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Whether it is worth saving on fire extinguishers?

Fire extinguishers are intended for protection of people and their property against fire and the fire. But I want to tell a story about a swagger - a major situation with the fire extinguisher. On birthday of the friend it was decided to come out on the nature, to the lake more precisely, were going to fish, make a shish kebab etc. of

On rest since evening, all necessary things and products were shipped in a luggage carrier. At ten o`clock day we found the picturesque place and decided to set up camp. Having opened a luggage carrier, I did not even understand that I happened - all things and a luggage carrier in general, were covered some is white - gray substance as though flour. Having sorted all things and having released a luggage carrier, could not find the reason of this pollution. This incident spoiled not only things and some products, but also mood some vacationer.

Initially I thought that it from finishing of a luggage carrier, something woke up, but at more careful survey by responsible it appeared - the powder fire extinguisher.

This powder fire extinguisher was acquired in one of a car - shops. At the choice of the fire extinguisher I took one of the cheapest since sellers assured that it than is not worse expensive. In shop there was a wide choice of various fire extinguishers: carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, powder fire extinguishers, vozdushno - foamy fire extinguishers and specialized automobile fire extinguishers (their price was slightly higher). The bought (inexpensive) fire extinguishing means was established in special fastenings in the top part of a luggage compartment. Without problems it was passed THAT, no claims to the fire extinguisher existed, pressure is normal, documents as it should be.

Banal corrosion of a cylinder of the fire extinguisher became the reason of “leakage“ of the fire extinguisher. In turned out a korrozirovanny opening, under pressure, there was an emission of fire extinguishing powder, but not on the seat of fire as it was supposed developers, and in a luggage carrier of my car. It is simple to shake fire extinguishing powder it was useless, it deeply got into things and a covering of a luggage carrier.

After this situation, I approach the choice of fire extinguishing means more seriously and I buy fire extinguishers only from reliable producers. I give preference to carbon dioxide fire extinguishers as they more reliable, do not leave marks after suppression more simply in service. My choice is the fire extinguisher carbon dioxide OU now - 3. He is not great in a size, has quite good characteristics of fire extinguishing. Also under a seat I located OP - 2 (regular) - so the kA is known that the car very quickly burns. Many refuse use of powder fire extinguishers, owing to the fact that powder slyozhivatsya over time, just you should not forget about it. From fire-dangerous situations nobody is insured! Think of it, you should not save on the safety!

The fire extinguisher is not that thing on which it is worth saving, penny-wise and pound-foolish. Reflect if there was an ignition of the car, then my damaged powder fire extinguisher than could not help me.

The fire extinguisher it not only the thing necessary for passing of the state technical inspection of the vehicle, but also primary fire extinguishing means which will be able to rescue not only the car, but also your life, and health of passengers.