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The alarm overalls - what is it? the Considerable share of the range of many companies which are engaged in sale of overalls make

alarm overalls. Purpose of alarm overalls - designation of presence of the person in the conditions of poor visibility. For example, during repair of the road, road makers in alarm overalls are noticeable from far away and will not fall a victim of the inattentive driver. Use of alarm clothes in a night-time is especially actual, during a rain or fog. According to requirements of safety measures with such clothes drivers of city transport, workers dorozhno - the repair companies, workers of housing and communal services, the staff of traffic police, etc. services have to be surely supplied.

Choosing alarm overalls, it is necessary to be attentive to offers of the firms which are engaged in trade of overalls. Many companies offer clothes of the brightest and shouting coloring, positioning it as alarm. However the most part of such clothes does not cope with the declared functions.

First of all, it should be noted that according to state standard specification, background fabric of alarm overalls has to be only yellow, red or orange color, bright and saturated. And not green or pale pink as it is possible to see in some catalogs.

An important factor is also how long alarm overalls keep the properties. If after several washings bright color became pale, and on reflecting elements the top reflecting layer collapsed, so quality of the acquired clothes was low.

The alarm clothes are made of special fluorescent materials which impregnate with special structures. Thanks to it, the maximum visibility of such clothes is provided in the afternoon. And that she was well visible also at night, on alarm overalls sew reflecting (retroreflective) elements.

Distinguish 3 classes of alarm overalls. The class depends on quantity and an arrangement of the used reflecting materials. So the clothes 3 - go, the most high-class, can be used for work in the most adverse, concerning visibility, conditions.

Widespread option of alarm overalls - an alarm vest. In the summer it can be put on directly a naked body, and in the winter - usual outerwear. The alarm suit consisting, as a rule, of a jacket and trousers is not less popular. Breed of a jacket differs in existence of patchpockets of different function, and also existence on clothes of special reflecting (retroreflective) elements.