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Euthanasia: action for the good or murder?

Euthanasia, rather deep problem concerning, unfortunately, according to polls more than 58% of the population of our earth and this considerable percent puts a plus.

And as it is not terrible to note this fact, but younger generation is more and more started up in reflections on this subject.

According to the encyclopedia, it is possible to consider Dahl, and it is possible more modern Wikipedia, euthanasia is, all - murder, suicide or contract murder. If to consider more attentively, then it and massacre under the agreement, genocide, ritual murder and so forth (see the offered materials).

I want to begin consideration of this subject with our favourite old men, they passed wars, hunger, death of relatives, fear and very near death.

Our VETERANS, CHILDREN of WAR, BLOKADNMTsY, they do not want to die, and God grant to them health, and the girl who did not have enough money for a dose of “drugs“ is ready and to kill for it and to be most killed. That`s it here the difference of outlooks consists.

The veteran with a bouquet of flowers a vigorous pace will go along the square, and the made-up and dressed teenager looks for real death and its show.

Besides I want to return to concept “Evtana? the ziya“ - in any translation, from any language it means the termination of life. But there are around the world also disagreements.

The termination of life from intolerable physical or moral pain or murder of objectionable people. I will begin with the second aspect.

At all the name of women - the Shahid became “very famous“. I write from capital letter only because I feel sorry for these women.

Besides, it is indulgently a pity!!!!! All explanations of their dependent share: “Killed children, the husband, other troubles, only to revenge and go in hired slaves with the heroic name Shahid, perhaps, but only in their opinion, god will acquit them“. There is no wish to agree with it at all, murder in any religion is not welcomed, and moreover is punishable and even if the shahid blew up ten innocent women, children or even potential soldiers against her country - men, she will hardly receive Muslim paradise! If all widows and mothers, killed during the Great Patriotic War, Afghan, Chechen and, maybe, someone remembers, Hungarian, etc. peacemaking, would go with the belts filled with explosive to revenge, then the mankind simply would not exist any more. There is a wish to address women who feel the dependence on pain for losses which happened and occur in their life: “All can be changed, you are surrounded by people, just open eyes, do not hesitate to ask about the help, throw off a black veil from eyes, here you will see what to die, it is not as interesting how to continue life“.

And now, except appeals, it is necessary to pass to realities and to a subject which it would be desirable to discuss with you. Mother of my close friend died in the 40, with small years, of sarcoma (I am not a doctor, I can only tell that young, rather beautiful woman “burned down“ in a month). Its shouts any more not of the person, were heard by all house, the drug made by the emergency doctor did of her “vegetable“ of everything is only on a floor - hour, in this period she asked that to it gave “a magic injection“. She could not live any more, but doctors by ethical rules, did not do it though the sentence was “signed“. So where - the truth about death? Whether the death by request is necessary, or perhaps it is worth trying to live, and can fight still and whether it is possible to blame doctors who agree not “crime“? It is possible that passive euthanasia of our society just cynicism?

Doctors helped to leave life in 2004 more than 400 fatally sick people. The cost of this service in Belgium costs not so much, on all procedures for beautiful and painless death no more than 70 euros will leave! And under laws of our country, the doctor who provides this service thus from the consent which wished and his relatives, is always condemned by society or the law for a crime.

There is no wish to publish statistics of the last years, but it in our country on figures not of persons interested to live voluntarily people more than stunning! It is possible that the religion will not approve it, but personally I would like to learn your opinion.