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How to become the leader in life? Simply!

we Will talk about how to grow from ourselves the Leader. You think that it is not possible? You think that are born leaders?

Not the truth. Become leaders thanks to persistent work and huge desire to achieve the objectives in life.

I Suggest to construct article on the main theses, knowing which and having carefully worked which, you will be able to become a Leader.

The main steps on the hard way of cultivation in the leader:

1. To change the mentality - an image of the thoughts

2. To change the idea of itself and the opportunities

3. To become “center of gravity“ for other people

4. To create the business, the business of life

Only four steps which will be able to make of you the Leader. Simply? Are ready to begin? Then forward, us stages without which passing we will not be able to execute the first three steps wait.

Stages are divided into five points:

1. To learn to operate the reason and mood

2. To develop in itself internal magnetism

3. To learn to define the nature of the behavior

4. To learn to operate people - to fulfill skills of influence and belief

5. To learn to create advantageous strategy in life and to realize them for 100%

I Suggest to sort all five stages in more detail, having broken each stage into substages.

1. Skill of management of the reason

1. Write the history - create an image of the person which you want to become.

2. Begin to share the history with other people. Convince them that you really correspond to that image which was created.

3. Define the type of the personality - the southern and northern type, behave respectively. Your behavior has to be natural and is harmonious fit into your new image

4. Get rid of the fears, from what sits in your consciousness and creates fictional barriers.

2. Bright charisma - internal magnetism

1. You carry out daily trainings of the brain.

O than you think since morning? If it is negative thoughts of what you should make during the day, that at you everything is bad, you the loser, etc., then you as a result also receive it.

Develop a habit every morning to create in the consciousness the picture only with positive results of day, with results which you wish to achieve by all means, without looking on any barriers. Instead of being frightened barriers, present how elegantly you bypass them as you solve all difficulties and you try to obtain success.

2. Develop and disclose the charisma

you Look self-assured for 100% and to you to stretch people

3. Be on the ball in physical sense

Play sports, train, you mold the temple of the soul from the body. Only physically healthy person attracts other people.

3. Understanding of the nature of the behavior

1. Understand how your brain

2 works. Know strong and weaknesses

3. Understand how the fear

4 works. If it is self-assured, then you can turn is NOT PRESENT in YES

5 tomorrow today. The brain and a body are interconnected by

4. Management of people - skills of influence and belief

1. Skill of your perception of people

All people behave on the templates established by them. Learn to define templates of people and act, operating people on their templates.

Each case and a situation influences behavior of people. You tell with people them language and you watch at world around them eyes - you will become the best friend and will be able to operate people

2. Personal types of people

- Fire are leaders

- Water - quiet, rested and constants

- Air - them always attract new things, have superficial glances. To them the relation and contact with the opponent

- Earth is important - think much, analyze. They need only the facts.

Develop skill to define personal type of the person, depending on it carry on the conversation, you speak its language. Build long-term partnership with the interlocutor. Understand needs of the person further and convince.

3. Installation of communications

always something influences us. We always are under the influence of someone or something.

Influence is divided into two types - conscious and unconscious. - Conscious - it we logically explain

to the person that it needs it or it is necessary.

- Unconscious - influence through the help to people, through understanding that it is necessary for the person.

For example if you are engaged in sale something - that you cause protective reaction in the person. At the same time, if you became for the person a friend - that can sell him anything as the person reveals, feeling your help and a friendly spirit.

We will sort one example:

For the personal Air type - you say with the person cheerfully and it is weakened. Ask easy questions and understand through answers that it is necessary to the person.

Create pictures that will be or that will not be if the person makes such or other decision. For example - without having begun to change, without accepting your offer, the person remains with the problems and gray everyday life, and having taken the first step to the change - he will receive the bright and rich life full of wealth, a positive and positive emotions... Present to

yourself the transmitter of the correct ideas - and people will stretch to you.

5. Development advantageous strategy

needs to develop the strategic line of the behavior before the activity and strictly to observe it, without changing it for a step.

Strategy has to be based on the above described stages and it is obligatory to include:

1. Accumulation of own forces

What you do to become stronger? Train every day with installation on success.

2. Understand studying of the opponent

that for the person, all his problems and desires at the moment.

3. Elementary attraction

Be a person for whom people reach. Be the center of gravity.

4. The master developed to trifles - the plan

Control the reason. Get rid of the weaknesses of reason.

Develop charisma - help people. Have strategy of actions for every day

Summing up article result, it would be desirable to formulate rules of the LEADER:

1. Are not born leaders, leaders become

2. Leaders can operate the reason

3. Leaders realize force of charisma

4. Leaders understand thoughts of people, see people on through

5. Leaders operate people around, are very convincing

6. Leaders always have strategy of actions. Always know that want and are ready to specific actions

7. Leaders attract people and become from it stronger than

do not waste time, begin to work on yourself and become the LEADER!!!