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How the husband taught me to drive the car - 2 or what the woman needs to know about the car?

Short background for profane persons - the husband presented for New year to me the car. Presented the car, did not present keys. Sounds as a saying of GAI officers - the rights bought, to go did not buy.

On closer examination it became clear that the husband presented the car to himself. Otherwise, why all first night after purchase it staid at a window, peeping a brelochok in a window and learning temperature in inside of the car? Moreover - in the first night he by heart learned the instruction to the alarm system.

Purchase of the car took place on December 29, 2009. It is clear, that on the account the car can be parked and in the current year. But the husband decided that number has to byl abrupt, as well as the car therefore registration was postponed until the end of New Year`s holidays. And the won time is decided to be spent on training me to driving.

The rights at me two years. For these two years I gave birth to the child therefore, I had no time to practice driving. The husband decided to meet rapidly a lack in knowledge.

The beginning was the innocent: the husband as a hamster, got and dragged in the machine everyone met on the way dobrishko. Purchase of a sign of an emergency stop, the first-aid kit and fire extinguisher me it was met with delight. As a reciprocal step I got a fur cover on a wheel, two pakhuchka (with a smell of a lemon and coffee) and a support under the cell phone. The husband bought a towing cable - and I pricked up the ears.

The following stage of acquaintance I with the presented mechanism was acquisition of the compressor and training me (on a frost minus 32 degrees) to measurement of pressure in tires and inflatings of it by means of the compressor. To tell that I froze - it is not to tell anything. Inflating took forty minutes of pure time. Plus still, on the technology offered by the spouse, indicators of the device (compressor) needed to be rechecked other priborchik of measurement of pressure in tires. There the shooter should be taken away to zero a hand. Having frozen to a full posineniye, but with feeling of the fulfilled duty, I continued the acquaintance with transport.

- Normally, - the husband kept saying, - the lowered wheel in a frost, on the route Here will overtake you, with two children - and you are time - and pumped up.

Only delirious I presented myself with children to a frost on the route - from what hard would incur me there? And even in the city? It is enough to raise a hand - and the wheel will be pumped up …. Taxi …

of the Roughness (which turned over time into protecting strips) began a row, cafe when we with the husband began to master routes along which for the sake of trips, actually, and the car was bought. Everything was not so. I could not go on a track in any way - and continually could throw out me on a roadside. The husband was angry. I was not able to put the car on the parking. In each doubtful case the husband grabbed a wheel and unscrewed in own way. There was nothing to compare such behavior. My driving instructor was extremely phlegmatic, and did not grab a wheel. With my driving, in general, it was happy.

I included indexes of turn too early. It was necessary to switch off. Then I was recommended to include them again - already before the turn or the intersection. At the intersection examination - whom began, we pass and who passes us? My brain by then exhausted with a situation with indexes of turn refused, I stupidly reaped on gas and hoped that I go quickly and I will slip. I was forgiven and passed everything. Except the husband raging in salon. Roma shouted, cried and frightened children. I sincerely felt sorry for the husband and understood how men in forty five years get heart attacks.

Apogee to the events were headlights. A button which turns on headlights, a passing beam and dimensions. You it is aware what it should be turned in two movements, but not in one? Why? BECAUSE the BUTTON WEARS OUT!!!!!!

And what my husband created at night? Whether it is necessary to say that he in general considered inadmissible to store the vehicle under the house: will steal. For an exception of an opportunity of it, the husband made the following actions: looked out in a window, worried, and each hour (or is more often) checked with the help an alarm system brelka temperature in inside of the car (at night too). Worse than mother of the sick baby. Of the alarm system awoke with Tilibomkanye me regularly, I was angry. In couple of days I tried to lead with the husband discussion on a subject - why so often to learn temperature in inside of the car? The husband was confused and murmured something it seems:

- I have to know.

- What for?

- to understand that the car was started.

- She is brought six days in a row.

- Still I so check that it was not stolen.

Here I gave up. Forces to find out how many years the husband is going to watch for the car, at me was not.

Still my husband likes to listen in the song car. Why I speak about it in plural? The song of Neschastny Sluchay group under the name “From the First and on the Thirteenth“. Constantly. I was going to acquaint children to good (from my point of view) music like “Beatles“, but not with hungover nonsense of Kortnev.

When I refueled for the first time in the life, … it was very offensive for me. In twenty minutes two times called me the bad word on a letter “B“. Especially loudly (so that even the aunt leaned out of cash desk and the man from the car behind) - for the fact that taking out a hose, I spilled several drops of gasoline on the car. And what? However to me it was loudly explained who I am such is and my behavior is how inadmissible. On what I found forces to answer that if I am called further in this way, then I also will begin to behave respectively. And so that my husband will begin to force down snow from branches of century Siberian fir-trees the shoots on the head which grew as a result of my activity soon (to correspond to its names me).

When to a limit of my tolerance the end came, the consultation from girlfriends - the women having experience of driving about ten years was built. The blonde among them was only one, I.

- Compressor? - thoughtfully Olga told, letting out smoke ringlets, - the compressor …. I and words of it do not know that. … As professor sounds.

- What, to devils, buttons wear out, - Natalya told. - To what to wear out there? It is paranoia, not differently.

- And I do not know at all how the cowl opens, - Luda told, - and what, it is necessary to watch there?

The fourth girlfriend Lenka is an accountant. Therefore she long did not talk to me, and counted: compressor cost - 1600 rubles. Personally it pumps up wheels two times a year and it costs it 80 rubles. Means …., - Lenka murmured, - Means, your compressor will pay off through … 20 years. And you for the sake of it spent hour on a frost today? Pumping up wheels? You for 40 rubles could make all this in heat? What for?

of the car side which is Rather poured by gasoline at gas station for consultation was called my brother who told that the side of its car under a gasoline tank is poured by gasoline constantly and looks so as if on it someone constantly urinates. And anything.

The fifth girlfriend is a psychologist too brought the contribution:

- Ania, - she told. - Calm down. Buttons is a hogwash. As well as all the rest. It is necessary to suffer a little.

But my forces were on an outcome. I came around on hills not so, stopped by in poles specially. On January 8 we with the husband understood that we are on the verge of divorce.

In the evening I decided to stop mockeries with measurement of temperature in salon and took away from the husband a charm with keys. The husband began to cry and fell asleep. Then woke up and gave a verdict: the only way to find harmony - to go driving to it if we together go where - nibud. For the sake of it he is ready not to drink the favourite beer. Next morning the machine froze, and refused to be started - she was obviously at one already with the husband.

Then the husband arranged me full poll under the tickets returned at examination in traffic police. On journey of intersections we spent for only one questions 2 hours and answered 120 pieces. The husband became gloomy because he found in rules of change, occurred since far 1986 when he took driving test.

- The foolish question, - was angry Roma, - with a dirty trick, I understood at once. Wrote a lot what got, do not take in head to go so.

While we were engaged in tickets and intersections, the senior child nearly scalded boiled water of younger - children tried, than could, draw our attention.

And on January 10 I had a Birthday. And car keys were to me all - are handed.

I went down to an entrance, brought her and, having settled on a woolen cover, included Bob Marley.

- There are no women - there are no tears, - he started singing.

I did not feel in any way. Neither happy, nor happy. Preparation for driving devastated me worse than the driving.

- There are no men - there are no tears, foolish Bob, - I told in a whisper, and pressed the accelerator pedal.