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How to prepare a dietary shish kebab in house conditions?

Somehow long ago on New Year`s Eve decided to surprise guests with preparation of a shish kebab in the city apartment. On a balcony raskochegarit a brazier, from firewood burned coals, and in principle everything turned out. Still I do not represent how neighbors treated my “action“. I do not think what with approval …

Much water flowed away since then, more such nonsenses do not come to my mind. But agree - brochette sometimes and citizens want. If to lower a little high requirements to its tastes, then as quite good alternative to departure on the nature the ordinary vertical BBQ grill can serve.

At me is such, vertical type. The heating element is established in the middle, and around it skewers slowly rotate. The main lack of such design - lack of a smoke, fat does not drip on the heater, and flows down on a shish kebab and accumulates in a small saucer. Of course, the shish kebab without carcinogens has taste special, differing from “natural“, but too is tasty.

On the other hand - whether a shortcoming it? Carcinogens - the main scourge of the various dishes prepared on a grill. Taste - taste, but also about health it is quite good to remember sometimes. One more plus - the shashlychnitsa without smoke can quite use not only in the yard of a country house, but also in kitchen of the city apartment. Inconveniences absolutely any.

Somehow tried to make a chicken shish kebab. It turned out not at once, about secrets is slightly lower. But over time the simple recipe of a dietary dish from available ingredients was developed. And work expenses - the most minimum. You judge.

Any parts of chicken in principle suit for a chicken shish kebab. About 30 years ago in Alma - to Atya it was sold continually, stringing on skewers pieces of chopped chicken directly with bones. To suck round splinters of chicken stones - occupation not the most fascinating, I cannot recommend it.

Besides, the speech about the recipe of a dietary dish, means and fats there has to be a minimum quantity. By both criteria as a semi-finished product chicken fillet is ideally suited. In a different way - the chicken breasts which are cut off from bones.

Breasts in the cooled or frozen look are on sale in any epicure packed

on plastic pallets in pairs. From one such packing about a kilogram is powerful six sticks of a tasty and useful shish kebab turn out.

Fillet is cut off from a bone, we exempt from skin and fat, we cut on portion pieces. There is the first secret. On a usual brazier the shish kebab settles down horizontally, in this case it is possible not to take especially to itself for a ride and to cut as it will be pleasant. But in the vertical vertical BBQ grill soft and gentle pieces of fillet on a skewer keep hardly, all strive to move down down.

To cope with this inconvenience, it is better to do cutting along fibers by narrow long pieces which can be strung on a skewer, puncturing in several places that increases the contact area and friction force.

We pickle cutting in mayonnaise. Naturally, mayonnaise low-calorie, differently what diet? For greater effect we add pepper and onions, but also it is quite possible to do without them. It is better to salt to taste before the threading on skewers. However - and it is not dogma.

That fillet was kept waiting, there is enough one or one and a half hours. But if were late - it does not matter, the fillet pickled since evening can quite be made for a breakfast even if it is necessary to hurry for work.

Quite so. The second secret of success - small time of cooking. From the moment of laying of the crude shish kebabs strung on skewers in a shashlychnitsa before the end of frying there pass no more than 10 - 15 minutes.

During cooking look at a shish kebab. As soon as its surface dried - make an incision the largest piece. Criterion of readiness - white color of a section. At once switch off a shashlychnitsa and remove a ready dish from fire. It is enough to overdo absolutely slightly - slightly, and the shish kebab will be spoiled. Of course, he will remain edible, but will lose juiciness and taste.

Try, surely it will be pleasant to you. Bon appetit.