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How people call on cellular? My friend tells phone as the tool of knowledge of soul

by the mobile phone. I, missing, I sit at a little table of summer cafe and I sip coffee. From coffee in the head thoughts begin to climb...

People are divided into two big groups. No, of course, is not present. Actually people are divided into a set of big and small groups; division can happen on any sign. People are divided by race, in the place of residence, by a hair color and by the number of the remained teeth.

It is possible to divide people into smokers and is not present, on patriots and cosmopolitans, on fundamentalists and antiglobalists. On knowing one language - and all others; on knowing two languages - and all others; on knowing three - and the others...

Anything can become the basis for division of people. You remember May Day demonstrations? I remember. It would seem, here it before you - uniform, strong, there is no place to put a knife tip - human weight. Flint, but not people: at all identical - inspired - a look; all bear identical posters; determination and inflexibility in all figures.

But it is worth bringing to flint magnifying glass as any absurdities at once begin to be evident, like a different sex, age and existence (or absence) vegetation on a face. If to refuse a magnifying glass, and to put flint on subject glass of a microscope, then it will become clear that not only there is no uniformity, but, on the contrary, the minimum structural unit of this weight - one person. And it is possible to achieve uniformity only by conscious simplification. Mathematical abstraction. “One and a half navvies dug a ditch...“. A spherical horse in vacuum.

Simplifications are good when abundance of parameters disturbs. Too large number they do not allow to approach a problem essence. You will roll in trifles.

My friend speaks by phone. Also does it peculiar. Having taken the call in a hand, it at once - absolutely unconsciously - changes. Instinctively tries to find such position in space at which the distance between it and any other person would be as much as possible. As precisely it was impossible to calculate it, the friend, talking, writes out difficult figures on the room. Subconsciousness tries to sustain certain ideal conditions of equidistance from all attendees at the same time.

Here and now it turns on summer cafe. These Brownian movements extremely amuse me. They seem to me magnificent demonstration of the theory … m - m - m … so to say: “Projection of human complexes to ways of communication“.

The essence of the theory is that people are divided into two big groups. For one phone there is means of impersonal communication, for others - deeply personal.

The first do not divide communication on direct and telephone. Or rather, cannot forget that talk not directly to the person, and by means of the heartless tool. The piece of plastic stuffed with electronics. Therefore conversation of such people is usually short and in essence.

Really about what it is possible to talk to a piece of plastic long?

The second do not see either electronics, or plastic. For them in communication with the invisible correspondent there is something sacral. They intimately lower a voice and try to separate from society. Their talk lasts tens of minutes filled with senseless inquiries and unnecessary reasonings. They are so shipped in the virtually - the telephone world that any address is perceived as a hindrance. Respectively, also react to it: “The hardware - with - with! I talk!“ - the repellent movement by a hand follows.

Any call for such people as a long-awaited meeting. Therefore they do not decide to finish it - too quickly, somehow... inconveniently... Pull and pull infinite rubber. same

for whom phone an impersonal means of communication, on the contrary, try to finish with all ways conversation: “Well, everything, all... I am called here... I will call back then... can be...“.

I, unlike the friend, treat the first group. How many time caught itself on thought that I speak in a tube, and inside I have a bewilderment: same it is ridiculous! There is an adult and seriously pronounces words in a flat box with the inscription “Nokia“. There can be only a person speaking not in a box, and in space before himself more ridiculously - it has a font of “Hands free“.

The most interesting that many women do not get to the first, but to the second group. On the one hand, an infinite twitter on thirty - forty minutes. With another, ability to come off at any time conversation: “Yes, expensive, excuse... Now, I will only explain to Slavik how to choose shrimps... “. And there is a communication somehow... without being ciphered. Without depression of voice, without attempts to retire. The most known example - Lisochka in a minibus. From mursika.

My friend, at last, finished speaking. Having gently made a purring sound finally: “Yes. And I too... Well, everything, so far... I kiss, the pussycat...“, pressed a release and went to me.

Having again become normal and quite sane person.