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Once a year gardens blossom?

On Monday broke off, at last, a branch of cherry which knocked on a window. On it there were several branches with the bulked-up kidneys, cut off them and put in a vase. Yesterday they got out of hand in the white flowers. I woke up from wonderful aroma and suddenly understood that I cannot keep them. But it was a pity to tear off such spring charm from heart, and I as a compromise with by itself just took out them on kitchen. And came in the evening, admired a little more branches at supper... also decided that himself will not manage to be deceived. Sighed and went to distribute an armful on a branch to acquaintances.

I am so much pleasure to see did not even expect. Nevertheless better than unexpected gifts nothing can be, I adore receiving them and as it became clear, to give. I twice with feeling was kissed, compared with recovered in the spring and, I do not remember how many times, called the magician.

There was a wish to stop, forget for a minute about all collected problems, it is simple to inhale fresh spring air, to raise eyes to the sky and to see thin branches of trees on a blue background … When all wakens from hibernation, fine feelings in our souls wake up. There is a wish to fall in love, make rash acts in the spring, to change the shape to unrecognizability. The nature, probably, feels that we need to remind every time how it is fine to enjoy sunshine and gives the heat... There is more warm-heartedness, thaw hearts even at very best... And that day when “worked“ as the magician, I heard one remarkable history.

… The love came to them in the spring afternoon. When on trees kidneys were dismissed, around smelled of the blossoming apple-trees, and the enthusiastic twitter of birds was from everywhere distributed. It came to them when none of them waited for it, but it came. Unexpectedly - unexpectedly, having rushed into their hearts a wild bird, a north, having destroyed all bans and barriers which were getting in their way.

It long turned near them, maybe, wanted to spare, knowing that they are waited by hard times, but the temptation was big. How many the general was between them! As there is a lot of hidden, novel concealed each of them in the soul how many tenderness and passion! And all this merged in one harmony, and the song of their souls sounded in unison as a melody of a warm, spring rain.

Yes, she knew about those difficult days which they should endure, but did not keep. Here two souls, two halves. Everything is as clear as day also night as black and white. It happens not every day but only once.

It intruded upon their leisure. Now everyone took prisoner of thought of another. Captivated they went to work, captivated came back home. Captivated went to bed and had dreams about each other. But even the most sweet, longest dream could not replace one minute spent together.

They did not hesitate of the feelings, were not afraid of the love, but the fear was before its loss as if fear to lose the long-awaited child.

What was then? Feelings increased on accruing, resistance amplified. There were tears, there are no oceans got down! Not incidentally, probably, experts consider that the love and love have similarity to an easy form of nervous breakdown - in a brain there are same changes. But from it the love did not weaken. She did not even regret that made it with them, on the contrary, she was happy!

The condition of love passes quickly enough, within several weeks or months. The stability stage when attachment becomes deeper and gentle begins. People call this feeling true love …

Marriages consist in heaven. Their marriage was already concluded in that first, spring afternoon. And the love underwent them all testing, resisted all tests and presented them long, peace years full pleasures and numerous victories. It was that exceptional case when to people it is just good from presence of each other. They did not look for entertainments, wealth, luxury and other material benefits. They too deeply appreciated and thanked life for the fact that reduced them once together. All these terrestrial gifts were put to them as the award for fidelity and devotion, the same as once to them came love. And the love watched everything at them and rejoiced to the fact that they managed to keep it. Watched everything and thought: “No, I and in your eternity will get you!“

… Probably, it is wrong, but, having come back home empty-handed, I broke still a bouquet... On Sunday I will go to distribute! Very much I liked to be a magician!