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American rural house: how it is arranged and functions?

When I for the first time saw the new dwelling located in 30 miles from Tucson (State of Arizona), was strongly shocked. The house stood on a hillock, in the middle of a big site aloone, to the closest neighbors was meters 500. From all signs of a civilization on the house there was only one television antenna. Neither electric, nor telephone wires were visible.

I interrogatively looked at the husband: “And how you live without communication with the world here?“ He laughed and answered that when laid communications for the house, he asked workers everything to hide under the earth not to break original state of the virgin desert around its dwelling. Having lived some time here, I in detail got acquainted with the house device.

Water supply

the Water coming to the house is delivered by the small private company which swings it from the underground horizons located approximately at a depth of 250 m. Water consumers at this company of only 25 families. Water quite expensive as it is necessary to pay the bill for the used water, plus monthly assignments on depreciation make 15 dollars from each family.

As the president of this company explained to me, thus they save up money for repair of the expensive equipment. By the way, for 4 years of my accommodation interruptions in water happened time 3 - 4, and only once repair dragged on for several days. Quality of water excellent, it it is possible to drink directly from - under the crane, without being afraid for the health.

Outside of the house in a special case there is a water heater approximately on 100 liters therefore in the house at any time, during any season there is a hot water. First for me it was somehow unusual as in St. Petersburg where I lived the most part of the life, during a summer season it was for some reason accepted to disconnect hot water for one or one and a half months though money had to be paid for it all the year round.

Gas supply


At each house the tank - the special tank for the liquefied gas. Volume can vary. Our house has a tank on 1000 liters. Approximately once a year the husband rings gas campaign, and to us bring the liquefied propane. The tank is filled for 50%, and this amount of gas lasts for the whole year. By the way, the tank belongs to the gas company, and the husband annually pays 70 dollars for his rent.

Where gas is spent? In - the first, in kitchen there is a gas stove where I cook food. In - the second, in the special room there is a gas-heater which is used for heating of the house if the winter was cold. In - the third, in a laundry there are a washing machine and the dryer. Hot water in the machine is pumped from a water heater, the drying unit works at propane too. As we see, gas plays very important role in operation of various home units.

the Cooling system

during hot summer is used by

a cooler. Its operation costs much cheaper, than use of the conditioner. The cooler is placed in a big iron case outside of the house. It is arranged surprisingly simply: on paper filters the pomp pumps water which evaporates, and the air cooled with it is pumped the bass spinning reel in the air ducts located under the house. Each room has an exit for the cold air arriving from the outside.

The given air has higher humidity, than humidity of external air, and, thus, is indoors cool and comfortable temperature is maintained. The cooler has any electronic sensors which provide service of the set parameters. It joins only when temperature indoors begins to increase again. By the way, the mentioned air ducts under the house are used also for supply of warm air from the gas-heater to all rooms of the house during the cold period.

the Sewerage

the Used water after washing and from toilets comes to septic system which consists of the tank and the drainage field. In the tank firm fractions of sewage settle and are exposed to natural bacterial decomposition, the liquid part of a drain comes to system of the punched tubes, then filters through gravel and sand.

In order that the septic system worked normally, once a week is added to a toilet culture of bacteria, then water goes down several times. Thus the optimum density of the settlement of the bacteria responsible for utilization of firm fractions of sewage is supported. At the correct organization and operation the septic system practically does not need cleaning. So, in our house from the moment of installation it works 18 years without any intervention from the outside.

Municipal solid waste


C is not present any problems too. In the yard 5 big containers with densely closed covers are installed. In process of accumulation waste is densely packed into big plastic bags and stored in these containers. Paper and plastic bottles gather separately.

Approximately time in 2 months we bring the collected garbage to the nearest musoropriyemny station. It is not a garbage can, but the place where all garbage by means of a conveyor tape is loaded in trailers, then it is brought to a city dump. So far delivery of garbage by house owners to this station was carried out free of charge, but now, in connection with crisis time, for each visit the payment in 5 dollars is raised.


Is quite clear that we have ordinary phone, DSL - the Internet with a good speed and stable mobile communication. By the way, I brought the Russian mobile phone (telecom operator - Megafon), occurred automatic roaming here, and now on the display of phone 2 operators are highlighted: Russian and American - US. Cingular. For cars we have a system of navigation of GPS which works excellently, especially for such inexperienced driver as I.

External lighting

From three sides of the house are available powerful lamps with photo cells which join automatically if it is necessary to go outside in darkness. On gate and in a garden in front of the house there is a set of lamps which use solar batteries. These bulbs very romantically look in the dark the southern night.

Many house owners install solar batteries on roofs of the houses and use solar energy for the needs, saving money for payment of electricity. However it is necessary to notice that solar batteries cost expensive, and the economy of accounts for the electric power begins approximately in 10 years after their purchase.

the Garden and its watering

needs to be watered with

in the conditions of droughty climate of a plant with different degree of frequency. It depends on whether trees got used to live in conditions of the increased humidity, or can do some time without water. My husband was a gardener - the fan and decided to design system of watering which would consider above-mentioned features of plants.

For this purpose he uses small electronic devices which allow to establish the frequency and duration of watering and if on one watering line there are plants with different requirements to water, then he installs pair of such sensors. Around the house several lines of watering are located, all system successfully works without intervention of the person.


Before my arrival to the USA the husband never thought that he lives in that place where illegal immigrants from Mexico actively move to the USA. Bypassing 2 hectares of its property, I somehow found “the place for picnic“ where uninvited guests left banks, bottles and other garbage after a halt.

But once when we went to Russia for a month, after arrival found out that Mexicans repeatedly refueled water from cranes which were available outside of the house. It was shown by the account for water which we received for a month of our absence. After this case we decided to put up a fence around our territory - on perimeter of possession the strong grid with a barbed wire was established above. I did not find more traces of stray “guests“.

In front of the house just in case there are 2 video cameras to see a surrounding landscape. And indoors there are 3 guns and the gun … just in case. Because under the American laws, someone, intruded in the private house, can be killed without the prevention, at the same time nothing threatens the owner.

Briefly summing up the results, one may say, that the simple rural house was quite difficult engineering construction on which harmonious service of all systems the comfort both indoors, and outside depends. The person very quickly gets used to conveniences and ceases to notice them, but if something fails, then in the USA it is not a problem too. One call by phone, and the master of the corresponding profile comes to the rescue to you.

Be continued.