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Gabsburg - “Austria is urged to rule the world“? Maximilian I and Juana Bezumnaya of

Governed that Gabsburgi try to obtain much not war, and a marriage, came into force not at once, military solutions of problems always kept near at hand.

The Burgundian inheritance was troublesome acquisition for Maximilian Habsburg: the next year after its wedding with Maria Burgundskaya the king of France Louis XI raised the claim for the Burgundian lands as syuzeren Maria, and between it and Maximilian war began. The emperor Frederick III did not give to the son any help, having provided to him to prove that he is worthy Karl Smely`s inheritances.

The victory long was not given in hands of any of the parties: Ludovic won the capital of Burgundy - Dijon, but immediately against it Maria and Maximilian`s supporters rose. In 1479 there was a fight at Sinegat, already it seemed that French win, but Maksimilian rushed to a battle thick as the lion, and broke his outcome!

Then Maria Burgundskaya died, and inconsolable Maksimilian met new political difficulties: the duke Burgundian, according to Maria`s will, proclaimed young Philip, their only son, and Maksimilian was appointed only the trustee and the regent. The regent was opposed by general states of Flanders (some kind of feudal parliament) which behind his back and without reckoning with his opinion at all signed the contract on the section of the Burgundian inheritance with French - Burgundy passed France, and the Netherlands was assigned to Gabsburgami. The last for Maksimilian had huge value.

Flemings not only discharged the father of guardianship over the only son, but also without consent of the father prosvatat his daughter - the baby Margarita - for a dauphin (successor) of France. The county Artua and the county Burgundian (Fransh - Conte) were called as it given. Maximilian in this occasion was expressed so: “I - as Saint Evstafy at whom the wolf dragged off the son and a lion dragged off the daughter“. But he went war to rebellious Flemings and achieved recognition behind it all rights as for the trustee of the son Philipp and the actual governor of the Netherlands. To Maximilian was not to occupy courage and hardness. Actually, are obliged to his persistence and persistence of Gabsburgi that extremely important, economically most developed in Europe the Netherlands was assigned to their sort. Possession of the Netherlands did Gabsburgov by the arbitrator of the European policy!

Since 1494 in the Netherlands Philip I Habsburg who more often is called Philip Avstriysky, or Philip Krasivy began to govern. He managed to make friends with the king of France Louis XII - the distant relative of the old hater Karl Smely Louis XI (his son Charles VIII of posterity did not have, and the crown of France passed to Ludovic, the duke Orleans - Louis XII). Philipp not only closely cooperated with the new king, but also took him the oath as the duke Burgundian - the father his Maximilian tore and threw!

Gabsburg remained true to - to young Philip Krasivy married off the first bride of Europe - Juana Kastilskaya. She was a daughter and the successor of two kings - Ferdinand Aragonsky and Isabella Kastilskaya who finished to Rekonkist - release of the Spanish lands from Arabs (Moors). Its destiny was tragic, but about that later.

In 1502 Philipp and Juana arrived to Spain. Besides political disorders (process of association of the country did not come to the end finally yet, and Cortes of Aragon refused to approve Juana as the ruler), the situation was complicated that Juana began to show signs of obscuring of mind because of wild jealousy: Philip Krasivy was amorous, and is rather cold with the wife.

In 1503, having abandoned pregnant Juana, Philipp went with their eldest son Karl to the Netherlands. Then Juana`s mother, the queen of Castile Isabella Katolichka died. Philipp showed a grip of steel and achieved declaration of the wife as the queen, and himself the king and a sopravitel of Castile. So Habsburg for the first time in the history of villages on a throne of Spain. But its board was short: On September 25, 1506 at the age of twenty eight years he caught a cold and suddenly died, having stayed the king of Castile three years.

For loving Philipp with really mad strength of Juana this blow it was fatal - she began to behave so inadequately that she was officially stripped of power by the father Ferdinand Aragonsky, and this unfortunate woman spent the rest of days almost in prison in the remote lock.

In 1486 Maksimilian is elected the emperor, and already neither he, nor his successors will not begin to go to Rome on crowning to the father. About the emperor`s claims for Italy it is formally forgotten. But in 1493 Maksimilian married Bianka Sfortsa, the successor of Milan dukes. Thus the emperor was involved in the hardest wars with France for prevalence in Northern Italy. Needing money, Maksimilian even put silver mines in Tyrol to banking house Fuggerov, but all his Italian policy failed.

Accession of Hungary

First unsuccessfully developed the relations of the emperor Maximilian I with the Hungarian king Matyash Corwin who declared to the emperor war, in 1485 seized Vienna and made Vienna the capital of Hungary (!) . With it the emperor had no money for war, and it was necessary to agree by various concessions. War ended only in 1491.

The situation managed to be corrected in cardinally already repeatedly tried Habsburg way - in 1515 under the special agreement the emperor gave the granddaughter Maria for the new king of Hungary Layosh II, and the emperor`s grandson Ferdinand married the sister of the king Layosh. In 1526 the king Layosh II tragicly died in battle at Mokhache with the sultan of Turkey Suleyman Velikolepny, and, according to the agreement of 1515, the Hungarian kingdom united with possession Gabsburgov.

Maksimilian died on September 12, 1519 in Velsa. His body was buried under steps of an altar of a chapel of Saint George in Noyshtadt, and heart, according to the will, buried in Bruges near his first wife, Maria Burgundskaya.