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In what the cold instinct of mother in a critical situation is shown? The extremely topical story

Blood pulsed in Stepan Zakharov`s temples. It seemed that with each following female shout the head can blow up on thousands of small pieces. He silently looked on its wolf as it seemed to it, a grin, and honestly tried to suffer. When she shouted at it, her lips moved, as in slow-motion shot. The man glanced at the troublemaker. It seemed to it that his once beautiful wife Alevtina is the slender, high natural blonde, turned into the terrible shrew with the bent nose, a gray dirty hair, instead of former light curls. Zakharov slightly involved in lungs even room air where they were, and his sense of smell caught the smell similar to cadaveric. Obviously, the sepulchral spirit went from the wife. `If this is so smells, then why it not in a grave? And hysterical shout brings up me, something tries to din, accuses?!`. Stepan listened to the rattling phrases: You complete nonentity! Pathetic, nasty addict! Ruined itself, the seven drugs and a roulette! Again stole all money from the house for this damned potion! Our son had to be sent to my mother as with you it became dangerous to live! I leave you too, and in a mental hospital it is necessary to you! .

Here from hours - a cuckoo over Alevtina`s head worked, and Stepan was twisted. `My God!` - the thought, &ndash flashed at the man in the head; `As disgustingly and in a disgusting way my babention cackles! It from - for it at me not life, but continuous hell! It it, this a bough, the cavils and scandals provokes to hashish and a roulette in a casino! It it, together with the mummy, my damnation and trouble!`.

- You, the old woman! - suddenly Stepan Zakharov, &ndash addressed the wife; Together with your haughty mummy, you, all women, befouled to me life! You - my damnation! Disappear, the old woman, from my eyes down with! Disappear, an old ugly mug!

- It I is that an old woman! It I - old ugly mug! Degenerate! - the spouse shouted absolutely loudly and, having jumped up, slapped a face to Stepan. That felt as though all his remained brains were stirred up as feathers in a pillow after beating. In consciousness there was a panic fear that this hag will just destroy it now, or will fry on the witch fire. I should escape! Again these women want to destroy me! Mother did not want to give birth to me, but I was born! I was hated by the sister for the fact that I began to take away from her attention of the father. Only the father loved me, he is one. And these women, these witches - they want to kill me!` - the thought in Stepan`s brain inflamed from hashish, &ndash pulsed; `But I just like that will not be given them! Time of resolute fight came!`. Stepan sharply got up, with hatred looked at the wife why that stopped short and became silent, and resolutely went to the neighboring room. Alevtina cast away the blond hair back, and with great grief understood that all its plaints are useless...

Margarita Kalenova quietly came into self-service shop. Went accurately. Ahead of it her son of eight months from a sort hung on a breast, in a special backpack. The snow-white jacket on it directly - attracted views of visitors. The ashy hair which are accurately collected in a bunch opened the pretty Russian person. The woman took the small cart and went to ranks with baby food. Having put jars and mixes, went to department of pampers, from there to confectionery. When it almost finished purchases, drove the cart closer to cash desks. Kalenova already stepped from - for racks with kitchen accessories that took place directly opposite to cash desks as stiffened in horror: loud cotton was distributed, and the security guard of shop in a blue uniform flew away to a wall and there stiffened, crooked. Air pierced wild shout of the cashier who clasped the company pilotochka with the embroidered name of a supermarket, and heart-rendingly squalled. But it proceeded not for long. The next loud cotton made her silent forever. Her body cast away on a chair in cash desk, the garrison cap flew from the head, the hairpin that held hair in a bunch, jumped out, and the shock of her nutbrown hair a fan laid down on shoulders. All yellow company apron was painted in the crimson color. The girl is never more and will punch to nobody checks, will not smile, will not argue with the buyer.

In an exit zone was right there formed of shop a small crush. Few buyers, being ahead of each other, tried to jump out of a supermarket. The shooter fired from the fowling piece. He already killed the security guard and the cashier, and now saw turmoil of the people trying to escape from shop. The murderer stood not so far from an exit, and the following shot made in them. At once several women heart-rendingly cried, wiping faces and the clothes. The very young little girl of years of twelve turned out a breakfast at once outside as soon as she carried out by a palm on the person and saw that remained on her hand. The matter is that the bullet pierced in a nape closing group torn from this hell to the low little man and carried it the head as a water-melon. Contents of a skull scattered in different directions, having covered with a bloody wave of other buyers.

- You! You! You - my damnation! Bitches all of you! You - my damnation! - the man with the gun shouted at all shop. His eyes were without restraint rolled in orbits. People saw what shakes the murderer. However it did not affect the accuracy of its firing at the victims. The next shot rejected the woman of years of forty to a glass show-window with drinks.

- to you not to kill me, the bitch! To you not to destroy me! - almost the armed maniac shouted.

It took a step to the left, then still, and it appeared exactly in the middle of pass between racks with goods as saw that one customer began to run. It rushed between trade racks from a zone of cash desks to the opposite side, deep into shop. On a back at the running-away victim the red bud of a bullet opening instantly grew and it rejected forward by a shot wave pierced the head at a glass door of the refrigerator for drinks. With a bloodstained face, a prostrelyanny back, the fugitive lifelessly failed on a floor. With a type of the successful hunter the man with the gun licked language the dried-up lips. He recharged the weapon and without restraint shouted:

- All to stand still! I will see still somebody running away, I shoot at once! And it will go after this bitch! Nobody will leave! It from - for you! It from - for you, bitches! You - my damnation! In total made the life of me miserable!

Here the maniac sharply turned and stared at Margarita.

- Hey, you! The bitch in white! Stop up to the degenerate a mouth! Let does not shout! But I at one stroke and you and it will sew not that! - with rage and wild rage he shouted at Kalenova.

The matter is that from shouts of fear, shots, a roar, the child on a breast at the girl woke up and lifted shout. The young mother dressed in a snow-white woolen jacket and black jeans with horror looked at the gun barrel directed to her now. The murderer already made, was, a step towards the girl, but here its attention was distracted by other cashier. The woman in years bent down, under cash desk. Perhaps, she wanted to press the alarm button, maybe, just dropped something, but this movement was the last in her life. The next bullet stitched it a neck, and garnet liquid rushed from the formed opening on the cash register.

the Maniac did not demand either money, or the press, or television. He just fired on women, killing them without regret. Killed the security guard at once as the menacing factor.


- you, bitches, my damnation! You damnation of my life! - continuously the murderer repeated.

Margarita Kalenova`s Son again loudly began to cry on a breast at mother. The maniac directed a gun barrel to a crying source. The girl suddenly at once and distinctly understood that the following shot it will stitch through her and her little peanut. She quickly took a step aside and as it appeared, in time: the bullet carried a rack behind the back. Hatred and cold calculation suddenly instantly captured a female brain. She hid for a show-window with kitchen goods and began to undo backpack fasteners that held the kid suspended on a breast.

- Where you hid, a knot! - she heard again angered murderer`s voice, - You Think, I will not find you?! I told! Moves to nobody! And you with me decided to play a hide-and-seek?! Ah you, disobedient knot! You will not leave me! You hear, you, one of the female tribe of a damnation of my life!

the Maniac shot at a rack behind which young mother hid, that began to rock, but resisted. Only the healthy hole about a fist appeared in its wooden basis. Margarita looked at this opening: the bullet passed slightly more to the right of her body. She quickly, but quietly unfastened the little son from itself and, crying, accurately put in the bottom where kitchen towels for hostesses were piled by a heap. She felt that her possible murderer goes to it. Now it will round this obstacle which is made a hole by a bullet and to it the end will come But - is not present

! Despite this feeling, the girl began to act accurately and coolly. Having exempted from the son and having put him in safer place below, Kalenova quickly removed from the show-window probe new, in packing, a weighty kitchen knife. The following movement broke off packing. And from - for a rack corner the barrel of the gun of the murderer already seemed. Margarita grabbed the knife handle with two hands and made a pause, expecting the shooter. That went to kill, self-confidently laughing at this hiding `puny person` as it was expressed.

During the next moment the maniac, with sincere surprise and horror, looked in the face of this `puny person`. Its cold glance terrified even it. Her snow-white jacket stuck together eyes. It almost nestled on it all over. One hand grabbed a trunk of the gun and took him aside, holding a barrel it is strong. Margarita directly clung to the possible murderer with the purpose to leave a defeat zone. The maniac promptly fainted. The new, never used kitchen knife, to nobody yet not sold, pierced a neck of the bastard and the steel tip left from a back. The murderer`s blood filled in with a stream a snow-white jacket of young mother.

- You were right, the bastard! We - women - your damnation! And I executed this damnation! - this last that was heard from `puny person` and in general in life, by Stepan Zakharov. It weakened a gun grasp, and it with a roar fell to a tiled floor of a supermarket. The murderer of so many people choked with blood and rattled as though very much wanted to tell something in reply. When his body failed on a floor, on Zakharov`s face and there was an agonal mask of bewilderment, surprise and madness. Margarita quietly and cold looked at the spread body. Then it cast away a leg the gun on several meters aside, as if being afraid that the dead man suddenly will recover and again will begin to kill. Rushed to the little peanut, lifted him on hands and hotly kissed on a pink cheek. The kid stopped roaring and began to smile to mother in reply. Margarita did not know yet that the murderer`s spouse - Alevtina Zakharova with the prostrelyanny head lies in a pool of blood of the usual city apartment and over it a cuckoo clock worked.