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What Michael Jackson before the world was guilty of? Part 2. Eternal not rest of

In the next years Michael Jackson is actively confused in a web of family disorders. The man to whose legs tens of women rush once him appears on public, is engaged in the things clear only to him. He marries and divorces twice, including Liza Maria Presley (Lisa Marie Presley), the daughter of the late king fate - N - Elvis Presley`s beater, uses services of substitute mothers and gets three own children.

From outside it seems that Michael goes crazy, but it not so. Only his living position gained and which is burned out by bitter experience, a position which nobody has the right to condemn and discuss is behind each its act. And though the press does not miss an opportunity to kick the guy and the Sony company throws a monkey-wrench into the works, refusing to the ward one project, another, Michael`s life begins to be adjusted.

Any of the realized projects does not fail, but Jackson`s creativity undergoes changes. The place of darlings, not loaded sense of songs about love, civil protests, a rigid rhythm and verses as if shout in emptiness borrow:

Beat me, hate me! to you never to break


Force me, frighten me! to you never to kill with


Plunder me, judge me!

Everything plunder me … Kick with

me, strike! But do not dare to solve

, black I or white.
Michael Jackson almost all songs writes

. His emotions are splashed out in an album “Blood on a Dance Floor“ (Blood on the Dance Floor, 1997) in my opinion, shown to the world top of what in principle it is capable the priest of - music. All this clings public even more especially as the actor comments on nothing and practically does not communicate with journalists.

Also it would seem that sit it quietly, all this could be endured, but in 2003 Michael Jackson agrees to give interview for the movie about himself to the journalist of the British TV channel ITV Martin Bashir (Martin Bashir). A time ago Bashir worked with the beloved girlfriend of Michael, the princess Diana and the good acquaintance of the king of bottoms - music, the famous illusionist Uri Geller (Uri Geller), up to a release directly of the movie spoke of Bashir as about quite decent person. Nothing not suspecting Michael invites the journalist to the house, easy talks to it, slightly opening a veil of secrecy over the private life.

Later short time of Martine Bashir gives ready material in air...

The movie threw public in shock. Followed from it that Michael Jackson not only scatter-brained “superstar“, but also the despotic father, the homosexual and the pedophile in one person. And all this is by its own recognition. In the movie there is a fragment where Jackson appears in the company of the teenager by the name of Gavin Arvizo (Gavin Arvizo).

Gavin`s family addressed Michael with despair. The matter is that the fellow was fatally sick and the account of his life went for months. Nobody thought that Michael will respond. But he not just responded. Its money won against death.

And here from the screen Michael honestly admits to Bashir that trusted and asked God that it managed to cure Gavin. All this time Gavin also is in a shot, puts the head on a shoulder to the savior, tells any pleasant words in his address, laughs, plays a trick on it, and later a few time … submits a claim for sexual harassments.

Nobody knows whether Jackson knew that Janet, the boy`s mother, by then already had experience of successful extortion on the sexual soil: having got on store theft, she declared harassments from employees of shop and not to inflate scandal, the shop paid it money.

During the television revelations Michael Jackson makes the third deadly mistake in the life : he incidentally throws the phrase that he allows the children staying with it to sleep in its room on its bed while he sleeps on a floor. About “floor“ all forgot at once, and here the fact of a children`s dream on a bed of “superstar“ stirred up public opinion, and interest in “a favourite subject“ inflamed with a new force. The press blew up for the second time, and this blast wave was far more abruptly than the first. Jackson`s guilt was not discussed any more, and presented as the fact.

The district attorney Santa - Barbara Thomas Sneddon (Thomas W. Sneddon Jr) opens “the hot line“ for the victims of sexual harassments from Michael Jackson. Its phones are broadcast on television. Within several weeks of work of the line phone is silent. Any person does not bring to the actor similar charges though for these years the ranch Neverlend was visited by several thousands of people, from incurably sick children to the American soldiers any more - the Afghans undergoing rehabilitation upon return from a zone of military operations.

A claim for sexual harassment is submitted only by Gavin Arvizo`s family, the boy who was shown on the TV. This time Jackson does not walk twice into a same water and defends the position up to the end. The court acquits him at all points charges. Arvizo`s family is swept out from his house then Gavin`s mother, Janet, several times appears in police reports for different financial frauds.

Stories with charges ended as Michael Jackson`s naivety and his belief in good ended. He considers himself deceived, betrayed and used. His offense for the missed time of victories and collapse of hopes does not allow it to sleep at night. He desperately looks for the help. Also finds it in somnolent preparations and antidepressants. All in eager rivalry try to warn him, but is not present... Michael does not consider himself as the addict. He considers that he needs to be treated for sleeplessness...

“I personally never tried drugs - either marijuana, or cocaine, nothing. Even did not smell. Let`s forget about it. I do not want to act as the judge - for me it is even not a moral problem, - but I saw so many destinies destroyed by drugs that could not perceive them as a toy. I, of course, not an angel and at me, apparently, too am the bad habits, but drugs not among them “, - he said.

Michael forever leaves the house which became for it “the hated place“ finally tears with Sony, ceases to shoot videos, is wound all over the world, taking away the children whose faces desperately tries to hide from ubiquitous and not less hated press. But it is still faithful to itself(himself), considering a duty to do charity work, saving others lives, having thrown, having spat on own.

And here only part of those cases that he was in time for 50 years while he worked, was at war, built and pulled down the private life:

Michael Jackson offered on charity more than 300 million dollars , financed construction of several children`s hospitals; by means of the Charity Foundation “Cure the World“ (Heal the World Foundation) organized a series of anti-narcotic seminars which listeners were more than 70 000 American school students, participated in humanitarian missions in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized charity concerts and actions for the aid to the victims of natural disasters, bought reanimobiles and tons of gifts for orphanages. Michael Jackson financially supported 39 charitable organizations, anonymously participating in their auctions, rendered assistance to grant activity for students in the field of art, communications and fight against AIDS and drug addiction.

On Michael`s account thousands of saved lives, mainly cancer patients of children whose operations were financed due to direct payment or realization of concert suits which it often left them to families as a gift.

So of what Michael Jackson before the world was guilty? And whether there is it in general, his fault, in what happened to it? Probably, is. His fault is that he happened to be born and become an example on which others still will learn...