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Heroes of one role. How to become a star? There are no

, it will be a question not of descendants of the famous actors and directors on whom often the nature “has a rest“.

We will talk about those “asterisks“ which, having brightly flashed in a cine sky once, then disappeared from screens. Someone only for a while, and someone forever. About heroes of the Soviet children`s movies the television already a lot of things told. All country knows that Alice Seleznyova (Natalya Guseva) works as the research associate, Gek Fynn (Vladislav Galkin) died after irrepressible experiments with alcohol, Vasechkin (Egor Druzhinin) is the famous choreographer, and Syroyezhkin with the Electronic engineer (brothers Torsuyev) - grew bald and are engaged everyone in the business.

I would like to remember children`s roles of cinema foreign. As there was Jodie Foster or Christian Bale`s destiny, too all it is aware. And here that happened to others? Let`s try to find out.

1. “Omen“ (“Omen“)

(The Omen, 1976) - Harvey Stephens (Damion Thorn). The Satan in shorts, five-year-old Stephens received a role of juvenile Antichrist after on listening hurt a lip to the director - the director Richard Donner. By words 40 - summer Harvey, the role in “Omen“ did not become for it star, but with a couple of “dolbanuty“ admirers to it all - was necessary to be crossed then. “Once to me at a door the guy with a set of six daggers was knocked, claiming that it is those ritual daggers that were used in our movie. Also asked me to sign packing. I just bathed the daughter in this moment“.

On shootings with Stephens was not to a slad. Even the final self-satisfied ulybochka of Damion Thorn which became a peculiar business card of the movie - at all not a find of authors. Just this wretch could not concentrate on shootings in any way and constantly pulled faces, despite accurate instructions of Donner “to look directly in a chamber lens“. But since then not somebody called him on every Christmas with congratulations, and Gregory Peck.

Now Harvey has the small business, agency of transportations in London. After a debut it only appeared at cinema twice - once in 10 years on television and in 2006 when offered it small kameo in a remake of “Omen“ where he played an imperceptible role of the journalist at number 3.

2. “Alien“

(E. T.: The Extra - Terrestrial, 1982) - Robert Maknoton (Michael). The well-known fantastic fairy tale of Steven Spielberg which was long holding a record on a box office. What became with the chief performers, we know. Both Drew Barrymore, and Henry Thomas successfully continue to master an actor`s profession. And here 17 - summer Robert Maknoton whom the director invited to a role of the elder brother Michael did not become the in Hollywood.

Robert remembers: “I managed to see the preliminary version of “Alien“ to an official exit of a picture in hire, and then it seemed to me that I possess the greatest secret in the world. I remember, I went by the bicycle, whistled a melody from the movie and was overflowed with emotions waiting for a tape exit to the screen“.

After a role in “Alien“ Maknoton, though acted within five next years, all - as a result did not become the professional actor, did not follow the example of the partners in the movie. Having left in the Phoenix, it could not keep at a position in local theater and left to work for mail. Where works to this day. Nevertheless, it joined a cast at celebration 20 - summer anniversary of a picture during which even won a prize for the worst hairdress. “I never saw myself in the status of the movie star. I am just an actor who was lucky to get to big cinema once“.

3. “Oliver!“

(Oliver!, 1968) - Mark Lester (Oliver Twist). Lester was trained at special drama school and began to act on television at the age of 6 years. And in 9 it selected from 250 applicants for a sign role in the screen version of immortal work of Charles Dickens. The movie “Oliver!“ in 1969 received “Oscar“ in the category “The Best Movie of Year“.

After that Lester within 10 years continued to act in at film. Then roles became less, and, having got access to the money for majority, Lester suited himself a full separation. As it is necessary, with binge, drugs and other excesses in the form of broken by Ferrari. “Roles normal were not offered, and I just had that age when there is a wish to prove to be, - the grown old Mark sighs. - I believe, I got to the same trap where all actors who became well-known at early age get. I in fact became the hostage of own success“. Having appeared in 20 years in rehabilitation clinic without money and without the future, Lester at last thought of the life. He began to play sports (now it has a black belt on karate) and was engaged in an osteopathy. “I just decided that it is pleasant to me. And the last 15 years I am engaged in it“.

Mark Lester has four children from first marriage, and in his friends Michael Jackson with whom Lester had very close friendly relations appeared.

4. “Goofs“

(The Goonies, 1985) - Jeff Cohen (Lawrence “Chank“ Cohen). This tolstopuz created most of all noise in the movie, but at the same time won hearts of the audience the irrepressible passion to ice cream and ability to get into the most ridiculous situations.

Clever Cohen became the real star of the advertizing company of the movie of Richard Donner “Goofs“. However unlike the colleagues from shop - Sean Austen (“Lord of the Rings“), Josh Brolin (“To old men here not the place“), Kori Feldmana (“Friday, 13 - e: The new beginning“) and Marta Plimpton (“Mosquito coast“), he did not want to continue the actor`s career.

Cohen tells: “If it is honest, to me awfully bothered to listen to shouts like “Look, same Chank from Goofs!“. All for some reason considered that if I appeared at a party, sooner or later I have to lift a shirt and arrange public belly dance. You understand, one business to refuse it on a small private party, and sovy another - to try to appease the whole crowd of the guys who reveled in beer“.

Well, those times already passed, also excess weight disappeared. Now Jeff Cohen looks the brought-up and self-assured lawyer in the world of show - business which it actually also is. He still keeps up firm friendship with workmates on “Goofs“ and even represents the legal interests of some of them.

5. “Others“

(Aliens, 1986) - Carrie Henn (Rebecca “Nyyut“ Jordan). The only LV which survived after attack Ksenomorfov on base of settlers of the planet - the 426th brave baby Nyyut was adopted by supermummy in the person of Ellen Ripley.

Carrie Henn says that, being at a premiere of “Strangers“, she felt dickey. “I was only 10 years old, and around me the real superstars went and talked. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger“.

Henn received several serious film awards for the role, but any more never acted in at film. Now it works as the teacher in California and keeps in contact with Sigourney Weaver. “She became me the second mother, - Carrie about shootings of “Strangers“ remembers. - So left that according to the schedule our film-making days dropped out finally, and we won back scenes almost alone, the others already finished work and left. Make-up rooms, our with Sigourney, were nearby, and we often joked that we - to two nobody the necessary orphans“.

Be continued.