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Business on the Internet. Whether it is possible to earn, in general, on the Internet?

Business on the Internet for many is very attractive and desired business, and it is clear. It is not necessary to make especially “excess“ movements, to employ personnel, to think seriously of accounts department and all what surely you face in traditional business. Activity goes by means of buttons and “mouse“.

But all - how to earn on the Internet? What business to organize that it was really profitable and at the same time it is desirable fast, and for someone lightning.

for this purpose should look and what versions of the income in the Internet exist? And to analyse them whether they are, in general, profitable?

I know the following types of earnings on the Internet:

• Freelance (creation of the websites, development of design, advertizing, copywriting and t. ï).

• Forex (the currency exchange) and other types of exchange trade on the Internet.

• Earnings on cliques.

• File hosting services.

• Earnings on blogs.

• Partner programs.

• Infobusiness.

• And others which I can not know.

Before beginning the analysis, let`s be defined by what criteria we will sort these options under the general classification “earnings on the Internet“. Usually, when people look for work, interests them first of all:

• salary,

• schedule of work,

• sots. package,

• prospects of development.

But what we for ourselves all - look for? The next work, working at which, we think “Here to start the business and to work for ourselves!“ or business which will allow to dispose more of the life and will correspond to our criteria! And that at us the weighed and competent calculation turned out, let`s output these criteria now:

I suggest to consider for myself above-mentioned options, here from what parties:

• At what income level I aim?

• Through what term? • What is the time I am ready to give


• If to develop in this business, then to what income I can come in 3 - 5 years and whether this business will be able to be a source of the stable income?

• Whether can develop this business on an automatic pilot if to leave it for 2 - 4 months?

• May I develop in this business how the personality what skills I will gain? • What people me will surround

whether I will be able to something useful to learn at them and how they will influence me?

If you have still some important questions which need to be included in this list, then by all means make it! The correct decisions depend on a right choice! And that it was correct, it is necessary to try to do an assessment the most detailed.

Now, give, apply our criteria on the types of income offered on the Internet.


is a shift of one work with another. It, of course, gives more freedom to dispose of the time, but by other criteria does not pass. It is followed by continuous search of clients and the high competition. It follows from this that continuous and full involvement is required. Does not approach.

Forex (the currency exchange) and other types of exchange trade on the Internet.

Very extensive and capacious area for consideration. I as the person who storms tops of exchange trading not one year, can tell that it is very difficult and risky thing. Strong nerves are necessary and that there is a wish to note at once - very small percent of people who achieved success in this field. It is very difficult to make this business the basic! I still do not earn yet that money which I determined for myself, but as I quite annoying by character, I continue to subdue this business. But key here the fact that it is work too, but not business.

Earnings on cliques.

This way bears in itself harm in relation to other people and has no value, per se. I was already many times convinced of life as on the experience, and looking at others that what you make a contribution, such you also receive the answer. It is the law of the Universe. And for those to whom this law is not really important, I can tell that it is very difficult to predict on the income $1 000 and more, even on a half of it here. We sweep aside.

File hosting services (earnings on downloading of your files).

can receive about $5 for 1 000 downloads Here. And to come to the income in $1 000, it is required that made 200 000 downloadings. And it is 6 666 in day, 277 times an hour. And will download not everyone, it is good every tenth! You can draw conclusions, what prospects and the potential of growth us is expected.

Earnings on blogs.

Probably, the most interesting and way well-loved by many. I think that many can look at the results and experience in this case. It is necessary to have a certain value for readers. Time at least a year, one and a half is necessary. Very low potential of growth. If we take the most eminent bloggers, then their income seldom exceeds $3000-4000. And their units, it is possible to count on fingers.

Partner programs (advance of infoprodukt without blog and the website, through a contextual advertizing).

generally payments for partner programs most often happen 700 - 1 000 rub. And to earn the same $1 000, it is necessary to sell in a month from 43 to 30 partner products. But there are still expenses on advertizing on average from 3 000 to 4 500 rub. It complicates a task even more and forms monthly sales volume from 49 to 35 transactions. Very small potential of growth turns out.

It is also necessary to note fairly that here it is possible to acquire good skill of work with a contextual advertizing. But on it appeal to personal development comes to an end if most not to develop infoprodukt and not to become any infobusinessmeny.

Infobusiness. This activity can bring to

$1 000 a month and more, for example, if to hold one webinar (training on the Internet) for 15 people on 2 000 rub, or for 30 on 1 000 rub that is rather real if your subject is actual and demanded. Also if it is even more serious to approach this business, then the potential of growth is rather big and extensive. And to all other imparts excellent skills: the businessman becomes more active, enters a time - management, skills of a copywriting, etc. are acquired.

The only minus consists here that completely to put this business on the autopilot very difficult and also to reach considerable heights, it is necessary to leave in off - a line, to organize trainings, to hold consultations, to participate in conferences and other events, to work on the personal brand.

Without special participation can be sold generally only the already ready and packed products via the website and partner programs.

in general, this kind of activity approaches under criteria which we defined, except for small nuance.

And what at us turns out? Generally, with profitability on the Internet not everything so smoothly and simply as it is represented to much! By and large the Internet is only the good auxiliary tool for optimization and development business - processes.

Also you should not stay in illusions into the account of the fact that it is a magic pill for enrichment. It is better to turn the look and consciousness on business - systems which exist and to choose for itself optimum, having also analysed them on above-mentioned conditions.

I found for myself a type of business which corresponds to all parameters which are very important for me:

it can be developed on the Internet;

It can after a while (1 - 3 years) to bring in the income on an automatic pilot;

In it you gain excellent skills for personal growth;

I am surrounded by adherents and people who reached certain heights in it and want!!! to pass on the experience;

and it is not all list, I stopped on the main as it is material already for other article.