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Massage: how to receive the maximum advantage?

Massage today in the price. It has a mass of useful properties: it both weakens, and treats, and keeps in a tone. But also, it also is fashionable. However even such innocent procedure as massage, demands reinsurance and the analysis: whether such warm-up is necessary to your body.

The word “massage“ happens whether from Greek, whether from Arab or French - still argue on it. But word meanings are similar: to press, stroke, pound. In medical language massage is a mechanical impact on body tissues by means of special receptions which are carried out by hands or devices with lechebno - the preventive and hygienic purpose.

Figuratively speaking massage is a passive gymnastics of muscles. He helps to train those groups of muscles which it is impossible to force to work in a different way. There are several types of massage: medical, hygienic (it still call preventive) and sports. Medical massage by the turn shares on classical and segmentarno - reflex (dot).

Massage was done in an extreme antiquity: about 3 thousand years ago in China, a bit later in India. After battles massage was applied by the Roman legionaries to relax, smooth down bruises and hypostases on a body. In Greece at the time of Hippocrates massage became a remedy. Since then to us also the description of medical techniques of acupuncture, an akupressura reached. In the Middle Ages in Europe massage was pursued by inquisition - it was considered as a paganism remnant. And only in the period of the Renaissance interest in culture of a body and massage appeared again. Our massage long since applied in baths as usual grinding. For the last 30 years it entered medical practice and became recognized means for treatment and prevention of many diseases.

Classical massage - “native“ russko - the Swedish school of massage. It is a complex of strokings, warm-ups, grindings and vibration. Segmentarno - reflex apply to a certain part of the body. Hygienic - for prevention of some diseases and improvement of the general condition of an organism. Sports , of course, - for athletes: for the sake of a warming up or restoration of muscles after loadings. With the preventive purpose massage can be done as morning exercises.

However, apparently, in appearance such harmless thing as massage, can be dangerous. Nearly 60% of people do not consider necessary to follow “massage“ consultation to the doctor. And in vain. Massage has both indications, and contraindications.

Most often massage is appointed after injuries, during chronic diseases oporno - motive system (for example, at osteochondrosis), peripheral nervous system, after the postponed pneumonia and bronchitis. In these cases skillfully executed massage will do the person good.

There are enough contraindications too: exacerbation of chronic diseases (hypertension, stomach ulcer), various new growths - for example, mastopathy, fibroma. Also massage cannot be done in the period of an aggravation of skin diseases, at any purulent processes, at damages of skin - even insignificant when there are scratches. Often happens and so: on vacation the health-resort visitor burns down on the sun, and then goes to do massage, tormenting already rather injured skin.

In the medical purposes it is better to do massage in policlinic. For the sake of prevention and if you are quite sure that you have no contraindications, please - for you gyms and the centers of fitness. In a medical institution the massage therapist is responsible for each patient. The good massage salon or the improving center will surely take an interest in a state of health of the client too, will make testing and will define what loading can be given.

The massage therapist has to have secondary medical or higher sports education. However, only the person can define - to a session or after - whether inspires in it trust whether the massage therapist “approaches“. Know: manipulations often happen painful. But depends on qualification of the expert as far as massage can be anesthetized. Usually correctly executed massage does not leave on a body of bruises (unless if the patient has a supersensitive skin).

That it is better for woman to go to the man - the massage therapist, and the man to the woman - all this national conjectures. It is actually better to go to the professional. And before massage it is worth taking a shower - that also to you, and it was pleasant to the massage therapist.