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Girls know, girls will confirm...?

Hello, came! You live, you live to yourself thirteen there or fifteen years from the birth, quietly so live, in principle touch nobody, and suddenly pleasant surprise. Mother crafty smiles. You in perplexity. Who could think that with you it can in the principle happen? And everything changes... At you the breast begins to grow, boys look already at you not as earlier and, and you glance at them with a great interest too., It seems, everything is good except that once a month everything becomes just intolerable. The mood changes as the Siberian weather, and you not in forces it is constant to control the emotions. And this scary word PMS. What else for a curse such? I know UFO, I know FSB, I know LFK, and this name as is deciphered? From where it in general undertook? Premenstrual syndrome, here is how...?

Doctors cannot still explain with normal language why it is and as to fight against it. Just advise to take it for granted, speak about hormonal changes, and advise this day to avoid all stresses. Well, try to avoid here when you leave the house already in advance prepared that around enemies. And, by the way, they do not keep themselves waiting long. For a start do not answer the phone calls, then take your personal place to the parking, cause on an emergency meeting, detain a salary, somewhere hide your flat keys, and you look for them on all office with a headache. And it only beginning.

Laughter - laughter, but the number of suicides in such state at women are much higher, than in usual. My friend, by the way, too somehow wanted to die in this state when she was thrown by the next beloved. Only, thank God, in her house at this moment except laxative nothing appeared. She calls me, sobs in a tube: “Even the death does not want to communicate with me!“. Other case. My sister, having learned that her husband allegedly changes her, went and scratched at him on a bumper absolutely obscene expression. Then it turned out that her Vanya just met the patient, and my Tanya went to paint the car for the own account.

And what to do? Life is fine and surprising. I know the acquaintances who under the influence of PMS got divorced from husbands, have hair cut on is bald, made repair in the room for two days (that in principle in itself is not bad), swore with all friends, gathered in a day and went to live to other city. And my best friend the other day quitted the job.

Duration in a temporary interval of PMS of one day to seven. And in principle they practically drop out of life because even if you also control the non-standard behavior, then you waste on it just inhuman efforts.

For me morning in such day begins with the fact that in a mirror I observe a fright from horror films. I perceive any remark in bayonets, and some even the most harmless phrases can make me cry. I begin to sob, excepting any opportunity to stop, and at the same time I do not understand all sense of my hysterical plaints at all. There were cases when I had absolutely ridiculous and not really accidents, thus that I perfectly drive the car, lost keys, shouted at the administration, being with it in fine relationship and being very executive employee. And there is more to come, of what I am capable.

On the one hand, it is possible to tell about absolutely senseless occupation to describe all these problems as them completely still nobody thought up decisions, and possibly will hardly sometime think up. But many women consider themselves as complete nonentities because happens to them during a premenstrual syndrome. There is nothing insignificant in it, and let to us this sore be foreordained since the birth, it is necessary just these days somehow to reduce risk level for nervous system, to drink soothing. And in principle, in my opinion, this good training for any of us in self-improvement. Let`s just live, and a pustyrnik and a hatkha - yoga about Pilates to us in the help!