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How to accustom the girl not to be late? A grant for men of

Me one girl asked to write article, and told: “It is difficult for men with us, malicious lovers to be late“. He agrees, difficultly, but something should be done. Phrases, type “How many to you it is necessary time that in 15 minutes you were ready?“, do not work, only irritate, she does not know, and you with such difficult questions stick. But an exit is, I will share reflections, I hope, they will help you to teach the girl how to come to time.

There are two important conditions of success in this question.

1. You are necessary, dear to the girl, she is interested in you. If it not so, then reaction to attempts to sow reasonable, kind, eternal ends with the phrase: “It is not pleasant, it is not necessary to communicate with me“. Everything is correct if the young lady expensive, and you to her are uninviting, then receive everything that from her gets on health: delay, hysterics, roughness. Her interest is absent, you have no influence levers.

2. The girl is ready to study, to her bothered to be late. If there is no such desire, then to violently impart a habit not to be late very difficult though it is possible, you watch point 1. In this case the young lady has to be very strongly interested in you and has to be afraid to lose such good man.

So, we will begin.

Obligatory point - the arrangement

Is necessary for

after the next delay while the girl has a sense of guilt, at once to acquit her, to report that you are guilty of everything as you do not care for that your girl was not late. Resolutely report that you will improve, surely ask whether it is ready to help you with this difficult business? Whether she is interested in ceasing to be late?

If you receive the affirmative answer, receive it once again, let will repeat. Praise it for mind, beauty, sexuality, determination, you can kiss, having fastened the arrangement which it is useful to speak, be convinced once again that she correctly understood the agreement.

the Reality

One of question solutions with delay - to begin to find out its reasons. Them there can be much, for example, an interesting program on TV, the painted nails, not dried head, clothes when having already put on, the girl understands that she has nothing to carry, everything removes, minutes ten meditates on the case hammered with “last words in fashion“, realizes that all this is already unfashionable, falls apart... Having looked in a mirror, sees - grew stout, is upset...

The next 10 minutes - the silent hysterics (or loud), life cracked, and all men of the swine, and that silly woman from work the suit does not go at all. Then it is necessary to descend on kitchen and something can be eaten, at last, to put on. And here almost at a door to it the understanding comes that it is necessary to descend in a toilet, just in case. Left a toilet, now the clothes should be corrected and obligatory once again to brush the hair...

Everything, I told you sequence of actions, from - for whom most of girls is late, you can not ask and not find out. Particulars will be added: to water flowers, to iron clothes, to straighten nails, to make up, look at itself in a mirror before an exit, to understand that all not so, and to begin to change clothes. Any man will just be exhausted to go around the objective reasons which are inevitably leading to delay. The way is deadlock.

Other way. No matter, what events take place, orientation has to be not on process, and for a while. For example, trace on hours: on clothing - 15 minutes to make up - 10 minutes, to brush the hair - 5 minutes, to descend “just in case“ - 5 minutes. At the same time it is impossible to make any actions which are not keeping within the allowed time. For the period of training it is possible to offer luxury will try on before an exit all clothes, experience that could not be put on, calls to girlfriends, etc. When there is an opportunity to stack affairs in certain periods, there will be an understanding, for example, that in 15 minutes prior to an exit to wash the head already late.

If it turned out, then know, the most difficult ahead.

Self-checking, new behavior often causes discomfort therefore the habit does not arise, and everything falls back into place. Though it is difficult, but it is important - to encourage lack of delay. At least, the man has to show emotions of delight and pleasure because that at the young lady turned out! For example, to be late not for an hour, and for only 15 minutes, progress is available, but is where to grow. Meet her at the moment of success in the flowers, candies, ice cream, faint from its outstanding achievements in ability not to be late.

The reinforcement of positive behavior emotions, delicacies, compliments will allow the girl to develop a habit. Yes, such supporting behavior is useful to the man then when the child is born, you will be able easily to accustom him the same way to a pot.

Happens it is useful to think up punishment

For example, for delay punishment can be purely symbolical, bite it for an ear. I joke though in each joke …

Agree about punishment. If it is cheerful and joyful for both, then, on the one hand - a reminder that was late, with another - man`s attention and good emotions, mood. I will not write the hint, let your creative thinking know no limit, but within reasonable, light, kind.

It is useful to remember that any communication, whether it be just conversation or training of each other in new abilities, skills, it is better to carry out with love and attention. Then there is a chance that the girl will cease to be late, and the relations will be stronger. Progress!