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What is the green wine and how to serve it to a table?

Among one million grades of wines are one special - green wine.

Green wine is a young wine. He is given birth by grape valleys between Douru and Minyyu, on North - the West of Portugal.

Despite the name, its color not so green. It can be colourless, transparent as the dew drop, can have some shade of yellow, pink or red flowers. From here and names of these wines - white, pink, red, sparkling. Green wine - means not ripened yet, young, new, fresh. The name of wine also has nothing in common and with color of grapes which is used for its production.

Green wine is used not only as wine. Do vinegar, wine alcohol and the known strong Portuguese drink of Bagaseyr of it.

Green wine is unique. Wine easy and fresh, slightly aerated, harmonious, fruit, fragrant is with North - the West of Portugal where the best white wines are made. Green wine contains not enough alcohol. This fruit wine is easily drunk, is suitable for aperitifs and is harmoniously combined with light meals: salads, fish, seafood, sushi, light meat and many other dishes of any kitchen of the world.

Originality and special character of these wines - result of influence of climate, characteristics of the soil, selection of grades, forms of cultivation of vineyards, traditions of winemaking, skill of producers. These factors do green wine naturally easy and fresh, not similar on any other wines of the world.

Mentions of winemaking are dated the 12th century. Religious castes and the imperial yard promoted development of this area of an agriculture. In the XII-XIII century wine became traditional drink of the population North - the West of Portugal.

Green wines became the first Portuguese wines which gained fame abroad.

Today green wines - important article of export. This second wine after port which is most sold abroad.

The indispensable condition for taste of green wine - needs to be given it cooled up to the temperature of 8 - 10 degrees. Green wine has very harmonious taste - slightly audible fruit aroma, sweet and acid in the symphony with each other, slightly excites and playful gas, a cool, freshness pinches from time to time. Quality of green wines does not improve over time therefore they are not stored long and try to use new. You should not store open wines.

Hot summer nights at the ocean are ideal for this paradise drink. Its green notes slightly excite, refresh and amuse.

A romantic dinner with shrimps, oysters, greens, cheeses, warm, fragrant bread and sparkling green wine - a magic combination for lovers.

A noisy party, music, a coastal breeze, began to smell the wood and a fire, shish kebabs and cheerful green wine - a good charge of pleasure and youth.

It is combined with any holidays, meetings, people. It is unique, it is the embodiment of Portugal. You want to taste Portugal? The glass of fresh, cool, playful green wine will tell you about what generous sun in Portugal what pleasant wind, what marvelous smell at grape valleys and sea air!