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What it now, Neskuchny Garden?

1. A black swastika on a white monument

Sight of Neskuchny Garden - a monument in honor of 800 - the anniversaries of Moscow in the form of a rotunda - a surprising construction of 1950 - x years. One of the episodes of history of the country cut on a white rotunda - a scene from Victory Day parade on June 24, 1945. On the arch the Victory award is drawn, and paint still keeps!

And here on a white background, just on a fragment where the Soviet soldier holds a prostrate fascist banner, certain vandals (at night, it is obvious) drew with a black felt-tip pen or a marker a swastika.

Made it exactly, observing proportions. So that`s that: in a week 65 years from the date of the Victory, and, as a spittle in a face to the veterans coming here, - a swastika. Most of all I struck it in Not dull - against the idyllic nature, beauty of the abrupt river bank, surprising monuments of architecture - the thrown syringes, the broken bottles and a black swastika on a snow-white monument. Not dull is as if a mirror of all state now.

2. Orlov`s column

Ya it since the childhood I remember a summer lodge. At once behind it - a slope to the Moskva River. A lodge of 1796 in a sad state. The stucco molding on columns falls. The fence behind a structure is disorganized. But what pleased: still here the library, a reading room functions! I thought what clever people built once this house. So put that from its windows the marvelous landscape on the river, on the wood further - to Moscow opens.

3. A toilet

People create surprising constructions for the most various needs. I estimate a toilet in Not dull garden as an art, majestic architectural construction. Get accustomed as two massive ladders heavy falls fall down to an entrance to doors with treasured letters “M“ and. To get inside, to urinals, the traveler should potopat fairly.

But it is worth it because even lamps before a toilet historical, carved, obviously rare. And there is a wish to go to this institution, despite of physiological needs. Moreover, this object free of charge is used that now already antiquity. The toilet is municipal property (for the present). And it is necessary to behave in it on - state seriously.

4. Not dull - the place where and Cupid`s arrows


They meet here everywhere as insects on the clover field. And I it was, and I wandered in this raised state here. They go, holding shy handles as first graders. There are others, more safely. They hang the friend on the friend. And there are also absolutely relaxed: kiss completely. And both on shops, and under trees, on paths. Neskuchny Garden - the charming place for lovers where for them it is not boring at all. If you wish to natselovatsya with pleasure - go to old kind Neskuchny Garden.

5. Scooters and cyclists

it is not really convenient to Drive

on rollers in Not dull nevertheless. The asphalt path that revolves, is almost always occupied walking. Many walk dogs here. Dogs treat those who do not go, and go, let and on small castors badly. Can jerk after a scooter or the cyclist and to bite for the soft place at the left. And then still the owner will come tearing along and will bite you on the right for the fact that frightened his doggie. On Poklonnaya Gora there is much more scope for scooters and there is it nearby, in general.

But in Not dull such shumakher on rollers come across that - look at real council back and forth! I saw how one divchina flew by on cosmic speed (there are sites with a bias), disappeared behind turn, and the roar was soon distributed. It is good that it crippled nobody and itself was equipped in a protective helmet and kneecaps. Beware of Not dull Shumakherov, guests of a garden!

6. Not dull - chess, dominoshny and card club

In the childhood I often happened in Not dull together with the father who regularly went there “to be cut“ to chess. - all this I remember lighting tournaments, knock of figures about boards, hubbub, disputes. It is a lot of people chess here met. And very different age: and young people, and average years people, both kids, and aged men hoary with age. Now in a huge chess lodge move the bishop - pawns - queens faded. Dominoshnikov there was much more. Also gamblers were located here. On tables from wind banknotes already without ceremony move. Play on interest.

But that is amazing: grew old Not dull the chess contingent. There are no young faces any more at all. I did not see them, in any case. So if you want to move shakhmatishka in Not dull, - you come, but consider that rivals in the basic - elderly men. Right there, behind little tables, players in cards, checkers, chess, dominoes drink vodka from plastic glasses. Disputes, sighs, swings by the head, tantrums. There is no that sincerity that was about twenty five years ago. But Not dull all the same leads the pulsing life.

Despite neglect. Despite of old benches, the rusted racks of a football goal, the decaying already weak constructions. In spite of the fact that the bather (a sculpture on the embankment) did not jump in water. And Not dull - a tidbit in the center of the capital. Earth here worth its weight in gold! But so far difficulties with investors it is available. It is worth supporting park in a sound state enormous and continuous capital investments. And how “to beat off“ them if here historical monuments all entirely? It is unprofitable.

And lives Not dull, becoming covered gold foliage, beer bottles. White snow, black swastika.

And all of us equally there went and we go. Not dull is a place where never happens boringly.