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How it is correct to defreeze meat?

Any meat have three main states: pair, cooled and frozen. With the first and second state everything is clear, and here the third demands the explanation. For a start it is worth talking about ways of a freezing of meat, and then already to pass to its defrosting.

the best way of a freezing is industrial. The fast freezing in special conditions does not allow to be formed to the ice crystals capable to destroy a meat cage. For example, frozen thus all meat for stakes is delivered to Russia (at our cows not enough mramornost and other qualities, necessary for such product). In the majority a stake - restaurants prepare from the frozen meat which was correctly stored in process of delivery and correctly defrozen. Unless stakes at restaurants not tasty? So, it is not necessary to be afraid of the meat frozen in the industrial way, it keeps tastes.

The second way - house which is practiced by most of housewives and which I consider wrong. Bought a big piece of the cooled meat, cut off for dinner, froze its other part in the simple refrigerator. There is a problem: the slow freezing of a bigger piece of meat is uneven - at first its region, then the center and only then the center of a piece is frozen, and it is undesirable. At a defrosting in the meat frozen in such a way the cellular structure collapses and, most likely, instead of beautiful meat you receive the piece of biomass not suitable for a tasty dinner.

If house preparation of the remained meat nevertheless is necessary, it is necessary to make it correctly. It is necessary to divide a big piece of meat into small pieces (one portion - one piece), to spread out them on separate packages and after that to freeze. Of course, taste of meat will be not such as at pair or cooled, but all - is better, than at a bigger piece.

So how it is correct to defreeze meat? Algorithm of action very simple. From the freezer meat needs to be shifted in a zone with a zero temperature in the refrigerator, to wait days until meat reaches temperature of 0 degrees evenly on all weight. It has to become soft, without internal consolidations, plastic.

From a zero zone of the refrigerator to put meat in warm water and to bring to room temperature, under water this process will take literally 10 - 15 minutes. Why under water? In air heat exchange is low whereas water quickly and quite evenly brings meat to room temperature. After that meat needs to be shifted to a paper towel and to blot water from above. If meat is intended for preparation of broth, then it is possible to lower it in cold water at once and to put to cook. It is impossible to use hot water, otherwise the top proteinaceous elements can be curtailed.

For what we undressed meat at house preparation? Yes everything is very simple - portion pieces of meat will quicker and more evenly be defrozen on all depth of meat.

To sum up the result, I will formulate shortly several simple rules which I follow upon purchase, storage and preparation of meat.

the cooled or fresh-killed meat in the quantity necessary for preparation of one lunch or a dinner is better to buy, it is no more.

to Buy the meat frozen only in the industrial way and packed a la carte.

If meat needs to freeze nevertheless houses, to divide it into small portions.

to Begin to defreeze meat one day before preparation in the zero camera of the refrigerator.

Also do not forget - the repeated freezing is forbidden even by the producer, about the meat prepared in the house way, I do not speak at all.