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What to take in a trip to Ceylon? Necessities of

If you are going to spend for Sri - Lanke month, and even it is more, go there for the first time, then these councils for you. Preliminary preparation does any travel by more comfortable.

1. needs a small tube of protective cream from the sun , initially. Cream on Sri - Lanke in resort areas is on sale at every turn, but if at your place there are remains why to buy new? There will quite be enough small amount. Then skin gets used, and cream does not become necessary. You are surprised, but local ladies escape from the sun under umbrellas.

2. Cream after suntan with the restoring action. As if skin got used, and as if you were protected - danger to be roasted on the sun exists, especially in the first days. And your nose will oblazit with frequency of times a month.

3. Surely take means from mosquitoes . Spray - is more convenient. In the evenings it is necessary to carry with itself. Ointment or gel from stings if are subject to allergic reaction to stings. Reliable tools - Moskitolgel and Fenistilgel. Besides they are universal, help at cuts and burns. Mosquitoes and a midge on Sri - Lanke flows. That is, is not present. But if appeared, then this real disaster.

4. Fumitoks - pieces 2 - 3. It is more than plates and liquid to it, at the rate on every night. There all this is sold, but our means it is better. Besides in Russia it is possible to get plates and flavourless liquid. Fumitoks really saves also from other insects. Ants perish too. Cockroaches huge meet extremely seldom, do not die from a fumitoks, but faint.

5. Bathing suits - 2 pieces . It is checked by experience that it is necessary to have the second on a smenka.

6. The beach towel is thinner that dried quicker. Ideally it is necessary to have also the second, on a smenka. The towel can be bought in shop. But in Hikkaduva, for example, there is only one shop where towels are on sale. Take the cheapest, for 3 dollars.

7. If in the program of your rest active travel on the island Ceylon are planned, then spare sports sandals will be useful . There is no qualitative footwear, it is possible to buy only very good and convenient Vietnamese.

8. Vitamin C in tablets. The sun saturates an organism with vitamin D, and that, in turn, destroys vitamin C. Drink on Sri - Lanke more juice from a lime. And that it is necessary to restore balance long subsequently.

9. Drugs what usually you use. For example: Citramonum, aspirin, analginum, coal tablets, cold drops. Literally, what can be necessary suddenly. Surprisingly, on Sri - Lanke of a drugstore continually, in them everything is. But if suddenly the head aches at night, you will not run to look for a drugstore?

10. For women - of laying for every day . On Sri - Lanke not to find them. Laying for critical days is on sale everywhere.

11. If you smoke - take more of cigarettes . It is possible to hammer and hand over blocks a bag in baggage. Cigarettes on Sri - Lanke expensive - 3 dollars a pack. The range small and not everywhere it is possible to buy. Local buy cigarettes by the piece. At you will often shoot.

12. Laptop . At desire and need.

13. You plan to complete an Ayurveda course - specially take clothes which are washed easily, quickly dries and which is not a pity for throwing out subsequently. Massage is done by oil with addition of grass extracts. Often the doctor says that it is impossible to wash of 30 min. till 2 o`clock after a session. For washing off of oil it is worth taking good shower gel .

14. Traveling around Sri - Lanke, take care that always were in your daily handbag a couple of candies or unpretentious souvenirs , on a case of a meeting with Lankan children. The country is rather poor, children are not spoiled by civilization delights. And to give joy - it is always pleasant. Only you remember that from a local heat of candy thaw, take not becoming limp on the sun and in reliable packing.

Do not carry personal hygiene means from the house. Excess weight. Shampoos on Sri - Lanke remarkable. Especially Nelli shampoo, Kumarika firms. Balm and the conditioner is not necessary! Try tooth ayuverdichesky paste with Supirivicky pepper, with the bleaching effect. Laundry detergent buy Surf, it like our acquaintance Tayd.

A lot of things from listed can be bought on Ceylon. But not continually. Sometimes the necessary shop should be looked for. As a rule, in resort places they are located far from a recreation area. Successful and happy to you travel!