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Modern overalls. What it?

We got used long ago that clothes style of the person is in many respects dictated by tendencies of notorious fashion.

In spite of the fact that the most part of people puts on in usual shops or buys clothes in the markets, the perverted interpretations of creations of great designers are looked through in a cut even of inexpensive trousers or summer dresses. Not to mention superexpensive rags, it is proud bearing the name “remark“.

The fashion gets into our life everywhere, we want it or not. On the one hand, we try to put on is simple and practical, to us deeply all the same that was shown there on weeks of haute couture in Paris and London... On the other hand, there will it is unlikely be a person who was not saying the phrase like “That it on you is put on? Remove. So do not carry any more“; “You that, you do not know, shoulder pads not in fashion any more“; “In this season the sea strip“, etc. is very actual. In a word, modern life is inconceivable without following to fashion trends or vain attempts of their denial.

We will think for a minute of those who at work are forced to dress working clothes, to put on special footwear, to use various means of individual protection. Physicians, firefighters, security guards, sellers, stewardesses, waiters, builders, road makers - the list of professions which invariable attribute are the overalls is huge! And how in this segment the situation with styles is? Whether the concept “style“ is applicable to elements of special clothes? What tendencies of the market of overalls, working footwear, gloves and SIZ?

Long time (at the enterprises of the USSR) requirements to overalls, norms of delivery and distribution of means of individual protection were strictly regulated. Vague 90 - e not only brought with themselves an unprecedented variety of specialized clothes and footwear including import, but also parted violent confusion in numerous requirements to overalls and SIZ. Analysts speak about shortage of the uniform standard, about absence of criteria of the choice of overalls today. The modern companies are forced to show a certain courage and an initiative for acquisition of SIZ within the voted budget... But about everything one after another.

It is necessary to recognize that designers of the companies offering overalls do not sit in place. Catalogs of working suits, dressing gowns, aprons and other variations of overalls dazzle with variety of flowers, the wide range of various styles, fabrics, accessories, finishings and an other set of opportunities “to order“ today. A modern working suit - attempt to combine comfort, convenience, style and necessary protective properties together. It is necessary to recognize, many companies cope with this task on five with plus! Let`s remember simple attribute of the simple Russian worker - a padded jacket! Today this baggy attire is replaced safely with wadded europadded jackets or the warmed down-padded coats of the most various models and flowers. It will be possible to forget about dreadful “uniforms“ absolutely soon.

A peculiar revolution can be noted also in fashion on clothes of health workers. Here we see the real violence of flowers - dressing gowns and suits of the most different shades red, blue, green are offered. Even it is impossible to call a white dressing gown of the nurse boring now - a non-standard cut, contrast finishing, an embroidery, bright accessories... And it is only a glance according to pages of catalogs.

Strangely enough, modern consumer defines the direction of development of the market of overalls, footwear and SIZ. Everything is simple: new requirements to appearance of workers generated new service for the majority of the companies - development of corporate style. A certain color scale, uniform style, obligatory existence of a logo - now attributes of all models of winter and summer seasons from simple traditional (suits, overalls, dressing gowns) to professional sets of a special purpose (for employees of road services, car service, security structures etc.) . Well, unity of corporate stylistics - an important component of any business!

It is impossible to avoid also the fact that printing and the Internet - catalogs of overalls are more and more carefully worked out the majority in a question of thematic gradation and more detailed specialization of each of types of protective clothes and SIZ. Even it is easy for consumer, unfamiliar with this area, to find the necessary model or a subject. Certainly, the Internet - search in catalogs differs in special speed and convenience, but printing glossy pages render more visually true color and the invoice of those goods which offer the companies of overalls. Besides the monitor about the Internet - pages will not replace the thick, bright, multi-colored magazine with pictures which is pleasant for looking through, sitting in a chair.

So, the overalls underwent a number of the essential changes connected with logical requirements which are imposed to working clothes by the modern consumer. Trends of the western fashion, emergence of new materials, tendencies of the market of specialized clothes and SIZ, business development vectors, - all this leaves a mark on the choice of a cut, color, attributes of a working suit.

The overalls become an important link of strategy of development of the modern specialized companies and enterprises!