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The best movie of famous John Wu? “

which are abruptly welded“ It is no secret that vast majority of the European and Asian directors invited for work to Hollywood lose the creative person sooner or later and become only “one of many“.

Turn from original creators into skilled, but identical handicraftsmen. Unfortunately, this sad fate comprehended also all the famous Chinese director John Wu.

Career of Mr. Wu accurately shared on two stages - before and after “A difficult target“, his first Hollywood project with Jean`s participation - Claude Van Damme. However we will not be about sad. Eventually, until the arrival on the promised American land, to the country of unprecedented budgets and the engaged superstars, John shot excellent action films. Places just ideal.

“Abruptly welded“ is a last film of the gonkongovsky period of Wu. And, judging by numerous responses and reviews, the best. Or, at least, shares the first place with other masterpiece of the master - “Hitman“ (Dip huet seung hung, 1989). Personally I got acquainted with his pictures in a chaotic order as came across this or that videotape in a flea market. And so left that “Hard - Boiled“ (quite so the tape is called in English) got to me the first.

Absolutely trivial plot. Hong Kong. The local police cannot press to a nail of representatives of the triads trading in any forbidden goods to the right and on the left in any way including the illicit Chinese weapon. Between gangsters rigid opposition is planned too - young and ambitious Johnny Wong (Anthony Wong) has a grudge for a long time against the old man Hui who enrages him not so much in the traditional ways of business, how many low prices. The police does not doze too and periodically arranges to bandits “dolce vita“. The main engine of riots in habitats of these outcasts is the inspector Yuen known as “Tequila“ (Chou Yeung - Veils).

Tequila constantly sticks a nose where follows and where not really. What strongly irritates his immediate superior, the police chief Panga (Filip Chan) because he at last managed to introduce on gangster Wednesday of the agent, the police officer under cover Tony (Tony Leung). And Tequila risks to destroy by the barbarous attacks and irrepressible thirst of revenge for death of the workmate all practices and to declassify Tony.

Eventually ways - paths of two desperate cops will be crossed, Tequila and Tony will become the real fellow soldiers and will declare to Johnny Wong and his army real war. To win which - business of their professional honor.

I warned - is banal and it is boring. The similar scenario annually becomes a literary basis of a huge number of police fighters of the categories B and C which are serially stamped worldwide from Hollywood to Bollywood. It is all about HOW it is removed. And AS it is played. And it is made SO that at all you forget about all peripetias of a plot and with an open mouth you watch the events on the screen.

“Abruptly welded“ is a quintessence of a genre of fighters, an action in the purest look. As they say, to lower add. Any dribbling passages and multipage dialogues about meaning of life. Any “romantic inserts“ and social implications. Heroes think, speak and live here and now. They have no time to stop and take a detached view of themselves. Because they in the war, and this war will not end until their enemy is not prostrate. Or they will not die.

Tremendous actor`s works Chou Yeung - the Veil and Tony Leung. On the one hand, the uncompromising and explosive inspector of police Tequila which carelessly risks own life in the afternoon and relaxes in the bar of Mr. Wu (which role was played by the director, the truth played plokhonko), poigryvy in local the jazz in the evening - a gang. Tequila tastefully chews a toothpick and incredibly effectively soars in air, shooting criminals from two hands (a company counter of all fighters of Wu) at once. On the other hand, the phlegmatic and closed Tony who is forced to play a role of the ruthless killer to keep Johnny Wong`s trust. For Tequila extermination of bandits - not just work, is mission and a part of the life. Tony sincerely endures each death which responsible he becomes, and makes origami in the form of zhuravlik in memory of those whom killed. He dreams to finish the task and to leave from here far away. It is a pity that his dreams will not come true.

The separate mention is deserved by filigree camerawork of Ving - Hung Wong. This master worked on all known pictures of the master and made an invaluable contribution to what we got used to consider as a corporate style of Wu. Perfectly shot and put scenes of firefights is a lion`s share of volume of the movie and 90% of that grandiose success which this tape in Asian hire used. Fragmentary installation, a sloa - mo and non - stop an action (it is too much loan words, I know) - here three whales on whom there is an action of the movie “Abruptly Welded“. Also costs firmly.

Summary: John Wu could not realize the talent on the earth alien to it. The Hollywood pictures of the master, despite attraction of expensive stars like John Travolta, Nicholas Cage, Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck, will never be compared on influence force to its early masterpieces.

- it is obligatory for all who else for any reasons did not see these movies to look. They are worth it, believe.