor often changes cars. Such people on friendship or for moderate payment with pleasure will give you help upon purchase of the car, will consult or even together with you descend on survey.

If you decide on such option, surely consider the fact that such people not professionals therefore their councils are useful only in case you plan to buy the car of the same brand, as from your consultant. It is unlikely the neighbor who spent all life on the Russian car will be able to give you essential help at the choice of the foreign car.

Statistically, upon purchase of the car 97% of potential owners of a car are mistaken. Not all mistakes are fatal, but agree, swindlers have a huge field for the application of the abilities.

On mistakes study. Most of people - on own mistakes which correction requires both time, and means. And only the small part draws conclusions from experience of people around. Remain in minority, be prepared for purchase, in advance learn everything about swindlers, keep the money, health, courage and great mood.

All of us different and all of us have an option. And we anyway wish you to get an excellent car and to save the budget!