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What actions do our life better?

“To live how to be told, well. And it is good to live even better.“

is not sure that all. But precisely I know that there are people who want to improve the life. All their actions are subordinated to one simple purpose. It is better to make the life and life of surrounding people. Every day they wake up with this simple thought. Look for all new and new opportunities for achievement of the purposes. Sometimes are mistaken, sometimes something is impossible. But they never give up because know that only they can improve their life.

As paradoxically sounds, but there are also those who do not want to improve the life. As if strongly they did not convince of it people around. They any do not take actions, and wait for it so far someone will make another. Well and let wait further. It should not concern us. Interests us

here more that.

• how to improve the life?

• to what our actions have to be directed?

• whether what we do today is valid will bring us in accuracy to what we want to receive tomorrow?

For a start let`s look in what areas we seek to improve our life and in what it can be expressed.

1. Material sphere. Here everything is simple

. Quite clear aspiration to create for itself more comfortable conditions, to earn more money, to have a strong healthy constitution forces us every morning to rise to go to works or to the enterprise. To satisfy all our material requirements.

2. Spiritual sphere.

From that on how many are harmonious relationship with our close people and friends that depends on how many comfortably we feel in this sphere. What actions you take for improvement of this area to me it is necessary only to guess. But and it is not obligatory for me to know it.

I intentionally did not begin to go into detail in this question as I think, you and without me know that you should improve in yours lives. And here I will not peddle old stuff. But here what I understood recently forced to reconsider all my daily activity. Perhaps, will force also you.

Actions which in the short term do our life better in long-term give to

a boomerang effect. And vice versa. Actions which in the short term cause discomfort in long-term bring her to qualitatively best level.

Is possible, a little difficult and unclear formulation. But actually everything is simple. And you will be convinced of it after we consider on an example.

I want to be healthy and physically strong and I think, you too. To gain quickly necessary effect it is possible to take various medicine and preparations. As far as there will be fast an effect, so it will be also short-term. And for its extension it is necessary to take medicine constantly. To run in a drugstore as soon as on the TV show new advertizing of a new preparation capable at last to solve all problems. In the long term these pilyulk and tablets will lead to the fact that the organism will weaken and will not be able to do without them any more. Here also it turns out. Actions which had to make our life are better, finally made only worse.

But there is also other option. Which I personally already made the decision to use. It sports activities and physical exercises. Every time, seeking to give all the best for 100% to achieve more good results, we will inevitably feel fatigue, discomfort, sometimes even pain. But in the long term our organism will become stronger and is not more susceptible to diseases. We will receive what we actually and aspired to.

So in what here business. Why in the first case our actions did not lead us to desirable result. All the matter is that at any problem which we seek to eat with a root and external manifestation (symptoms). In the first case we eliminated problem symptoms, but did not solve it radically (so more simply). Ignoring of the true reasons also led to the fact that the problem became more, symptoms it is more, expenses of energy and the number of actions grew respectively.

It, all the same, that to cut Gorynochu`s Snake one head, to rejoice to a fleeting victory and to look how on the same place grows two more. To heave a deep sigh, again to undertake a sword and to walk twice into a same water. At the same time believing that it is the only and correct exit. I do not understand.

And now about the main thing. If, of course, you want to understand in what the root of all your problems and what actions will help you to take it under control. No, we will not eliminate it and that is why.

the Root of all your problems - You are. Before your life becomes better, there have to (on) be a lychsha you. And, if today something does not suit you in your situation, then it only because in you there is something that disturbs the objectives to be achieved, a problem to be solved, and lives to change to the best.

What to do? Everything is simple. Begin to be engaged in self-education, improvement of the qualities and skills. Read books, communicate with those who already reached what is wanted also by you and do not listen to all others. Reflect, analyze the mistakes, STUDY as them, act.

I guarantee that you will feel discomfort and fear. But what you will receive in exchange with interest compensates it. I also guarantee that you will not achieve the objectives only if you cease to work on yourself.