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Heroes of one role. Whether it is easy to be a star?

In the previous article we began the story about the famous children - actors whose actor`s career, despite participation in the famous movies, did not develop.

6. “Kramer against Kramer“

(Kramer vs. Kramer, 1979) - Justin Henri (Billey Kramer). At the age of seven years of Justin Henri for a while separated from school lessons that his angelic face became a subject of lawsuits in cinema family Kramerov (Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep). For the role Henri was even nominated for Oscar in the category “The Best Male Role of the Second Plan“.

“After this movie the world as if went crazy, - Henri laughs. - I badly remember a ceremony of “Oscar“. That year we visited several similar actions at once. We even executed something for the English queen, then departed to China. Generally, everything already mixed up in the head“.

Justin`s parents arrived honestly, and did not begin to push the son to the choice. He decided to continue the actor`s activity, and then, after the next unsuccessful attempt to come to college, Henri went to Los - Andzheles and organized the small independent distribution company “Slamdunk“ which became subsequently to one of constant participants of film festivals in Cannes and Sandens.

7. “Star wars - the Episode 1: Hidden threat“

(Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace, 1999) - Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker). It is thought that many remember this little boy, short-haired under a pot, who arranged all in race and forced to fork up the repugnant slave trader Watteau.

Watteau, being the drawn character, was present only at a film therefore nine-year-old Jake most had to cope with crowd of envious age-mates, the majority of whom behaved even worse, than film critics. The pursued by a ring of light swords which his schoolmates were active, quick-tempered Lloyd spent two years without school. Meanwhile, the press ruthlessly and roughly continued to find fault with the new movie of Loukas, thereby having finally averted Jake and his family from further actor`s experiments. “Well, I have fun with all the heart, and is fine“, - the actor shrugs shoulders, remembering the central role in one of the most long-awaited movies 90 - x.

8. “Indiana Jones and the temple of destiny“

(Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, 1984) - Johnathan Ke Kwan (Pudge Raund). To a disgrace the lean assistant to professor Jones whose name put in a stupor most of nasal translators like Volodarsk. The matter is that in credits the actor appears Huy Quan as Ke, and the second part of a name always caused certain problems.

As for the role, 13 - summer Kwan received it, having come to listening for the company with the brother. Spielberg so liked it the fellow that he right there entered him in the following producer Goofs project. After these two pictures Johnathan became very popular among youth audience, however he did not strive for popularity at all. Having acted in couple of tapes through passage, Kwan focused the efforts on entering a university.

Nevertheless, he nevertheless remained in show - business, but preferred to be engaged in a technical aspect of process. For example, on shootings of the little-known tape “Voodoo“ (1999) he acted at the same time as the operator, the producer and the film editor. And one of the few audience. The position of the assistant to the director of fighting scenes in such known tapes as “Ickx`s People“ and “Opposition“ with Jet Li became the highest point of the subsequent cinema career of Kvan.

Funny, but - faugh the actor got the love to a shelter just on a shooting stage of “Indiana Jones“. “The oriental martial arts instructor was a part of a film crew. He also trained me, - the actor remembers. Well and, by itself, I adored watching film with Jackie Chan`s participation“.

9. “Children`s game“

(Child’s Play, 1988) - Alex Vincent (Andy Barkley). Andy Barkley`s pretty girl did not kill all these people, the word of honor. All this Chaki`s tricks, a doll from the Good Guy series in which the spiteful spirit of the serial suppressor Charles Li Ray was installed.

Now Vincent became the constant participant of all regular actions and concourses connected with a genre of horror films. Between numerous meetings, congresses and distributions of autographs Alex composes music (it it is possible to listen on his page in MySpace), and also is still open for any offers connected with return to film business. In 2008 Alexa it was succeeded to embody the dream and for a while to return to cinema in a role … itself in the Australian horror film “The dead country“. It allowed the actor to find belief in the opportunities again, and today he continues to make plans for the iridescent future. Vincent jokes: “Now in my contract there is a small addition. I do not act in projects together with dolls any more“.

10. “Sixth sense“

(The Sixth Sense, 1999) - Hayley Joel Osment (Cole Sir). He saw dead people. Having debuted in big cinema in the best movie of 1994 “Forest Gump“, in a picture of the Indian director M. Knight Shyamalan “Sixth sense“ 11 - summer Hayley looks unexpectedly matured and beyond the years developed. What made him one of the most young nominees on “Oscar“.

Now life of the actor turned into one continuous cliche. Star fever as a result led to very natural result. In July, 2006 all the adored Hayley Osment rammed a column by the car. The police which arrived to the place of accident diagnosed existence in blood of the actor of the dose of alcohol twice exceeding the norm established in the State of California. And in August brought him charge of management of the HARDWARE in a state of intoxication and of the marijuana use driving. Did not find time to submit Osment`s appeal therefore received on full - 3 years conditionally, 60 hours of rehabilitation in clinic, a fine of 1500 dollars and an order to visit at least 26 meetings of Anonymous Alcoholics.

Said in interview to the press of Osment later: “I am guilty of everything. I do not see any interrelation between my behavior and my early success in show - business. However the sensation around this event, certainly, is directly connected with my profession. So for me it will become a good lesson“.

If it is honest, by that moment when there was this accident, Hayley`s career stayed in a stagnation phase for a long time. Promising pictures, it seems “Pay another“ with Kevin Spacey or “Artificial reason“ of Spielberg, did not equal hopes. Now the actor is employed in theater, and also often is engaged in a postscoring of video games and participation in strange independent projects.

The statistics is relentless - very few children - “stars“ become successful and famous actors and actresses subsequently. A ratio about 1 to 100. In - the first, lovely children`s attractive faces at a growing very often turn into absolutely unattractive usual faces unclaimed on the big screen. In - the second, not everyone is capable to pass test glory, “copper pipes“.

Many juvenile asterisks, having felt all weight of public life on own skin, do not dream of actor`s career at all. And if dream, then prefer not to speak about it aloud.