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What Michael Jackson before the world was guilty of? Part 1. “Blood on a dance floor“ of

there was no Michael Jackson A year ago. I trust, there will come that day when it is possible just to remind recent of what was made by this person for the world of music and the world in general, but … But several facts of its biography force me to lift from a bottom on a surface all that mud which within the last decade the world generously threw at the actor and by it continues to do and until now.

To lift with only one purpose to present to general public the facts, known long ago, but so diligently “forgotten“ by the press, so far as concerns “personal record“ of Michael Jackson. I decided for myself that also my turn came to express, and I want to make it certainly today. And still I decided that I will make it for the first and for the last time in life because for me personally this subject is settled. Well, we will begin, perhaps …

Michael Jackson was a disgusting driver! And only God knows that forced it to disappear that ill-fated day 1992 from the sight of ubiquitous security service and to go to a way to one, driving own car. The car becomes deaf in the middle of the road, and her “star“ driver cannot find any peace: here - here he is recognized and then precisely … will tear to pieces. Because only one appearance of this person on public causes a hysterics of crowd.

But here not far he notices light in windows of roadside salon of hire of second-hand cars. Rare fortune! Michael which - as “holds on“ to doors of salon and is behind them, without suspecting that these doors conduct to hell...

The owner of firm is surprised, is even struck to such guest. He hardly looks for words, however quickly recovers from shock and starts conversation. But at first it does one phone call. To the stepson, 13 - to summer Jordan Chandler (Jordan Chandler), the old admirer of talent of Michael Jackson. And Jordie hurries to the stepfather for work.

Michael Jackson from 5 years communicating only with “stars“ and “superstars“ was touched by a spontaneity and naivety of the simple boy. It is touched to such an extent that leaves to the parent Jordie the phone and itself promises to call back.

At that time the father Jordie, Evan Chandler (Evan Chandler), does not live several years with the son`s mother, works as the dentist in Beverley - Hillz, at heart dreaming of career of the screenwriter. And though on it several claims from dissatisfied patients are already submitted, it a little it concerns. At this stage of a course of life of Evan occupy only two questions: where to take money for the embodiment of creative ambitions and how to seize from the ex-wife of the son Jordie. On it all its free time also leaves.

Evan cherishes the dream, but any creative experiments demand money. And if to experiment in the field of cinema, then very big money. And therefore Evan first rejoices to acquaintance of the son to the famous and rich person and even, without hesitating, asks from the last money for reorganization of the house. But Evan understands all danger of such friendship to himself personally soon.

Jordie in conversations with Michael often complains of despotism of the father, without understanding that he thereby steps on “a favourite callosity of the superstar“: and Michael quietly hates own parent for the same reason, as his young friend. As a result Michael makes the of the first deadly mistake - he tries to discharge Evan of the son. He invites Jordie with mother and younger sister to himself to the ranch in Neverlend (Neverland) on birthday. Further - it is more, he calls Jordie with relatives to Monaco and Paris, to accompany it within world tour.

From all these news Evan`s head burns. And once he understands that he can receive much more, than the new house... And here Michael Jackson is for the first time accused of sexual harassments to the teenager.

Jackson receives this stab in the back, being on tours. But he still is afraid of nothing. At that moment he feels only bitterness from treachery of the person whom considered as the victim. But Michael is not inclined to accuse Jordie, understanding that he is involved which here - who become serious. According to the make-up artist of the actor, Karen Fae (Karen Faye) who worked with Michael more than 20 years, then he for the first time does not sleep within a week. And in November, 1993 the king of bottoms - music makes the first attempt to get rid of medicinal dependence.

Events are developed immediately. The scandalous lawyer Barry K. Rotman is connected to business (Barry K. Rothman) also expresses the readiness to support the claimant. Then learns the whole world about Rotman, the famous clients go to it in bulk. As for Evan, he triumphs. Exists taped telephone conversation between the father and the stepfather Jordie whom Evan admits: “This lawyer whom I found, I chose the dirtiest sukiny son whom I could only find“ .

The press instantly picks up “fried“ news, and for the first time over career and Michael Jackson`s future clouds are condensed. In the USA as it is more anywhere, are strict with celebrities. There can condemn the famous director and even the president easily. Besides Michael Jackson in the image was so free, vyzyvayushch and is liberated that many people just out of envy could not forgive it this gloss, mad rise of career, the world adoration and an enormous fortune. Society was ready to tear to pieces “the gone too far superstar“, there was not enough only occasion …

the Police continued to work hard. She turned upside down the house of the actor, rummaged his things and as a result forced Jackson to undress to make several pictures lower than a belt, allegedly for verification with testimonies of the boy. Michael Jackson was destroyed. According to people around, he within an hour rode on half of the room, publishing such inhuman cry from which all present at the house it became feel ill at ease. Later Jackson`s lawyers unsuccessfully tried to catch pictures, but they are stored in police archives to this day. It is known only that they “emerged“ again on the second trial during which “the terrible secret“ was revealed: Geordie Chandler`s descriptions did not coincide with reality.

And Evan Chandler kept the Olympic calm meanwhile. He was not up against a blank wall, did not shout: “I will kill him, I will set him for a lattice!“, and just waited, than this history will end.

Jackson`s lawyers confer and issue to the client the only recommendation: to keep influence in music world and to restore the reeled nerves, it is necessary to pay Evan Chandler that sum which it designated as moral damage and to forget about it.

And Michael Jackson makes the second deadly mistake in the life - he pays. Later he admits all interviews that it was an inadmissible mistake and he should fight for the honor up to the end. But at that moment he is morally suppressed and humiliated and does not count on seven steps forward.

Evan surprisingly was compliant and almost does not bargain. It takes away more than 20 million dollars and as if vanishes into thin air. Almost nothing was known of its future until once already grown up Jordie submitted a claim on the father for the fact that that tried to suffocate him.

It is known only that, “having earned“ by money, Jordan`s father tries to realize the dream, and in 1996 the movie on its scenario which is called “Robin Hood - men in body stockings“ (Robin Hood comes out: Men In Tights). About further creative experiments of Evan there is no mention.

Since Evan Chandler grew rich, information on his premature death continually leaks out into the press: he is shot, dies of a serious illness. At the same time in a network there is no photo of Evan that is an indirect demonstration of that all these “news“, no more than journalistic “duck“ initiated by the Evan trying to disappear thus from fair punishment. Many people around the world dream to look in eyes to this person...

Be continued.