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What is a big family? We here the other day on Facebook with one girl told

. So, for life.

- All life dreamed of a big family! - with enthusiasm she spoke. - That big house, husband, three children, fireplace... Big dog... And on holidays - a big round table on twenty people, and around native persons.

- A big family - it is difficult, - I carefully told.

- Well of course, I understand! - my interlocutor exclaimed. - Three children - it is very difficult! They should be brought up, with them they should be engaged, cook healthy and nutritious food, to dress, drive purely on circles...

- Yes three children is a nonsense! - I dumbfounded her. - In children just anything difficult. All difficulties in adults...

By the way, many as this girl, at the word “big family“ right there imagine piisit the patched romper suit on a rope, three ten-liter pans on a plate, hectares of fresh-washed floors, ten blanket covers in an ironing and continuous noise and din in the house. People think that they in it are the most terrible.

Actually a family, in which the father, mother and three - four children - not big, but just having many children.

The big family is when many adults. The most different adults, nevertheless, connected with you vital bonds. Old grandmothers, sick grandfathers, troublemaking aunts, the niece on snosyakh and the cousin in the bad company. Yes, and at the same time all this concerns you.

It is possible to have the one and only child and a big family.

The big family is when all to the only day off go to the dacha. Because the grandfather ordered the manure car, and it should be unloaded - yes, do not screw up the face. No, it is possible to employ workers and to pay, all of them will make, but the grandfather - he does not understand such prodigality. If none of a family are, it will take a shovel, will disperse men and will unload the car itself, in seventy six - groaning, grabbing heart, for a waist, and often sitting down to have a rest directly on a manure heap. He will save to you one thousand rubles and on Sunday night will ring out in hospital where you will visit him the next two weeks every day, regretting the callousness:

- Grandfather, well, why you? Why you got to unload??? Well we agreed!!!.

Would nail to do of these people...

The big family is when to you now minutes through forty bring two Natashkiny stair-steppers because Natashka has temperature 39, and Lesh, her husband, in business trip. Children, apparently, too are unhealthy, you there for the senior look more attentively if that - treat as - nibud, all right? Natashka in general any, called an ambulance. On Friday Leshka will arrive, will take away children for now - hold on as - nibud couple of days, all right? You one do not work for us. In the evening Olga will arrive to you, will help if cho. You will help out the sister? There is no other way out...

The big family is continuous telephone conversations on anything.

- Well hi. What are you doing?

I you murmur something muffled. Because to tell that it is busy completely, you cannot, there will be an offense (“When I will call, you even have no time to talk!“) as well as to admit that it is not busy than - there will be a moral (“And how you only manage to do for days on end nothing, having children? In whom you at us such idler?“). You constantly watch not to blurt out superfluous because in problems of parents it is better not to devote. They will not be able to help, will only be upset why. After conversation you feel as after examination - faugh, shot back, now several days it is possible to go with a clear conscience.

The big family is when the grandmother ordered a sofa, but did not order delivery.

- They for delivery requested such denzhishch! Well them! I told them - we will do without you then! Your husband will drive by the car, with himself will take Vitalka - will take free of charge! We it is better on this money for children of wons of apples we will buy! Truth?.

The big family is populous feasts in the close apartment nearly an every month. These are tens of dates which to forget God forbid. Aunts, uncles, nephews, their children and children of children. Any more there is no exact confidence who to whom whom is necessary, but it is necessary to congratulate: the fifth - Klara Zakharovna, the eighth - to the Gene, the sixteenth - the baby Nikolay to whom half a year, and at the end of the month it is careful to ask how it feels and whether Dasha gave rise. And that it will have enough mind and not to report, it will turn out inconveniently.

The big family is when it is necessary to rise in three mornings, to get into the car, to go to the Kazan station to the train which arrives in 4. 20 and to meet the aunt Katya with six very heavy bags. In bags jam which you do not eat categorically and a pickles which you do not eat essentially. The aunt Katya with touching care does all September preparations to arrive to you to Moscow with gifts.

- The Aaaa, is pleasant? - with a smile the aunt Katya at the table laid by you on the occasion of her arrival when you out of politeness hardly push in yourself a pickle of its production asks in the evening. - Cucumbers - that the! From a bed! Here, it seems - in Moscow, such in the afternoon with fire not to find! At me there four banks, two to you, two - the aunt Liouba! I there to it still milk mushrooms brought. And you brought, do not frown! Listen, and tomorrow your husband will not bring me to Liouba to Odintsovo, and?. And that at me the bag is again gathered... And for the weekend you have what plans?.

Big family, cho.

And at the same time the big family has the pluses.

This notorious feeling of comradeship and confidence that you are not one. These are the warm sudochka with tasty homemade food brought in hospital wrapped in several layers of matter. This ability to build the relations with different people. These are naive and touching rural parcels. These are the children attached as a last resort, cheerful holidays, joint actions, sincere concern and sincere pride of the.

A big family - it is difficult. But, likely, remarkably...