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Appreciate the first love, children! Rather big detective story

- In your time students too so got drunk, Sergey Prokopyevich? - the investigator Savelov Artem Afanasyevich of the senior forensic expert Bobrov Sergey Prokopyevich asked. Bobrov, the man, hoary with age, for a moment stopped search of fingerprints, carried out by the palm back in latex gloves on a forehead on which beads sweat droplets sparkled. June was given extremely hot.

- Students, Artem Afanasyevich, got drunk always! At my age too. And unless in yours is not present?

Savelov once again looked at two bottles of expensive scotch whisky at a bathtub. Both on 0,7 liters, one empty, in the second remained to liquid on a bottom. The senior expert Sergey Prokopyevich held two fingers by a leg a glass from the whisky remains now. The expert accurately poured liquid in glass capacity for material evidences, corked it. The man considered a glass on light.

- At my age we got drunk too! - Artem, &ndash continued conversation; But we drove generally port yes beer. And here - very expensive whisky!

- Modern times, new tendencies! - philosophically the gray-haired expert noticed, packing a glass into a bag for material evidences.

- Eh! - pensively the investigator, &ndash exhaled; To us such drinks also I go in those days! And that everything kartokha yes onions! Kartokh yes onions!

Artem looked at a small vase where lay already faded large grapes wrinkled by a feijoa, the turned black cut pineapple, the dried segments of tangerines and chocolates “A bear in the north“.

- Tasty the fellow had a snack! - the investigator, &ndash stated; And what for the book?

Bobrov in gloves took the open book in hand that lay on a little table in a bathroom nearby. Turned, read a cover:

- “Bases of quantum mechanics. The manual for students 3 - go a course“...

- the Textbook, appears. So, what we have previously, Sergey Prokopyevich?

the Expert hemmed a nose and began:

- we Have a corpse athletically of the put young man of years of twenty. Student. Not poor, at first sight. According to the preliminary version, the termination of breath from - for hits of water in lungs was a cause of death. Possibly, strongly drunk fell asleep in a bathtub.

- And what it it is such? - Artem frowned a forehead.

- What? - the criminalist looked at a corpse once again.

- A little cyanotic, perhaps.

- So it is a corpse, Artem.

- It is obvious! I about these bluish bruises on a body.

- And? These? On a lap and elbows?

- Yes. And on a hip of wons, and on one side.

are bruises owing to falling as it is represented to me. Or beatings. But to these bruises week, is not less.

- Means, could not beat and put it in this bathtub? Type drowned?

- Then bruises and grazes would turn out fresh. In general, we will wait for opening.

- I Will go, I will have a look that Marina Fiodorovna does! - Artem glanced at Bobrov.

Sergey Prokopyevich shifted eyebrows:

- Works Marinochka! Works!

- your new assistant, Sergey Prokopyevich, is simply charming!

Savelov abandoned the expert and passed to the room. There Marina Yeliseyeva, the expert of criminalistic management, very nice young person was active. It collected hair on a nape in a bunch why her face became round. Regular features, curved thin dark eyebrows. Marina finger-printed. It had obviously enough work: a huge number of bottles the battery rose at a window.

- Marinochka! Whether there are a lot of prints? - the investigator asked the girl.

- is full! Here all in prints! It seems that recently there was an abrupt wine party with a great number of participants.

- Yes! The youth walks!

the Young employee of department Semyon Tarpishchev made photographing of the dwelling of the dead.

- That! Let`s wait for results of inspection of the scene and, the main thing, openings! - Artem said goodbye and left the apartment.

On a RAM Artem Savelov reported:

- the Died Igor Alekseevich Chumakov, 1988 year of birth, the student 3 - go a course of Became Also Alloys institute. The apartment where found a body, he removed more than a year. Officially did not earn additionally anywhere. Student of a full-time department.

- to rent Apartment for the student - expensive pleasure! - the chief of investigative management colonel Omelchenko Timur Arnoldovich cleared the throat. - Established who parents? the dead has no

- the Father. Died in road accident ten years ago. Mother is a cook.

- Mother paid I will eat apartments?

- According to her, - Artem, &ndash swallowed; it gave to the son the small sums. But on I will eat them housing obviously was not enough. The guy, according to her, not bad understood computers. That also earned additionally. Judging by the drinks and snack found on the scene, affairs at it went well!

- Well and the good fellow the guy that could take care of himself. Now the most important: what results of examination?

- On the carried-out expertizes Bobrov and Yeliseyev came to conclusion that there was an accident. The guy touched alcohol and fell asleep in the filled bathtub. Signs of violent death are not revealed. Here acts of examinations and opening. Omelchenko`s

leaned back on a chair back, looked at documents.

- It and to the best! Artem, close case.

- I Obey!

- You see how it is dangerous - to drink it in a bathtub! - on - the colonel, &ndash fatherlike noticed; You, I hope, Artem, do not drink alcohol in a bathtub? there is no

- In any way, companion colonel. In a bathtub I wash!

- And is correct! And you see that how it can turn back! A bathtub - for washing! And shaving!

- Yes sir, companion colonel!

- Come back to current affairs, Artem. For us independently the drowned is better, than drowned. This business is closed.

the Colonel went deep into reading papers on a table, and the field investigator left an office.

Artem considered the detailed plan of the place of murder of the man in the yard of the nine-floor house. “It seems that I will have one more “âèñÿê“, - with grief the investigator thought. The body of the man was found by drinking companions. There are no documents, there is no wallet, a seedy look. In the yard of traces probably - it is invisible. “And why it was stabbed sharpening in my territory? Probably, with buddies did not divide a bottle. Only where those buddy? It is good that at least the student in a bathtub utop!“, - a little cynically Artem reflected. On a desktop phone cracked. Artem unwillingly lifted a tube.

- Savelov Artem Afanasyevich listens!

- Hi, Artem! - the person on duty on office sergeant Ivan Peregudov greeted.

- Hi, Vanya!

- Here calls the woman. Wants to talk over with the one who processes case of death of the student on Smolnaya Street in a bathroom.

- And what it is necessary to it? - Savelov frowned.

- Says, it has important information.

- And it was presented?

- Dictated a name and a surname. Who at you processes this case?

- I.

- So to connect you to it?

Artem frowned again, made a pause, but agreed. - Connect

, Wan!

In a tube clicked, and Artem exhaled in the loudspeaker:

- the Investigator of Department of Internal Affairs of “Pirogovo“ major Artem Afanasyevich Savelov listens!

- Hello. I concerning Igor Chumakov`s death that rolled in a bathtub on Smolnaya Street. You processed this case?

- Well, I. And what?

- I so understood from the criminal chronicle that it was accident.

- And to whom I talk? Be called!

- Hm …. I am Alevtina Putova. Anticipating your question, I answer: I knew Igor. Case was closed? accident was

- That.

- It is a mistake. Igor was killed. Three men.

- Killed? From what you took? We have no proofs that this murder.

- I saw them entering the apartment still of living Igor. Then they left. I came into the apartment and saw Igor in a bathtub. It was dead.

the Investigator Savelov kept silent, then thoughtfully asked:

- Then I will ask you to come to us to investigative department and to give testimony. If it was valid murder, the militia will return to investigation again. - Forgive to

, what is your name, and forgot partially that? - the female voice in a tube began to tremble.

- the Militia major the investigator of investigative department of Department of Internal Affairs of “Pirogovo“ Savelov Artem Afanasyevich.

- Artem Afanasyevich! Unfortunately, I cannot come to you. For certain reasons. But you have to know that it was murder. I do not know whether you will hush up this business or resume investigation. But only in your forces to catch and punish murderers. Igor Chumakov was not an ideal person. But to it still to live and live. And he was killed! The only thing that I can prompt to you - attentively study at the dacha it mothers a long green shed. Especially fell. I am sure that there something bad.

- From where all of you know it, the girl? - raised, was, a voice the major, but in a tube beeps of a release of communication already began to sound.

Artem took away a tube from an ear and with surprise has a look at cuts for the microphone as though trying to solve secret of calling. The sticker with the written-down surname of a dobrozhelatelnitsa lay directly before eyes.

Artem checked on meringue of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of all Alevtin Putovykh of this city. Them there were seventeen people. Seven of these women were aged grandmothers. The girl called obviously. From the remained ten Putov four are girls from two to seven years. One girl sixteen, one more girl of nineteen years. And six married women with children, different age. None of them even knew about existence and the more so about death of the student Igor Chumakov. And they could not be crossed with it in any way. When Artem put the receiver on the lever, in the list his hand deleted the last surname of “Putov“ with the address, an occupation and phone. Alevtinam Putovym in the city Igor Chumakov`s destiny was indifferent for all, and none of them in militia called. With these data Artem went to an office of the colonel Omelchenko Timur Arnoldovich.

- Means, it was called a false name, truly? - Timur Arnoldovich thoughtfully looked out of the office window.

- Yes sir, companion colonel!

- And at us this business is closed and sent to archive?

- Yes sir.

- Experts could be mistaken?

- Mistakes was not. I once again talked to Bobrov and Yeliseyeva and they confirmed that traces of violent death are not revealed.

- So - page. Means if we reanimate this business in connection with the new opened circumstances, then it is quite probable, we will receive next “âèñÿê“ to our statistics. How you think, Artem Afanasyevich?

- It is very probable, Timur Arnoldovich. Omelchenko`s

posharkat on an office, rubbing a finger-tip the left eyebrow. Then disposed:

- we reopen Business in the light of new data. Prepare the resolution. And further - start investigation. You will give murder of the bum to the trainee. How it? Sergey?

- Yes sir.

- Let Sergey works. Also pay attention to words of the girl that the died student was not an exemplary guy. It, seems to me, important shtrishok.

the Colonel kept silent and added: - it is not pleasant to me

when people die. Especially young. Student that age-mate of my daughter. To it still to live yes to live. It is necessary to understand everything.

- Agrees! - Artem nodded, - Allow to go to prepare papers?

- Go, Artem, go! Council help Sergey. He is, it seems, a guy sensible.

- Of course!

Savelov was developed and left the chief`s office.

Mother of the died Igor Chumakov, the woman portly, years of forty five with the exhausted person, wiped corners of eyes with a snow-white scarf. The grief which fell down the woman made old her very considerably. It was unpleasant to Artem to ask it all these questions, but such is work of the investigator. there is no

- I do not know any Alevtina Putova! - Lidiya Leonidovna Chumakova, &ndash spoke; What I them, will remember all? It enjoyed popularity at a female from young nails.

- Forgive once again, Lidiya Leonidovna, but when we found Igor, his body was in bruises …

- Told that it fought in park with hooligans.

- And from where it had money on I will eat apartments?

- Earned additionally. And, probably, not bad it turned out.

- Whom earned additionally?

- Something is connected with computers. Repair, control. I in it understand nothing.

- And the constant girl at it was?

- Was. Katya Krivtsova. First serious love. But they quarreled. Then a lot more any girls were. So, I remember individuals.

- And Katya Krivtsova`s phone remained with you?

- This number somewhere was. Now I will find.

the Woman rose, opened a drawer of a secretary and took a thick notebook in leather cover. Rummaged in records, dictated to the investigator number.

- And still is at you any phones of friends of Igor or other girls? And a notebook we did not find that in its things.

- I, Artem, will write out to you them in the tetradaughter on the way to giving.

- is excellent. You sorry, Lidiya Leonidovna that we with a search to you go to the dacha. We just want to understand in this case finally.

- Yes I understand. Only why giving - that? What there okromya shovels with a rake can be found?

- Is at us operational information. Sorry, I cannot disclose a source.

- And is fine. Let`s go. Ridiculous death. Igor regularly played sports. A figure - a class! Shoulders - in! You saw … - Saw


- Well, drank, of course, sometimes touched. But it to it was at all. The organism quickly digested everything. And that in a bathtub to fall asleep drunk …. It is not trusted if it is honest.

- Examination showed very high content of alcohol in blood. Lidiya Leonidovna heaved

a deep sigh and looked at the young man.

- we Go?

- we Go, - Artem nodded.

As a result of a search on a country site of Chumakov, in a shed under a floor the militia found the metal box deepened to the soil and powdered from above with the earth and filling brick. The brand new padlock on which the box was closed is rolled accurately up in dense polyethylene. Inside there were two packs of dollars. In one - ten thousand centesimal, in another - 8400. But the most sad for mother of the died student was based below, under a thin plate. Small bags of a strip for a blockage covered all bottom of a box. The site search with the cynologist did not bring any additional results. In the main house also nothing interesting was found. The security guard of country cooperative, the man of average years in a camouflage, reported that the young man from the mentioned site quite often came to the dacha with different girls. And a two-three of times with it there came a woman in dark glasses by the smart foreign car. The man scrupulously brought in a special notebook of number of all unfamiliar cars which drove on the territory of country cooperative, with the indication of date of arrival, time, make of the car. Having lifted records, the security guard told Artem that Igor Chumakov came with the woman in dark glasses by the Lexus car, a license plate 3349. Driving the lady fitted, this is the man well remembered. There came the couple always to weekdays. Lidiya Leonidovna weepingly lamented that her son could not contact drug dealers, but on the investigator`s question nevertheless reported that keys from giving were always available for Igor that naturally to a normal family where people love each other. Neighbors told her in confidence that Igor runs with girls into a site, fries shish kebabs, plays the guitar. But behaved very decently, did not rustle. Helped if it was asked to throw to station, and did not create any problems to people around. Mother quietly treated these not advertized visits of the son with girlfriends on the dacha as at his age, at a good health and normal orientation it is absolutely natural. Had no idea of existence of a hiding place.

The colonel Omelchenko considered the conclusion of the chief of criminalistic department Bobrov. Artem Savelov, again looked through pictures from the place of death of Igor Chumakov.

- Means, any traces of narcotic substances in blood of the guy it was revealed not?

- Even traces of pricks neither on hands, nor on hips and anywhere not! - the investigator, &ndash picked up thought; He was not an addict, on the contrary, as you can see, the sports guy, was engaged in judo.

- But at the same time our excellent student and the athlete traded in drugs in small bags. Here from where and money for the apartment, good clothes, expensive drinks and abrupt parties.

- is possible. And 18400 dollars in a cushion for the ordinary student, not the son of the businessman or the shadow businessman, big money, - Artem noticed.

- So. In the protocol of interrogation of the security guard the smart foreign car and the red-haired woman is mentioned in dark glasses driving. Results?

is Nadezhda Mikhaelovna Stotskaya, 29 years, the owner of a network of beauty shops “Ocharovaniye“. Businesswoman. She is married. There are no children. “Lexus“ belongs to it.

- Yes! Our guy was not a miss! Means so! - the colonel krutanut a gel pen between fingers, - And what with Alevtina Putova?

- Rung from a call-box. It is not possible to define the subscriber.

- And that with a telephone card what was found at the dacha?

- It was broken and thrown out in garbage. We try to restore it.

- is fine. It is necessary to talk over once again meticulously with boys and little girls that played tricks together with the dead at a party in day of his death. Perhaps, something will be remembered, any detail. Plus girls that are written down in a notebook of mother of Igor. It seems to me that our anonymous author that called you, Artyom, one of his “girlfriends“. She was at the dacha and saw a hiding place. But did not decide to steal contents. Why?

- Perhaps did not know that inside? - Artem shrugged shoulders.

- Perhaps and so.

- But the one who knew about a hiding place can be anyone. And to call me and it asked to be presented by Alevtina Putova the familiar little girl with whom in arrangement.

- What for?

- Yet I do not know, - Artem sighed.

- Further the action plan - Igor`s institute. Teachers, fellow students. And then we work out the head of Ocharovaniye firm Nadezhda Stotskaya.

- I still Igor`s neighbors just once will pass. Perhaps someone will remember something.

- the Right decision. And connect Sergey. Let will help you. All the same on the bum full “âèñÿê“ will be. And Sergey let studies and brings benefit. The plan is agreed?

- Yes sir, companion colonel!

Sergey Altukhov, the trainee of department of inquiry, as a result of laborious work with neighbors of the dead found out that one grandfather, Nikolay Nikolaevich living the floor above one week prior to murder saw how four strong guys in sports suits behind garages of a valtuzila of Igor Chumakov. Nikolay Nikolaevich Egorov in garage had a Muscovite - 2141 car, still the quick car, on the run. The grandfather wanted to go on the dacha. Opening gate, he heard shouts “Yes I I will return everything! I will return everything! I promise!“ Then cottons and shout of pain followed. Nikolay Nikolaevich approached a fence of garage cooperative and looked out through a crack outside. Saw how two broke hands to the young guy, the third, the most broad-shouldered, punched the poor fellow pood in a stomach. From similar execution of the guy threw up. The fourth ordered the rest to release the victim. Those obeyed and threw a body on the earth then the leader of gang struck with the first a kick sideways to unfortunate. Three others joined and too began legs to beat the guy. How could, tried to be grouped to cover vitals. Then one of torturers grabbed the victim by hair and, looking in a face, loudly told “To term you three days! You will not return money or goods - we will kill! “. Nikolay Nikolaevich recognized in the hackneyed young man of the neighbor from the first floor, always smiling and polite. The grandfather wanted already, was, to cause militia, but bandits released the guy and left. Egorov continued to watch and decided to call nevertheless “ambulance“, but beaten began to move, hardly, but got up, got a snow-white handkerchief from a breast pocket and wiped them the person. Then independently left the place of execution. Nikolay Nikolaevich was convinced that with the guy more and more - less tolerantly also left on the dacha. And when arrived in ten days, learned that three days ago that guy from below rolled in a bathtub, being drunk. According to him, he would also like to call militia and to tell that saw through a crack in a fence, but then thought that will drag on interrogations, and this time, gasoline, nerves. And you will not help the dead any more. But time it was found the house by the polite police officer, Nikolay Nikolaevich decided to share the supervision with bodies, nevertheless testing some remorse. Also he agreed to a possible identification of those bandits, but only provided that they will not see his face.

Teachers at institute gave to the died Igor Chumakov only positive characteristics. Good marks, discipline. Protected honor of institute with sports competitions. Regularly participated in photo competitions.

A here students did not divide optimistical estimates of administration. Several people declared to Artyom that Chumakov was boastful, impudent, did not suffer objections and is frequent, using the good physical training, was spoiling for a fight if did it the remark or argued with it. And, it pokolachivat generally weak rivals. “Pressed“ then on them, forced to write for it course and cribs. Two children whom it banged and also two girls who are haughty rejected by the dead reported that Igor Chumakov offered both them and others doses of narcotic substances. Also, by hearsay, he participated in raider attacks by request of adult and serious people together with the same sports young people.

Many reported how they became not so long ago witnesses of a scene when the woman of years of thirty five, gave, nearly at all, to Chumakov a slap in the face then, crying, got into the car - gray Mercedes color and dashed away. A fair hair, average height, a rim on the head. The beginner at an entrance then friendly grinned like “Here they are what women now!“. Chumakov roughly pushed then this guy and with rage promised to revenge. And kept the promise - caught and beat. Parents of the victim decided to declare in militia, but Igor somehow hushed up this business as witnesses of beating were not.

The colonel Omelchenko greeted Savelov and straight off asked at the very beginning of the working day:

- the Operational report for yesterday saw?

Artem blinked, involuntarily slightly yawned and lowed: there is no

- yet.

- And so, one line has to interest you in the section of burglaries especially. Last night Lidiya Leonidovna Chumakova reported that thieves got into her apartment. All turned. Even pulled out ventilating grates. Ripped up a sofa upholstery. Cut to pieces a mattress. Nobody anything from neighbors as it is found, saw.

- What was stolen? - finally Artyom woke up.

- And anything almost! The equipment was not touched. The sum small was taken away. The woman had couple of ear rings gold - took away. Syringes were thrown in the apartment. Type, addicts - young children got. But Beavers, our chief expert, old bird. At once determined by handwriting that pros worked. Something was very purposefully looked for. Any print was not left. The dog did not pick up a trail. The lock of visible damages has no. Coincidence?

- I was at Chumakov of the house. The old five-storey building, any signs of prosperity in the apartment. It is represented to me that those small bags looked for that we found at the dacha. And money, dollars. Or still something what we do not know about.

- So. Now go to Chumakova. Look a new view. Perhaps, still something was gone. Or appeared.

- Allow to go?

- Go!

Savelov krutanutsya vigorously on heels and approached to the office door.

- And! Artyom! - called Omelchenko.

- Yes? - the young man was developed.

- Chumakov` Dacha nearby?

- Half an hour of a driving at most.

- Means, you will have a small country trip today.

- I thought of it too, Timur Arnoldovich! - Artem nodded.

- Is free. After giving have a talk with this beauty. On “Lexus“. The director of this network of salons, where beauties do …. As it …

- Nadezhda Mikhaelovna Stotskaya. Owner of the Charm network.

- Here - here. Fascinate her on information.

Closer to the end of the working day Artem Savelov told the chief that unknown subjected to a search both giving, and small economic constructions on Chumakov` site. Locks are accurately opened. Were active, probably, at night because there are no witnesses of invasion of uninvited guests. In the house all turned upside down, stole nothing. Got also into the shed painted with green paint. Podpol, where Igor stored drugs and money, was opened again.

- Dachas often “bomb“, you know it, - Savelov told. - But it as it is represented to me, not work of bums. The young man with a bottle of good vodka approached the security guard of country cooperative. It was presented by Igor`s friend. Suggested to drink. Also told that was here long ago and forgot number of a site. They drank. The security guard regretted the guy that that arrived here, and Igor, anybody is present. Told that the militia came, did a search at Chumakov` dacha, was interested who and when came here with whom Igor spent time at the dacha. Having drunk up vodka, the guy expressed a regret that arrived in vain and retired woodward behind which there passes the route on the city.

Next day Artem has a talk with the owner of a network of beauty shops “Ocharovaniye“ Stotskaya Nadezhda Mikhaelovna. That at first claimed that she does not know Igor Chumakov. The investigator reminded of responsibility for perjury and told that the consequence has witnesses who can confirm the fact of their acquaintance. Besides, Artem noticed, involvement in criminal case of a name of the head of “Charm“ not in the best way will affect image of firm in general. Newspapers will lift a sensation because the Charm network is known in the city well. Stotskaya told the following. She met Igor Chumakov by chance. In jewelry store. The guy chose to himself a small signet. It could not reshiit what pendent from three to it is more to the person. Igor kindly helped with the choice. They chatted, laughed. It left to Chumakov the business card. Igor called, and they began the love story. Nadezhda admitted that she fell in love with the student as the little girl - the grammar-school girl. Their meetings had at first secret character as Stotskaya`s husband, the director of private security agency “Shchit“, Yury Stotsky, of the nature is very jealous. Worked in militia earlier, but in the times of troubles of changes organized security structure and without effort enticed to itself part of colleagues. According to Stotskaya, Yury nevertheless noticed strangenesses in behavior of the wife and once directly asked Nadezhda whether it has other man. There was a quarrel. Stotskaya declared that she is a free woman and it was bothered by these constant cavils to it, the drying-up jealousy of the spouse and scandals. In the heat of quarrel she made suddenly the decision which came as inspiration. She declared that she divorces Yury. And further - with whom to live which of men to choose is its business. Nadezhda told that at once at heart it became easier for her after adoption of this decision. It is not necessary neither hide, nor to dissemble, nor to think out tales. No sooner said than done. She filed for divorce. On Artem`s question as Yury treated it, Nadezhda answered that at first he was indignant, but then got it together, understood inevitability of a gap and told only: “Do, as you wish“. And suddenly Igor Chumakov was gone. Did not answer calls, did not call. Nadezhda all got exhausted. Then went to it to the rental apartment. And there the door is sealed by militia. Left to the yard, there the children played. Stotskaya gave them a little money for sweets, and asked whether they know what at this entrance occurred. They knew. As told, Nadezhda nearly fainted. Accident! End of love, end to iridescent plans!

The colonel Omelchenko washed down a tablet from pressure with mineral water.

- So, we will sum up your words, Artem. Our died student, the excellent student and the athlete, is characterized positively and at institute, both the hostess of the apartment, and neighbors in giving. At the same time this positive guy sells to students drugs. They, probably, were also looked for by those children that it was belabored. It neither did not return powder to them, nor money for sale. Further. Earned additionally raiding, that is participated in captures of someone else`s property. Liked to offend weak. And it is always dangerous. Weak can revenge cunning, so, that the mosquito of a nose will not undermine. Further. Our guy communicated with women is more senior than himself, but well-founded. There was between them a love, or not, it is unknown. But he received money from them. As - he is a poor student. Stotskaya was even going to marry. Rich, beautiful, young. But it, naturally, was not pleasant to the husband to Stotskaya, Yury. Director of security agency, our former colleague. Knows how investigation is conducted and how not to leave marks. Everything is right?

- Not absolutely. There is still an improbable version that any of the girlfriends dumped by it revenged it. Or that lady on “Mercedes“ that slapped a face to it about institute.

- That! And what with telephone negotiations?

- Sergey, our trainee, found out from children that very often Igor called someone not with cellular, and from the payphone. That card that in garbage at the dacha was, all of us restored and read out from it numbers of the taken subscribers. And so, from that card called once. In security agency “Shchit“.

- Both are on! - the colonel, &ndash clicked fingers; And you know who is most necessary to us in this case now? Artem transferred to

a look to a window.

- I Think, Alevtina Putova.

- the Good fellow, the young man! We need this mythical Putova! Or as she is called there! She reported about murder. It has answers. You speak, the voice was maiden?

- Yes sir.

- Means if to assume that his ex-girlfriend called, then to it the guy was obviously not indifferent. She wishes punishment by that who killed her, let and former, but darling. But is afraid. You remember, Artem, the first love?

Artem raised eyes to a ceiling.

- Not only the first, but also the second, and a third, and chetv …

- is Enough! - Timur Arnoldovich, &ndash interrupted; Means, closely we look for among those names of girls that gave you mother of the dead.

Artem nodded.

- And that at Sergey with murder of the bum?

- So far it helps me, but there it has progress too: it found the second, worn-out sneaker of the bum near the place of the tragedy.

- Here start up it it studies and finds out why on a corpse there was one sneaker, and the second was in the distance. But only in time, free from your tasks. Let looks for witnesses, interrogates local chavs. Let trains to talk. Let will run about.

- Allow to go? - Wait a moment

. Yury Stotsky`s photo in base is available?

- Of course.

- is good, - Timur Arnoldovich went deep into studying of documents.

Artem once again talked over with Igor Chumakov`s mother. She without hesitation reported that Katerina Krivtsova was the biggest love of the died son. The investigator asked the photo of the girl from a house collection where she with Igor smiling, joyful. And Chumakov looked in these pictures in the love, happy young man. Savelov considered these pictures in the car while they with the trainee Sergey Altukhov went to Fakel movie theater where the girl worked as the waitress in buffet. In appearance of the girl Artem did not notice anything remarkable. Neither special beauty, nor curvy shapes. Round, cheerful face. Hairdress of “caret“. Nutbrown hair. But something was in her eyes. Certain naughty sparkle. Artem and Sergey went to buffet of movie theater. Behind numerous little tables only several couples had a rest. Weekday, working hours. It is not enough audience. Savelov recognized Krivtsova at once. Artem with Sergey sat down at a free little table in a recess where nobody saw them. Soon Katerina approached.

- Hello! What you wish?

- Two coffee, and here on such cake! - Artem Savelov made the order showing in the menu of a photo of sweet. They for an instant to a vstratitsya by views. Really, something fervent, attracting was in her green eyes. The girl was developed and took a step to an exit from a recess.

- Alevtina Putova! - quite quietly, but Savelov very distinctly said.

the Back of the girl moved. Krivtsova was slowly developed and looked at Savelov.

- Found everything-! - quietly the girl exhaled.

- you be not afraid, Katya. Thank you that you called. So Igor`s death would also be qualified as accident. And the murderer has to be punished.

- I am afraid of them! These are terrible people. Even in appearance.

- I Understand. We will just talk. In other place. You can leave?

- I have in forty minutes a lunch break.

- is excellent! For now we with my colleague try coffee with cakes. And then we will leave. Let`s meet in the square on that side of the road. At a monument to defenders of the city. Agreed?

- Agreed! - the girl, &ndash agreed; So to bear coffee with cakes?

- is obligatory! - now the trainee Sergey Altukhov smiled broadly.

The employee ekspertno - criminalistic department of the District Department of Internal Affairs of Marin Yeliseyev, the nice and brisk girl, together with Artem Savelov and the trainee Sergey Altukhov had a rest on a verandah of open cafe. Sergey as could, tried to draw Marina`s attention. He just finished the first part of the story and drank a fair drink of draft beer. The investigator did not interrupt the young story-teller, and only sometimes nodded.

- And what was reported by Katya Krivtsova? - with interest asked Marin.

- Business was so. The died Igor organized a party in day of the death. Too invited Katya. They have old relations. It is his first love. But it is not rich, parents ordinary hard workers. And here the party goes, all walk, drink. Chumakov took courage and declared to Krivtsova that supposedly “the love passed, faded tomatoes“. It has on the horizon very wealthy bride - Nadezhda Stotskaya with her salons. Scandal small happened. Igor began to be pumped up by alcohol even more. And here it is ringing to it. He, according to Katya, left on a balcony to talk. And then all declared that the party is closed, and he urgently should leave. Guys and girls discontentedly hissed, but our Igorek, rocking, told them that “dogulyay tomorrow“, and itself allocated to friends one and a half thousand rubles for continuation of a holiday, but only in other place. All left happy: what cool boy this Chumakov! Ushla and Katya. But on the street lagged behind crowd, returned and hid the floor above. She very much wanted to look where there will go Igor. Or who to it will come.

- That is, she wanted to look for whom it exchanged it? - Marina sent a slice of chips to a mouth.

- Precisely. Igor, according to her, was already strongly drunk. Did not leave anywhere. And here she saw how three men called Igor`s door. Two are broad-shouldered. The third thin, in ochechka narrow. It became interesting to Katya. Remained to wait. Igor opened. And later minutes forty guests left, slammed a door. Here also made out them. One - is expressly intelligent. Suit, tie. Two others - enforcers. Katya waited, went down, long rang a door. The answer was not. “Fell asleep, probably“, - so she thought then. But the key spare was available for it from the top lock long ago. What slams. Igor forgot about him. It was drunk. It came. Igor really slept in a bathtub, but an eternal rest. The girl terribly got a fright and also quietly left the apartment.

- Means, she identified Yury Stotsky?

- It. According to the photo. It - leader. The intellectual in a suit.

- And how it managed to be taken?

- Here and took. You, Marinochka, listen to me attentively! And do not forget about cool beer! - the young trainee winked at the girl. Artem Savelov at the word “Marinochka“ discontentedly frowned.

- And so, - Altukhov continued the story, - According to Stotsky, he did not want to kill Igor. Stotsky as the former cop, of course, glades that the wife is confused to someone. The jealousy in it also leaped. He solved …

- Not only jealousy! - Artem, &ndash corrected the young colleague; She was going to get divorced, Nadezhda Stotskaya.

- And! Precisely! And at divorce all network of Ocharovaniye salons would leave Yury Stotsky`s paws. Its security firm “Shchit“ what is worth little. Office yes security guards. And here “Charm“ is already a question of millions. And if Nadezhda marries Igor Chumakov, then already poor student would become the co-owner of this network. Therefore - that Igor also threw Katya. Krivtsova is a waitress. Though, maybe, and the love of pro-boundaries the dead and Nadezhda Stotskaya happened.

- Here - here! What you it is so bad about it at once? Perhaps there is a big love! - pensively raised eyes of Marin up.

- Can be. Yury contacted the guy. Employees of “Board“ tracked down without problems. And Yury decided to pay off from the student`s handsome. It to it twenty thousand dollars from the personal savings unfastened it. We also found them at the dacha. Only already the guy spent part. On a twist of fate, bought Nadezhda Stotskaya expensive necklace. So, the student took money from Stotsky. Also decided to heat, probably, Yury. Stotsky low, in ochechka. In appearance will not offend “fly“. It in militia of a piece of paper shifted earlier. Igor also decided that such “sucker“ and to throw not a sin. If the four-eyes himself brought money. Moreover both the four-eyes wife rich and beautiful to snatch. Moreover, having received twenty pieces of “greens“, he called “Board“ from the payphone by a card to Stotsky and as much again demanded. Yury understood that the student will not get rid - will extort money from him. Stotsky told about the blackmailer to two enforcers dismissed from militia for abuse of authority. Their vyperl from bodies, and “Board“ sheltered them. Those at once for remuneration agreed to frighten “the impudent greenhorn“. Gathered binges. The plan was to drink with Chumakov, to try to dissuade in an amicable way him from continuation of the relations with Nadezhda and from exhaustion of money at her husband. To frighten if necessary. But not to kill. Stotsky everything told it to us.

- Nothing to itself to frighten! Killed the guy!

- And so. Three of them came to Igor. For “preventive conversation“. And Igor thump already. Drank still. Accomplices warned Igor that will be bad to him if it once again disturbs Yury or Nadezhda. The guy “sent“ them. And still, as Stotsky speaks, gadenko smiled. Like, not attacked that. One of enforcers was linked verbally to Igor. The second began to boil from impudent self-confidence of the guy too. Still drank. The student absolutely drunk became. Sent them to the known address. Was going to expel. And itself is on the last legs. Enforcers decided to frighten the guy. Money - that should be fulfilled. Yury not against was. While drank in a drawing room, one of them by the name of the Three-copecks piece passed in a bathtub, gathered water. Returned. Igor sent all again. Type, go, I will already sleep. The three-copecks piece and its workmate seized the shaking student under hands - and in a bathtub. Stotsky, it seems, was sure that those will only scare Igor. The three-copecks piece, even reconciled with Chumakov, asked to show where it is possible to wash. They went under hands to a bathtub. And there the student - plyukh! - in water and to hold together. Stotsky did not see, it seems, anything. But in a fuse overdid. Very much impudent “greenhorn“ enraged them. Dipped into a bathtub and pressed to the bottom. The guy also choked. The student was dead-drunk, even almost did not resist. Murderers flew into a passion. And then came round and late. Run to Stotsky: “The client sank! Died!“. Tried to reanimate, but it did not turn out. Then all decided to adjust to accident. Poured to already dead guy in a throat in a fair dose of alcohol, took the textbook from the shelf, nearby put. Fruit, snack brought. Type the guy decided to relax and learn in a bathtub. But fell asleep and utop. The former militiamen without effort erased all traces of stay in the apartment. Also left.

- And who then searched the dacha, and the apartment of mother of Igor?

- Not Stotsky, and not his people. It, probably, on heroin affairs a trouble. Bags looked for for certain. The guy - that died. And powder unrealized was hidden at the dacha.

- And why Yury Stotsky told everything - that? - Marina tasted a glass with beer.

- So Artem Afanasyevich explained everything to it! Marin`s

with interest looked at Savelov. The investigator kept silence, as if allowing the young colleague to finish the story. Sergey Altukhov continued:

- We explained to it that we have a witness of the fact that Igor before their arrival to the apartment was living, and right after their leaving is not present any more. On dollars that was found at the dacha, fingerprints of Yury Stotsky. The card is with which Igor rang “Board“. Also told that accomplices for certain on it will dump murder. Also it will turn out that Yury Stotsky and the organizer of murder, it everything had both a direct performer, and motives moreover refusal of the help to a consequence. That is, cool murderer of the young and positive student in all official characteristics. Athlete. Almost excellent student. Here on lifelong pulls. And on the other hand - the help to a consequence, frank recognition. Yury directly did not participate in murder. Yes, he is a jealous man and, wanted to intimidate the guy. But not the murderer. And still besides the victim of blackmail from the dead. And especially any not the organizer of a crime. Killed - that the Three-copecks piece with the accomplice. You will hand over them - you not the murderer any more. Here at the good lawyer it is possible to get off with the minimum term. Stotsky not the fool. Agreed to cooperation. Wrote everything how was. A three-copecks piece and the accomplice OMON took.

- And Katya Krivtsova why called us?

Here already interfered Artem Savelov.

- She loved the guy and knew that he was killed. Was frightened at first. But to live with thought that her murderers, let and not absolutely decent, but darling, walk unpunished, it could not. And at the dacha she incidentally from the second floor saw through a shed window that Igor digs something in an underground, hides.

- And where it now?

Artem shrugged shoulders.

Near a small monument under which the body of the dead of the young man lay there was a girl with a round face and green eyes. From a gravestone on it as though live, watched eyes of the handsome guy. The girl put flowers to a monument headboard, sat down on a shop and began to whisper something. At gate of a cemetery red “Lexus“ parked. It left the young woman with red hair, in dark glasses and a black mourning dress. It moved deep into cemeteries. Carried a strict, but beautiful bouquet in hands It approached a monument near which the girl sat. The girl raised eyes on the suitable guest. Their views met, but they did not start talking. Then for a long time, silently, they looked at a gravestone monument to that young man whom each of them loved in own way.