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What do the Great Patriotic War and the Victory Day mean to me?

We celebrate the 65th anniversary of a victory in the Great Patriotic War. Recently looked at transfer on TV where it was told about war heroes and preparation for the Victory Day. To the photo of one of participants of the Second World War there was a signature: “Participant of World War II“. I thought: what already reached, do not speak more Great Patriotic War, and simply: World War II. Offensively. Because war of 1941 - 1945 was World War II for Americans, British and other countries of the world, and for our country and our people it was the Great Patriotic War because this war was for release and rescue of the Fatherland, the Homeland, but not just military operations someone with someone.

Will pass as early as some 10 years, witnesses of those events will die, and everything will gradually be forgotten and will sink into oblivion because for new generation it will be far history. All flows, all changes. Xie la Vi. However I consider that this terrible, destructive and bloody war has to remain in the history of our countries as the Great Patriotic War.

Why to distort history and to humiliate memory of those who endured this war? Badly it. We have to remember and remember those years and that war as the Great Patriotic War, we have to be proud of our grandfathers, grandmothers, mothers and fathers and their feat of release of the country, the countries of Europe and the world from fascism.

I think, there is no such family on which war would not hook. I will tell a little bit about our family.

Mother was born and lived in the Central Ukraine in 1928. In a family at them was five children. When war began, the grandfather (the mother`s father) on the front was not taken, it had a heart disease, but when Germans approached close, it was appropriated in a militia for Dnipropetrovsk. There he was wounded and sent to hospital. The grandfather was long treated in hospital and when it from hospital was discharged, allowed to go home. The hospital was in the Caucasus, there was nothing to reach, and the grandfather went home on foot. It went, and Germans already for that time began to be driven, the front line began to be removed, and so it followed a front line, did not reach the house yet. Long went, but reached.

The most elder brother was Ivan. Before war served army and came to military academy in Moscow. When war began, on the front it was not taken away, left to serve in the capital. After the end of war graduated from the second academy and it was directed to diplomatic work. Worked more than 10 years in Asia, came back home more abroad did not want to go, remained to work in the Ministry of Defence.

Second brother, Pavel. On the front took away in the very first days. Passed all war, it was wounded. After war graduated from the institute and worked at the leading posts. I remember, sometimes told how it was heavy at the front and often remembered the front friends. Did not find the photo of the uncle Pavlik in a military uniform.

Third brother, Pyotr. Before war graduated from normal school. On the front took away at once. Passed all war from beginning to end; served in investigation; once it with the fellow soldiers dragged from Germans of very important “language“ what received the first award for. After a victory served on Kuriles and when allowed to go home, returned to the native village, graduated from in absentia teacher training college and worked the principal everything the remained years. Sometimes, occasionally, told about the front and front everyday life. Had war and labor decorations, was a Honored teacher of Ukraine.

Elder sister, Lena. Voyenvrach, passed all war too and finished it in Berlin.

My mother. In the years of occupation lived in the village (at the time of occupation 13 years were it), hid from Germans that did not take away to Germany. Often told about awfully sad, difficult and lean years of war and post-war years. But survived, it was learned, worked and now with pride remembers and tells how all worked, lifted the country from ruins.

I know a little about a father`s family. The father was born and lived in the Central Ukraine; the family was not really big; his father (my grandfather) was too at the front, but died long ago and I know nothing about him; the elder father`s brother died on the Finnish war; to the sister was years 13 when war began. The father went to serve to army in 1939. Sent it to Kushka, the most southern point of the Soviet Union. Served several years in Kushka, on border, was at war with basmatches; then served in Ashgabat, at the end of war transferred it to Zakarpatye and after a while to the Central Ukraine. After army became the builder. Often, passing by some dam in our region, he spoke: “We built it!“. Or we pass by some plant or mine, and he speaks again: “We built it! “ Favourite father`s movies - “An outpost in mountains“ and “To me, Mukhtar!“, telling about frontier guards in those places where it served. With an aching heart remembered military years and very much was proud of the work after war.

Here such road there passed my parents and their brothers and sisters. A difficult life they lived, bore all adversities and weights of military and post-war years. And not only my parents, but also all country so lived those years. It was heavy them, both in the childhood, and in youth and when began to work; endured years of collectivization, war, ruin, hunger and cold, and revival from ashes. There is no father any more, and mother is still living. When she tells about how hard they lived in that far military and post-war years, goosebumps run on skin: and survived, both constructed, and achieved good life. And now there are figures who distort history, remake it in the interests and by that offend and offend people, released those who passed war, and memory of them, memory of people who suffered, were at war, gave the lives for freedom and prosperity of the country and its freedom.

Let`s remember them, those people who died for the sake of peaceful, happy life who bore weights and horrors of that war who stood and won for the sake of the world on the earth, free from fascist plague.

With the Victory Day!

of Love everything, pleasures, happiness and peaceful life on the earth!