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As how to present to the woman if she drives the car? Every holiday I make use of personal experience of

efficiently: New year, my birthday, International Women`s Day, Bastille Day and so on... In advance I write spisochek what would like to receive, including as low budget gifts (for the mother-in-law - the pensioner), and those which cunning, caress or deception it is possible to entice at the closest people (and the most generous that is important).

The list target - any crap like shampoos, hair balms, deodorants and shower gels to me will be presented by girlfriends. However, I will answer them with the same coin - I for New year presented all of them a lip gloss? And, I still gave to little girls the chance of the choice - suggested to choose from twelve various shades the most suitable to type of skin and clothes. I had to take that is given - shampoo from dandruff, earrings from which ears, red tights which the husband forbade me to wear under the threat of divorce suppurate. Apogee of New Year`s surprises was the cream sampler from wrinkles for women of 45 years which to me was presented by the good acquaintance, probably, sincerely wishing to improve my appearance.

So, my list not for girlfriends, and for relatives, also consists of gifts even not for me, and for my four-wheel boy. No, not the bicycle. I extort gifts for the car which will make happy and me too. The list of gifts given below is universal and, I think, will be suitable for any woman - the motorist if you still did not think up, than to please her:

1. Air fragrance in the car (it from the category of inexpensive gifts). A heap of pleasure with a smell of caramel or vanilla, or cinnamon for thirty rubles.

2. A charm for keys with a logo of a make of the car. I will not take offense if present with Mercedes symbolics, I will laugh if present domestic, type from Oka or Zaporozhets, and I will be proud to carry on a bunch of keys from the apartment or office.

3. Knife or scissors. I do not remember how many years I am pursued by a question - to be fastened in the car or not. The answer is obvious, but the chilling stories told me by taxi drivers and just familiar how at the most inappropriate moment, during accident, in the burning car got jammed a belt haunt and it was not possible to be released. And only thanks to the sharp cutting object participants of this tragedy managed to escape and tell me details. Therefore I consider that in the car, especially, in which I constantly carry the fastened children there have to be scissors or at least a stationery knife. But I will not have anything against a beautiful sharp multipurpose penknife. Or what you there still will think up that my inflamed brain did not draw to itself horrors of impossibility of release.

4. Manicure set. At least a file for nails. Hairbrush. A rag to wipe dust. Wet towel wipes. Teddy bear. A doggie with the shaking head. All this does not demand big expenses, and has to be in the car.

On it the cheap gifts capable to please me come to an end, I pass to the list of gifts, so to speak, of “average weight“.

5. Finger-tips freeze to a wheel even if you get into previously warmed up car. Therefore - of a glove . Still saw on sale of a glove without fingers, a mitt, in my opinion, they are called. Why they - I do not know, but look abruptly therefore - I will not refuse.

6. A fur cover on a wheel. Fluffy, it is desirable, in tone of an upholstery of seats. Gloves it is obligatory too!

7. The holder for the mobile phone. I Will stick on the panel and I will see who calls. If the son, then I take surely if still who - then I call back when I pass the traffic light and I will turn - on the left. I am not able to speak still at the same time by phone and to drive the car. Therefore also...

8. The device which fastens on an ear and allows to speak by phone without use of hands.

9. Points. do not hesitate, it is possible even the most expensive. From the sun, from darkness, from dazzle by high beam headlamps, fog, pink - you give any, at the beautiful girl who, besides, goes driving much, there have to be many different points. Besides, points - such thing which and is not a shame for regifting, not pants and not lipstick, by the way.

10. Music. Disks with any good music. I like to listen to good fate, a reggae or the blues. In general, you give everything, except a chanson and the Russian pop-music. Music is good the fact that it can be regifted too.

Further the heavy artillery went: expensive things can be asked for mother, the father or the brother - the husband will not go to a senseless expenditure of family means, even as a gift for March Eighth...

11. Masseur. the Cape on a seat, joins in the lighter and creates (judging by advertizing) pleasant vibrations in a waist, a back and the fact that below. Helps to relax. Only I think that such things will distract me from driving not worse than the mobile phone.

12. Fur covers on seats. With long pile. Red - whether will be too provocatively? Surely very fluffy that I took seat, as on a feather-bed. Itself always laughed at women who turn a car interior into a nest, only egg needs to be laid, and here I find in similar feeble efforts.

13. Visit on HUNDRED where the car will be served and will washed up by handsome half-naked men. Oh, it already brought me. But if there are washes of machines where girls - topless work why not to be such HUNDRED?

Apply to all above-mentioned a bouquet of flowers . Then you, undoubtedly, will please me - the autolady of average years, the sizes and requirements. It is more than gifts and holidays to you, dear women. I could wish you a good health, but on “Titanic“ all were healthy. I could wish you good luck, but as one elderly colonel spoke: “There was to me a good luck yesterday - there was not enough health!“.

Therefore heartily I wish you and your relatives of love, health and good luck this day and in all other days of your life!