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How to create a flower bed without special efforts?

to Create the site blossoming from spring to fall which it is easy to look after, not so difficult. Get rid of labor-consuming plants in leaving, pick up them correctly. Stop the choice on cold-resistant and unpretentious perennials. All following flowers perfectly grow even in severe Siberian climate, are simple for cultivation and are undemanding to the soil. Prefer open solar places, but grow also in a penumbra.

From vesennetsvetushchy it is better to choose: narcissuses, low irises and crocuses. Choosing for them the place, it is necessary to consider - they blossom early and not for long, quickly breed. It is necessary to transplant time in 2 - 3 years.

place narcissuses on a lawn, near bushes and trees. Their foliage in June looks quite carelessly, is broken, dries. In the middle of the summer when bulbs gain strength, it can be mown.

Irises can be grown up in different corners of a garden, also in the rock aria. For them choose places where xiphoidal leaves will fit into the general ensemble of a flower bed.

land crocuses in those places where snow descends most quicker. They well look in a border, on the Alpine hill. Leaves of crocuses dry up after blossoming. Nests very quickly expand therefore it is better to leave at once when landing between them distance not less than 20 cm that there it was possible to put pansies or annual flowers, such as a nasturtium or undersized barkhatets.

Tall flowers - the delphinium, poppy east, a phlox long-term, an akvilegiya (reservoir), blossom all summer, grow at a big bush and perfectly look as in a bed, and separately.

land a delphinium in the place protected from wind, at a fence or other support to which you will tie up its magnificent tsvetonosa. It is unlikely there will be other similar giant capable as well to draw attention.

A lupine, a yarrow (akhilleya), the rodzhersiya, a day lily very quickly breed. Therefore them it is better not to sit down in the general bed. Best of all place a day lily and a yarrow in separately located capacities. Old tires or the small, made of a stone beds will approach. The limited space will constrain the underground escapes which are creeping away extensively. The lupine and a rodzhersiya can be used as color accent on the edge of a site.

Undersized daisies, pansies - the krasivotsvetushchy pochvopokrovy plants which are grown up usually for a frame of beds. Many years grow and blossom on one place, practically without demanding leaving, breed self-sowing.

Big advantage at trees and bushes - they bring much less efforts, than flowers, lawns and a grassy border. You should not disregard krasivotsvetushchy bushes. From them stop the choice on silverweed (potentilla), spiry, to a guelder-rose , of an acacia . The silverweed will please you in the bright flowers since spring to the late fall. If you find for its wild-growing look - the so-called, Kuril tea blossoming in the bright lemon flowers, then you will be able to prepare its escapes for the winter. Spire demand strong cutting in the spring. Do not demand special leaving a wrinkled and bush rose , they grow on such soils and under such circumstances which chayno - hybrid roses do not maintain.

Around economic constructions, fences which demand masking land hop and pull a wire or a rope. It is suitable for vertical gardening, reaches 4 m of length and is capable to cover an old tree trunk or an arbor quickly.

Trees form vertical structure of a site, protect from wind and give it solidity and a cosiness. Almost for each garden it is possible to choose a suitable wood plant. The bird cherry , for example, is very unpretentious, beautifully blossoms and exhales wonderful aroma. When landing tall trees, attentively choose places. Observe - where the shadow from a tree will fall. Do not plant trees under power line wires.

It is possible to take blank spaces between perennial plants on a bed ingates - a marigold and a nasturtium . You should not forget also to a mattiol two-horned, a mignonette, alissum . Flowers at them imperceptible, but marvelous aroma will surpass all expectations. It is better to sow them in the spring at once to the earth. Also never barkhatets will disappoint with . Buy a few seedlings. Or grow up, in advance having landed them on seedling of the house. Such perennials as a delphinium, a lupine, pansies, a yarrow, an akvilegiya, it is easy to grow up too, having seeded seeds in the fall in soil.

Leaving behind perennials consists in timely removal of weeds and watering in hot weather. In the spring, after cleaning of dry stalks and foliage, loosen the earth and scatter on beds and under trees slowly soluble fertilizer in granules. From a drought and weeds mulch the soil around plants a mowed grass, dust, humus. For more long blossoming cut off deflowered tsvetonosa, without allowing to ripen seeds.

All mentioned plants are well-known, but they proved that they can blossom in any conditions. Good option - to create a garden from modern kinds of popular favourites. Thus, you will be able to receive an alloy of reliability and novelty, and leaving will be minimized. And the blossoming site will please you from early spring to late fall.