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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 8 - 10? “The nightmare on Vyazov Street“ and others

this week in the Russian hire leaves 7 newly made movies, including three greetings Hollywood - a venerable remake of the cult horror film, the comedy melodrama and the independent drama, the nominee of the Oscar. In addition at movie theaters the film version of the known Russian TV series and three comedies - French, Spanish and free - American will appear.

Judging by abundance of entertaining tapes, the forthcoming long days off will pass with humour. It is not absolutely clear why to anniversary of the Victory there was no decent military tape, but start up it will remain on conscience of our cinematographers.

1. “Nightmare on Vyazov Street“ (A Nightmare on Elm Street). Really long-awaited remake of the cult horror film of Wes Craven. The original of 1984 became the ancestor of one of the most long-playing franchizes in the genre, and the main film villain of series, the gloomy maniac Freddie Kruger, became one of the most recognizable characters of modern foreign cinema. The desire of Universal studio to make a copy of this picture first caused the whole wave of scepticism in admirers of film series. However subsequently, when it became clear that the remake was approved by both Wes Craven, and the leading man, Robert Inglund, passions ceased. Then invited Jackie Earl Haley to Kruger`s role (Rorshakh from “Keepers“), than considerably stirred interest in the forthcoming premiere. The tape started in the American hire a week ago and was instantly beaten out in leaders boxing - office. Hayley, judging by a trailer, absolutely in a different way approached the image, having made Freddie much more gloomy.

2. “The plan of B“ (The Back - Up Plan). And here was not lucky the new comedy with Jennifer Lopez`s participation at all. Removed for the same money (35 million) that point 1 in our list, the picture turned out a complete fiasco in hire, having managed to bring together only 23 in two premier weeks. And it despite so favorable genre and absence of direct competitors. In the American press even rumors that Lopez slowly is drawn went and it is not capable to attract with one name the viewer in movie theaters any more. On a plot the actress plays a role of the woman for 30 (that is already quite good for 40 - to summer Lopez), which is solved on artificial insemination because internal clocks tick, and still not to see the prince on a white horse on the horizon. Alas, the destiny - the villain has the perverted sense of humour since after procedure the heroine Lopez manages to meet the half at last. And now it appears to be in a sticky situation because pregnancy “takes place“, and sex was not yet.

3. “Treasure“ (Precious, 2009). the Last year`s independent American film sensation reached also our screens. Li Daniels`s picture is the screen version of the novel “Tuzhsya“ of the American poetess Sapphira and collected in 2009 a huge pack of various film awards, including Oscars for the best adapted scenario and for Best Supporting Actress (Mo`nik). In spite of the fact that action of the movie happens in Harlem, I believe, history of a difficult life of the afroamerican with an excess weight will be quite clear to our fellow citizens because sufferings and an intolerable life situation - concepts universal. Unfortunately, so late emergence of a tape at the Russian movie theaters is inexpedient economically since the majority already managed to look at it in a counterfeit look. In total - from the moment of a premiere passed nearly 1,5 years. That who did not manage to join yet, I recommend.

4. “Wood-grouse at cinema“. I am not an admirer of the TV series of the same name, but is very glad that the Russian cinematographers do not forget to shoot genre film, start up in the majority a case it either comedies, or crime, or as in this case, a mix from both genres. Earlier we had a tendency to turn good movies in pass - series, now, with a careful eye to the western colleagues, ours study the return process, transfer of television passions as the big screen. Creators added elements of comics to a picture and is oath promise good, qualitative humour. Well, we will look.

5. “Beaver of Porzhalovat“ (Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis). the French comedies became the rare guest in our hire. And especially good French comedies. Apparently, and in France it is an endangered genre, considering that this tape is more than two years old. In general, literally the name is translated “Welcome to Shti“ where Shti is the small town using at French ill fame. Therefore, if you were sent to Shti, then strongly do not rejoice, quite perhaps, you were just sent where far away. The kind and light comedy will hardly collect numerous audience owing to the specifics, but let will be. For a change.

6. “The frozen souls“ (Cold Souls). First full-length work of the interesting director Sofie Barthez. Productions of the USA - France. Removed in New - York and St. Petersburg with the American and Russian actors.

The plot narrates about the quite good American theatrical actor (Paule Giamatti) who cannot find tranquility in search of the Leading Role in any way. And here under a hand an opportunity to participate in statement of Chekhovian “Uncle Vanya“ is sprained. To play not just well, and it is ingenious, our hero addresses to a certain office which suggests to ease anguish by freezing … souls. The actor after short thoughts agrees to temporary callousness not to torment himself with senseless torments. However when will be impatient to return it the property, it will become clear that by mistake of its shower managed to remove to Russia, to hands of the dull actress dreaming of glory.

7. “Club of suicides“ (El club de los suicidas). The farther in the wood, the borodasty guerrillas. Spanish comedy of a sample even 2007. Three guys will organize business which essence consists in the help to everyone to make a suicide. They do not dissuade, they exactly help. Often in very original ways. As far as it is watchable, I suggest to find out to you.

An unconditional favourite of week is the new “Nightmare on Vyazov Street“. The known brand, most likely, will defeat most of beginners of week, but on the top line the hit - parade will hardly be able to break through. I do not think that “The man of iron 2“ will so easily give in so Samuel Bayer`s horror film is shone by a maximum the second place. And with an exit next week of the historical blockbuster of Ridley Scott “Robin Hood“ with Russell Crowe, the situation in general will become complicated and the competition will become tougher.