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Your hands will tell you thanks!

Wisdom and experience of our life, our work, our happiness are imprinted in proverbs and sayings. If to trust them, then happiness - in our hands, and in our hands any business can be argued, and even “sometimes burn with fire“. That, and the truth of a hand can be gold. But such valuable treasure as hands, needs protection and due consideration, especially if our hands have to deal with something more seriously than a tail of a bluebird of happiness.

Today the main security measure of hands - gloves for protection against mechanical influences. We can divide working gloves into two big groups: gloves from natural and artificial materials. Gloves from natural materials are made of cotton, skin and a split. Such gloves provide high degree of comfort and possess good indicators of mechanical protection. But at contact with water, oils or hostile environment of a glove from natural materials in whole or in part lose the protective properties and can collapse.

For this reason universal distribution was gained by gloves from artificial materials. Such gloves are diverse on the material: on a synthetic basis, on a fabric basis, gloves from natural and synthetic rubber. The list of protective properties of such gloves is huge: from mechanical influences; protection against oils, fats and oil; from various acids and alkalis; from high temperatures; from any chemicals and many other things.

Working gloves - the reliable assistant in protection of our hands, especially if these gloves are made of qualitative raw materials, differ in durability and correspond to the accepted state standard specifications. Producers and sellers of gloves are ready to offer us infinite quantity of various gloves and working mittens, various on composition of material of which they are made; production technologies, type of protection against external influences, sphere of their application etc. In everyday life we got used to use the loved “universal gloves“. We dig them potatoes, we clean up and we disinfect our house, we drag building materials, we paint a fence etc. But similar “universality“ of gloves often goes to damage of efficiency of their protection. Practice shows that in certain cases it makes sense to overpay for qualitative goods not to check on itself a consequence of use of low-quality equipment.

How it is correct to be guided in variety of means are sewn up hands? What have to be working gloves? What requirements working mittens have to meet? To properly choose gloves?

We suggest you to study the small list of requirements to which convenient and qualitative gloves have to answer:

• working gloves have to be made of qualitative material with use of modern production technologies;

• to protect hands, without bringing discomfort;

• not to worsen tactility (a subject oshchushchayemost) during the work with fine details or fragile objects;

• to pass air, providing a sufficient ventiliruyemost;

• to correspond to state standard specification;

• to correspond to the size of a hand and not to be deformed at long use;

• gloves have to provide the maximum protection from mechanical influences, and also from other external factors, considering specifics of application of specialized gloves.

Be attentive at the choice of gloves. Carefully check marking, and also demand certificates of conformity of the offered production, documentation of SEZ, confirmation of compliance to state standard specification from producers and suppliers. Protect the health!