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“Man of iron 2“. Whether it is worth going to cinema?

That is why I always so watchfully belong to continuations? Because statistics, as if it was not accused of falsity, all the same objectively proves - sequels, trequels and other “kvela“ in 9 cases from 10 turn out worse than the original. So it is not enough exceptions of this rule that they can be counted on fingers - “Terminator 2“, “The dark knight“, “The deadly weapon 2“, “The godfather 2“. Then why, it is asked, Hollywood continues “to continue“? Everything is simple. The statistics, of course, science, but before economy it modestly bites the dust and trembles. The economy says - if found a pot of gold, it is necessary to develop it. So far it will not run low. Or you will not find another, more fatly yet.

First “Iron Man“ pleased the creators unexpectedly. Nobody in 2008 would dare to rely on the former alcoholic Robert Downey Jr. and the director of an unintelligible tape “Zatura: Space adventure“ Jonah Favro. However 580 million world collecting will convince any “Doubting Thomas“. The original instantly made Robert Downey the superstar, the audience forgave it all sins of youth, and the Hollywood bosses were forced to recognize that you will not spend on drink talent. And, by itself, rumors about continuation at once spread. Otherwise also could not be. Outside 2008 and financial crisis against which long-term shortage of fresh original ideas “began to shine“ more. Green light the project was given immediately, charged the scenario to the famous actor Justin Theroux (“Angela Charlie 2“) who already managed to surprise all, having acted in this role in Ben Stiller`s picture “Soldiers of failure“.

Tony Starck (Robert Downey Jr.) the Arab captivity which worried in the first part, torment of creativity and treachery of the best friend, appears at us at peak of the popularity. However, having declassified the direct relation to a suit of Iron Man, Starck got not only admirers, but also envious persons. Persons interested to try on on itself an iron armor began to form small turn. In the forefront, by the itself, native government in the person of slippery senator Stern (Harry Shendling) and strenuously Justin Hammer (Sam Rokuell) lobbied by it. These friends cannot wait to impose the paws on Starck`s invention because Hammer extremely needs to execute the state order of the Ministry of Defence. It has in a ton stock to nobody necessary ordinary a pukalok, and near by the irrepressible competitor claiming that it “privatized world peace“.

But the real threat to career and the life of Iron Man proceeds at all not from ambitious plans of the dandy Hammer who only dreams to hit a big roll and to become the king for a day. Tony Starck has also real-life enemies to whom his superheroism displeases long ago. For example, the talented Russian outcast Ivan Vanko (not to confuse to Ivan Danko from “A red heat“). Vanko`s family seriously suffered from humanistic plans of Howard Starck, father of the main character. On a legend, Starck - the senior drove out Vanko - the senior (Evgeny Lazarev) from - for his unreasonable greed (awfully, but this bastard tried to give to science commercial sense!) . Having lost prestigious work, the Russian scientist returned to the empty-handed USSR, without having equaled someone`s hopes. Further the scheme standard - camp, alcoholism and death in a beggarly peasant house on hands at the native son. Synulya Ivan (Mickey Rourke) appeared not shy ten (just like that 15 years for smuggling of plutonium do not give), and, drinking a vodovka from a throat, on a lap in the same peasant house collected an electric tranklyukator. Then bought the international passport in the next gate and went on a visit to the sworn enemy Starck - to prove to be and to punish him.

To kill the Iron woodcutter of the person - not the field to pass this. Vanko stopped at nothing, artlessly and effectively, having arranged an excellent attraction on a race circuit in Monaco. However without “rotation doubling“ it managed to intimidate Tony only. And to inspire Hammer`s rogue on treachery commission. From it the moment the plot sharply twists up and down. Hammer, in the aspiration to eliminate the competitor, unites with the Russian Vanya to whom he helps to run from prison. Starck slowly but surely dies because the reactor at him in a breast gradually poisons an organism with palladium. Trying to find a way to combine life and the status of the superhero, Tony absolutely moves away from wordly affairs, having left the company on the secretary Pepper Pots (Gwyneth Paltrow) and having completely quarreled with the old friend, the colonel Roudi (Don Cheadle). And here still the BOARD annoying secret organization in the person of her one-eyed head Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) who mentor tone suggests Starck to finish “refleksirovaniye“ and to be engaged in direct business - to serve and protect … Robert Downey Jr. made by

everything correctly. He completely repeated the ironically - a negligent image from the first part. As on me, this superhero “with a human face“ is more actual, than expressly gloomy snobbery of Batman or a permanent teenage heart-searching of the Spiderman. However in the second part of Iron Man everything is managed to turn into analog of the doctor of Manhattan from “Keepers“, having put it on guards of the American political system and a way of life. More precisely, he held this honourable post itself, having become farther from national expectations. Unlike the characters who are already mentioned in the beginning of the paragraph, Iron Man does not rescue persons in need any more, for this purpose he is too busy with own problems.

The film villain at authors of the sequel did not turn out. It turned out at Mickey Rourke, but not at authors. The fact that the anti-hero was made the Russian did not irritate. The fact that his nationality was issued, as usual, in the form of “a branchy cranberry“ confused and forgot to hand to Ivan Vanko how many - nibud a serious reason. As a result such modern Monte - Cristo who was carefully watering the hatred sprouts for many years turned out. Having come into an intellectual fortune, Vanko shows ingenuity miracles, having assembled the most powerful weapon, and cretinism miracles in lack of resources, having gone to kill the person whom he even in eyes did not see across the ocean. Mickey Rourke`s charisma, of course, prt from the screen in full power, but opposition of characters did not come out. The villain left brutal, but is exaggerated by flat. It obviously lacked insidiousness of the previous opponent Starck, Obadayi Steyn.

Sam Rokuell, as it seems to me, completely coped with an objective. His character, in fact, not the villain, but the envious traitor who is ready practically for everything if only to achieve a goal. To betray, lie, deceive. But not to kill. However, on a plot Justin Hammer from Judas slowly but surely turns into the simple unlucky businessman who did not manage to receive the 15 minutes of fame. And rockets at it too fig.

Other heroes are cheerfully and amicably turned around the central subject line, without disturbing and without drawing excess attention. It is a pity, but Pepper Pots in the sequel is much less since the part of its screen time departed to Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson). Natasha - the character superfluous and farfetched, but attracted elegantly. Because the viewer should have a rest eyes from brilliant metal too. And the latex fitting Natasha`s suit was suitable for these purposes as well as possible.

It seemed to me that the movie is a little tightened. For about 10 minutes, it is no more. Slightly more unnecessary talk Nick Fury`s hero and his team is also too busily squeezed. On the other hand, authors somehow need to focus attention of the viewer that history not only does not come to an end, and gradually acquires multiple branches. Here to you and a hint on future “Avengers“, and on “Torah“, and, naturally, on “The man of iron 3“. Marvel Universe seriously undertook cinema.

Summary: Not everything left exactly as it was expected. Or there was a wish. Nevertheless, “The man of iron 2“ quite deservedly brings together cash desk over the ocean and is going to stir up properly the American hire, aiming, according to experts, at a record of “The dark knight“. It is better to watch the movie at movie theater. Seclusion of the TV will not allow to estimate scales fully.