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Gabsburg - “Austria is urged to rule the world“? The uncle and the nephew of

it was necessary to overcome split of Austria on several duchies Now.

The died king Albert V, the king of three kingdoms, had only son and the successor - Ladislav Postum (or Posthumous, nicknamed so because he was born in four months after death of the father). Ladislav was the last representative of the senior albertinsky line, and a trustee he had his dvoyurdny uncle from other leopoldinsky line - the duke of internal Austria and Shtiriya Friedrich V.

Generally these numbers of the Austrian dukes allow though somehow to understand in the history of their sort. Ladislav Postum`s mother Elizabeth Luxembourg, the daughter of the emperor Sigismund as soon as she gave birth to the son, arranged his crowning with a crown of Hungary, the baby became as well the king of Bohemia soon. The duke Friedrich V Stiriyski in fact held the juvenile nephew Ladislav as the hostage. In Hungary his name of rules of columns of Ulrique Tsillei, in Bohemia - Jiri from Podebrad.

In Hungary to which danger of death of the Turkish invasion threatened between Tsillei`s clans and Janos Hunyadi`s clan civil war was developed. In 1457 Ladislav unsuccessfully interfered with it, as a result the young king was forced to run to Prague where already send preparation for its wedding with the daughter of the king of France princess Magdalena Valois, however in the middle of these preparations Ladislav who was 17 years old, suddenly died, the modern doctor E. Vlchek put forward the version that the young king fell victim of leukemia, a serious illness of blood which in the XV century was not able to be treated.

After Ladislav`s death all hopes of a sort Gabsburgov concentrated on his uncle Friedrich V Stiriyskom. He in 1440 was chosen as the German king, in 1452 in Rome the father crowned his crown Charles the Great and after a considerable break the House Gabsburgov became imperial again.

As in various lists of dukes Austrian, kings of Germany and Emperors of the Sacred Roman Empire it is known under different serial numbers, the amusing name - Friedrich the Third, the Fourth and Fifth could be born. And all same person!

Friedrich did not create special illusions on a great value of an imperial crown, he concentrated in practice collecting from the already few relatives of the Austrian lands. As the governor of Austria he endured take-off and falling - in 1452 when it went to Rome to crowning, against him the residents of Vienna dissatisfied with the governor rose. He had to suffer extremely uneasy younger brother Albert VI who reanimated the ancient manuscript of “Privelegium Maius“ (the collection of privileges of governors of Austria) once forged by their ancestor Rudolf IV. It proclaimed itself(himself) the archduke Austrian.

Wreaths dissatisfied with Friedrich concluded the alliance with eternally rebellious Hungarian aristocrats and forced Friedrich to release his nephew Ladislav, and the emperor to Hungary - to recognize Ladislav as the king of Bohemia and Hungary.

In 1457 to the emperor Friedrich the younger brother of Albert VI who not only broke troops of the emperor declared war, but also forced the brother significantly to share the Austrian possession. In 1462 he even besieged the brother in Vienna and again achieved an increment of the lands. But next year Albert VI dies, without having left the successor, and the emperor Frederick III (he is an archduke Austrian, shtiriysky and other Friedrich V) united, at last, all Austrian possession, except Tyrol.

But the emperor won the most outstanding victory not on the battlefield. The emperor Frederick III unsuccessfully tried to return under the power at least part of the Swiss former possession Gabsburgov. But the late neighbourhood of its possession in Alsace, a cradle Gabsburgov, with the powerful and aggressive duke Burgundian Karl Smely in the power of whom there were huge land possession (besides Burgundy, the county Artua, Henon and Flanders, duchies Luxembourg and Brabant - the rich Netherlands) roused the emperor to conclude the alliance with Swisses against the duke Burgundian. In 1477 not without the assistance of the emperor Friedrich Swisses inflicted over Karl Smely a severe defeat at Nancy where Karl Smely died.

Karl Smely had the only daughter and the successor - Maria Burgundskaya. Now Burgundy which lost the governor was threatened by the old and irreconcilable enemy - the king of France Louis XI. Marriage of the successor of dukes with the son of the emperor Frederick III - Maksimilian became rescue of Burgundy. He was imprisoned on August 14, 1477 in the city of Ghent. Now the house Gabsburgov, recent governors of one of the German principalities - Austria, turned into the first in hierarchy of the European monarchs a sort.

Then the well-known motto of a sort Gabsburgov was born - “ Let others wage wars, you, happy Austria, marry! “. In Frederick III`s reign for the first time it began to be used AEIOU abbreviation (from armor. Austriae est imperare orbi universo) - “Austria has to rule the world“.

Maria Burgundskaya, having married Maksimilian Avstriysky, lived only 5 years. In 1482 it unsuccessfully fell from a horse during a falconry in native Flanders.

Residents of the Netherlands very much loved the young ruler. When she died at the age of 25 years, she was mourned by all Flanders.