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I, a starling and Several moments of spring

the Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) am such bird who haunts me every month May. Once long ago, sitting in the favourite town in J ā ņ s ē ta, I for the first time forbade herself to wait for month May - with his strange feelings, the sun, a lilac and starlings. Probably, also began with those children`s oaths … Starlings fly from the South and, having coped with crows and ducks where Ilona Grosheva lives, lodge nearby and begin to sing. And I frighten the heart, every May promising to take away it to the cardiologist.

… And then I call mother and I ask to receive mail in which the reference to ancient shots and our card with it Old women - Vetsrigi. That where opposite to our house on Valnya Street there was a Filateliya shop, and five houses earlier - the Powder tower.

When I was small, my mother worked near the house - in the house with cats. That where once arranged small restaurant “Elephant“, and Stierlitz in it met eyes the wife. In cellars of the Cat`s house the laboratory where there were different flasks with some awful structures was located, awfully smelled and all walked in white dressing gowns. To mother for work it was necessary to pass on Maz Smilshu (that that “death heels“) - and could not go, and to look out of the window on a pig-iron cat and to say hello to mother. Mother worked hard and is serious, so serious that then it was transferred to Salaspils closer to the reactor, and then she in general became a veteran - the Chernobyl veteran.

But it will be then. And now - starlings. They sing when I go to school when I go from school, lingering on the bridge and looking in the soul of water of the channel. They sing when behind Bastionki`s trees the sun, and me already it is time to go home reddens, and I all listen to the strange movements of the heart - as if it is arranged more conveniently, and all in any way.

And all - I come home. I cannot long fall asleep, listening to trams and electric trains, and is made a fresh start in the morning …

to me are disturbed by morning sounds because they do not allow to hurt to heart. They rush on the right where the Riga brass band, and from below where on the first floor an inner sanctum of eatery - huge covers of pans and the laughing loudly red-cheeked aunties who pour to me in a jug two portions of cream coffee with kiselyom warms up behind a roof. More tasty than a dessert, mother, no!

… And mother already watched photos. She calls me, being surprised to the interesting facts from the past of our native street, and suddenly speaks:

- And when you were absolutely small, in our eatery SS-men in shape constantly ate.

- Mother, you what?.

- Yes. The film about Stierlitz was shot, and all SS-men had dinner in our eatery!

The starling (Sturnus vulgaris) is such bird who every month May haunts me … To the most autumn leaf fall I will listen to it, and again I will not obey. Scattering socks of shoes leaves, I will go the road along the channel, and suddenly I will raise the head on unusual noise. I will put a palm a peak, and I will consider how the starlings who gathered for the South fly away, carefully bearing a wafer-thin blanket, and in it - my sore heart. On rest. To the South. To the resort. Till next May...