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How to choose sunglasses?

Come sunny days. All of course wanted to get warm long ago in sun beams, and here, this time came. Mai this year was given quite warm, windy and incredibly solar. Whether it is worth speaking about the coming summer...

have more and more young people and not really people wear sunglasses. On it there are not a lot of reasons as can seem. Points carry for this purpose:

to protect eyes from ultraviolet rays;

to hide the look from people around;

to ego-trip.

of the Girl as a rule wear dark glasses irrespective of, a sunny day or not, just for style. Just it is better to seem, than is actually.

Speak, it is possible to recognize by eyes, the person lies or tells the truth whether it is sincere or dissembles. It is possible to glance literally in soul as eyes is a window to the soul as all know.

Dark glasses raise a self-assessment therefore I recommend to guys to put on them before going on the first meeting with the girl (if of course the time of day allows).

“ Curtain“ well hides yours vzlyad from people around so you can look at anyone, even “to devour with a look“, without being afraid to be confused if they pay attention to you. And if also look at you, even disapprovingly, eyes will not give you even if is what to give out.

It is necessary to approach a question of the choice of points intelligently. You should not stop the choice on cheap plastic as they quite strongly distort the image and to eyes it will become inconvenient soon after purchase. Other ekemplyara in general can spoil sight as miss too big percent of an ultraviolet. Products more expensive usually weightless to the touch, glass with a metal frame. At least, judging by my experience. If you do not plan to wear dark glasses the whole days without a break, their choice does not become from it less responsible.

In good sunglasses have to be combined:


quality of assembly;


convenience of carrying;

compliance sanitarno - to hygienic norms.

Sunglasses - neotlemlemy part of an image of the modern successful person.