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Sri - Lanka. How to visit the fairy tale in reality?

of Sri - Lanka - the magic country. The English science fiction writer Arthur Clark who is living and working hard there years calls it a portal to other worlds. Many travelers who were in the different countries, having got to Ceylon, say that Sri - Lanka is paradise.

There is an internal silence and tranquility. There comes harmony in soul. And as a result, on life, around yourself you begin to look at the world differently. Transformation inexplicably happens to all travelers. It is extremely difficult to explain it. It is better to test most.

Sri - Lanka is the country of a positive. You begin to show the negative, discontent - there are indispositions, diarrhea, cold and other sores. The space so works. At all not an infection and heat to that reason. It is very instructive and quickly you learn to treat with humour to the things which were earlier irritating. Over time everything begins suit you. You accept the world it what it is, but you do not reconstruct under yourself. The soul is left by a negative, vanity, internal concern, alarm, fears. All psychological set with which our Russian person lives always and carries with itself everywhere disappears.

Ceylonese have no question of belief. They are born with belief and live in it. They are very intrinsic as small children or animals. Instantly read out you as person, your feelings, your mood at present. Your thoughts and desires warn. To be among them it is very easy and comfortable. Vibrations from them such as if you sit in a heat bath and you relax. Any tension or aggression.

At locals the feeling of internal advantage is very developed. It is not arrogance and not an ego, namely internal intelligence, even at beggars.

Ceylonese very much are afraid of any infection. They are very clean. In the simplest snackbar it is obligatory to eat a sink for washing of hands. To cook food, it is exclusive from fresh products, in cafe or restaurant begin, having only taken the order. Expectation duration - is explained not less than an hour by it. The probability to catch some infection is minimized.

On Sri - Lanke the gentle sun and wonderful beaches with golden and clean sand. Water temperature in the Indian Ocean does not fall lower than 27 degrees of heat at all seasons of the year. It is possible to bathe round the clock. The nature of Ceylon amazes with the wealth. Here and mountainous areas with fluffy pines and tea plantations, both flat abundance of the blossoming gardens, and violent vegetation of numerous national parks.

Ceylon possesses tremendous cultural and historical values. On such tiny island there are about ten objects which UNESCO referred to monuments of world value. The ancient capitals of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, amazing rocky temples of Dambulla, the fantastic rock of Sigiriya, the temple of Tooth of Buddha in Kandy... All this bewitches and stuns. The indelible impression leaves rise together with numerous pilgrims on well-known for Sri - I Will fall. According to the legend, exactly here a trace of god who set foot for the first time from heaven on land.

On western coast

Ceylon it is better for b to have a rest since November - till April there is normal weather. The rains - in May - September. Though in October, and in March they are, but not a solid wall, as in summer months.

And here on east coast - all on the contrary. When on western pour rains, on east there is a heat. Therefore on Sri - Lanke can sunbathe all the year round, moving from place to place. It is one of magic riddles of this small island too.

There are two pronounced conditions of the person - either a lazy relax, or tireless activity. And on Sri - Lanke the internal silence and energy some are mysteriously integrated and are in harmony with each other. There you do not fall into euphoria of lazy slackness, and energy in you and around is in full swing at the sheer internal pacification. Constantly there is a wish to work and somewhere to spend it. Also is where: diving, surfing, a snorkeling, rafting on the rough mountain rivers, travel on the island...

The visa to the country is not necessary: you buy the guide, the ticket and you fly. On border put a stamp in the passport with the permission of stay - 30 days. Month it is possible to live quietly. Then, day for two before the termination of term, in consulate of Colombo it should be prolonged, having filled in the corresponding questionnaire. The citizen of Russia can live on Ceylon 3 months, that is prolong the visa for 2. Duty about 30 dollars.

The reason of stay and existence of money forms a strong reason for extension of the visa. Anything can be the cause - training in surfing, treatment by the Ayurveda, studying of flora and fauna and other. Existence of money is better to specify more. It is not checked. After 3 months Sri should leave - Lanki - to fly to India or to Maldives. Then to return and live 3 months again. It is possible to use this scheme infinitely.

Than longer you stay on Sri - Lanke, especially shrouds a condition of cloudless happiness and rest. Sri - Lanka is one from places to the world with which you fall in love and where there is a wish to come back infinitely.