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Exist opinion on an origin of the person and life on the earth as result of action of the divine creations which arrived to the earth from other planet. The created first beings of huge growth, but with absence of reason and allegedly breeding by budding, but at the same time new formed “child“ ate at the expense of cells of the parent, i.e. killed the parent. The created “people“ were same-sex. I of course do not challenge it as was not present at the same time, but it reminds me the fantastic movie “Strangers“ more. Though everything can be. And the script of the movie did not undertake from there is no place it the person thought up, and the person, as we know, is created just like God.

They created these “people“, the nature, animals etc. and began to watch them that turned out. As a result it turned out that people did not develop, the quantity them did not increase. What is not surprising with such child-bearing. For removal of this undesirable consequence of “child-bearing“ they modernized people, speaking to the modern language, having divided into a floor female and man`s, and children began to be born as now, conception happened to participation of the man and woman.

Yes everything well and only they left them unreasonable that, of course, led to very

to undesirable consequences. Namely the created “people“ began to enter sexual communications not only with representatives of the look, but also with representatives of other types. What from this could turn out, I think, each of you can present. And seeing that from - for it there can be a disaster on the planet Earth, they allocated people with reason. From now on also the era of the homo sapiens began.

The question and how monkeys will be reasonable? So many years taught us about an origin of the person from a monkey that by means of the unknown catalyst (work or other) magic transformation of a monkey into the person began. I think that and also the following statement - a question will be not less reasonable, and what now monkeys work in a different way? (bananas clean, shift objects). No, also.

Then why there are no these wonderful transformations now. The ecology can be fault to all? It is unlikely in the period of an origin of the person carried out tests of nuclear and atomic weapons and so recklessly treated ecology. Scientists did not present any considerable fact confirming truthfulness of the theory of an origin of the person from a monkey.

In turn origins of some species of monkeys from the person, more possibly and explains many aspects, including amazing physical similarity of a monkey and the person. Explains an origin of the yeti and other mysterious beings. And to do it long ago scientific it can is known, just before other people play a performance, hiding knowledge.

This theory of an origin of the person and life on the earth in many respects explains, conclusions of scientific many countries and about an origin of the person from a monkey, and about primogenitors of the person pigs and other theories of an origin of the person from animals. And each of them will not be deprived of sense as consequences of actions of the person unreasonable are unknown to us. One civilization of people replaced another, and animals - that remained. Can they, and are witnesses of these events, and their studying will reveal not one more secret.